1886 Lucy Parsons


Tagline: More dangerous than a thousand rioters.

Lucy E. Parsons was a leading figure in American anarchism and the radical labor movement. Born a slave near Waco, Texas, she married Albert R. Parsons who had become a white radical Republican after serving first as a Confederate soldier. In 1873 Albert and Lucy to move to Chicago in 1873 where they became involved in radical labor organizing. Thirteen years later she rose to national fame when she embarked on a speaking tour to raise money for her husband who was one of nine men tried and sentenced to be executed for “speaking in such a way as to inspire the bomber to violence” following the Haymarket Square Bombing which killed a Chicago policeman.

Lucy Parsons remained an activist after the execution of Albert and in 1892 founded the newspaper Freedom which addressed such issues as labor organizing, lynching and black peonage in the South. In 1905 Parsons became the only woman to address the founding convention of the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). In the early 1930s Parsons joined in the defense of the Scottsboro Boys and Angelo Herndon. Parsons died accidentally in a house fire in 1942. The text of one of her speeches appeared in the Kansas City Journal, December 21, 1886. The speech is reprinted below.

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First photo from 2015’s Arrow/The Flash crossover

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In just a few weeks, we’ll be seeing Arrow and The Flash cross over for a second time (well, second major crossover. Characters from each show seemed to go from one show to the other on a relatively regular basis last year). And this year, their crossover will pave the way for a new series, titled Legends of Tomorrow (catch the trailer here).

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Vixen, the superherione we have been waiting for!

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The CW’s new animated series, Vixen premiered today over the network’s online steaming platform CWSeed; and here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t miss it!

  • Vixen will be a web series that will have a run consistent of six episodes. Produced by Marc Guggenheim (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow) and directed by James Tucker (Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox), the series introduces Mari Jiwe McCabe to the same universe that the TV shows Arrow and The Flash already share.
  • After her parents are murdered in Africa, Mari McCabe discovers an old family totem that allows her to access the power of any animal by using its magic. And when you have the strength of an elephant, the speed of a cheetah or the agility of a monkey, then of course you’ll use those amazing powers to protect the innocent from any kind of threat!
  • Mari…

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5 Reasons You Should Watch “Spartacus”

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Netflix is a dangerous beast. It sucks you in, and before you know it you’ve watched an entire season of a show you never knew you needed in your life. And it happens over and over and over. The latest show to ensnare me and the Collectress is the very NSFW Spartacus. The Starz show only lasted three seasons spanning 2010-2013, and I’m sorry to say that the only reason I knew of its existence was the sad passing of the first actor to play the titular role, Andy Whitfield. But I’ve been properly sucked in now, and I wouldn’t change that for a minute. Here are five reasons why you should join us in our pit of hot naked men current obsession.

Some items on my list are as NSFW as the show itself. Proceed with caution. This is definitely not your grandma’s Spartacus.

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The Resurgence of the Music Video

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If you’re a 90’s kid like me, then your throwback memories include running home after school to watch music video premieres from you favorite artists. Yo! MTV Raps, TRLand 106 & Park (under the Free and AJ reign) all had a little something for everyone. The anticipation built for weeks and even months as you anticipated the big release, hoping it would align with the imagery in your head. Some music videos delivered, others..not so much.


Michael Jackson set the bar relatively high in 1983 with the 13-minute long music video for Thriller. Zombies are all the rage these days thanks to The Walking Dead, but a black man raising some dancing fools from the dead was unheard of for MTV. What a hell of a way to shatter the glass ceiling.

Other artists tried to…

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