Re: “Xena Was Black” & The PoC of Xena: Warrior Princess

I rarely go on this WordPress anymore, but this was ridiculous, incredibly uncalled for and needs to be expanded upon.


A tumblr blog from circa 2011 claimed on a post regarding the historical warrior Amina of Zaria that was the inspiration for Xena: Warrior Princess. This is untrue.

In an unprofessional act of shocking immaturity, my comments that further explained in detail why this article (which revolved around this assertion) is wrong was removed from the post. Instead of paying attention to what was being said, the moderator chose to dismiss me as a troll, accused me of being white and referred to my post as simply “spam”.

Let me preface this by saying, any long time tumblr user should be aware that people say a lot of things on this website that are not true (Tumblr can be a source for information, but this is not one of those times). Sometimes it’s on purpose, like the MTV live action black Daria remake post, sometimes it’s by accident. It was likely the latter in this case (someone noticed Amina was a warrior woman with a name ending in ‘a’ and thought of Xena).

Xena was not based on any real life person.

Xena debuted as a villain on ‘Hercules the Legendary Journeys’, a warlord who sought out to kill Hercules. Eventually he is able to help her put her on a path of good, and she decides to further atone for her past misdeeds on to her spin off show.

Reading Amina’s biography, I don’t know how one could come up to such a conclusion. She and Xena literally have nothing in common outside of both being female warriors. Amina was a Queen who ruled over a kingdom. Xena was a regular commoner from a village who later becomes a warlord, reforms herself to become a hero. (I have noticed many people mistakenly think Xena was royalty due to the ‘warrior princess’ title, especially when comparing her to Wonder Woman, but she was not an actual princess).

Xena fans, if you’re interested in knowing the backstory of the making of Xena and the show itself, read John Schulian’s blog (the main creator of Xena, although Rob Tapert generally gets most of the credit).

Alas, this has inspired me to discuss the large impact people of color in other media has had on Xena: Warrior Princess in the rest of this blog post.

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