Vitiligo Photos (and Lupus) Michael Jackson

Vitiligo Skin

Michael Jackson has always been dressed where he is completely covered since around the Thriller era. You may or may not notice in the rare occasion that Jackson has his wrists visible (most likely due to a button cuff of his shirt has been slightly opened). Now, if you missed the information regarding Jackson’s vitiligo, be sure to read about it here (thanks to Steady Laughing for the information!).

(To view other similar entries with various other images, refer to part two, three and four).

In 2002, he was bitten by a spider, so ignore the scars as they have nothing to do with vitiligo. Michael had lent his dermatologist permission to release these photos. No surprise to me almost not many people have seen them.

This seems to be a promotional still from 1988’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ music video (note the right side of his neck).

A few candid pictures behind the scenes from the 1995 music video for ‘They Don’t Care About Us’.

In 1993, MJ granted an interview to Oprah Winfrey; something he rarely does. As the most viewed Oprah interview ever, this where Jackson first reveals that he has a skin disease, there was a clip that was never aired. I believe this was the part where he rolled up his sleeves and showed Oprah his arm.

A few candid shots from the Dangerous tour, 1992.

A candid shot from the early 90s, a unknowing Jackson’s wrists reveal spotting. If you ever wondered why Michael always wears clothes that covers himself from head to toe, this is the only reason.

In 2006.

Re: Make Up

Two candid pictures from the Triumph tour where Michael’s very heavy stage make-up is be running. (Read more about stage make up in reference to this discussion here). People made fun of him in the 1980s because of all the make up he wore (i.e. made him look feminine) but there was a reason as to why he used it.


Same as above, but from the Bad tour. At this point, he is starting use lighter make up. (Also note that you’ll see many pictures where the make up he is using for his face is not the right shade still. So he wasn’t always using ‘pasty white make up’).

Re: Discoid Lupus leid=376&zoneid=76

Another classic rash found in cutaneous lupus is the discoid rash. This rash is coin-shaped or oval in shape, like a disk and it is seen on areas of the skin that are exposed to sunlight. Discoid lesions (sores) tend to be red and raised and become scaly. When they heal they can leave behind a scar. These rashes can also result in a change in coloring of the skin, making the area around the lesion either lighter or darker in color. These discoid lesions may appear on the scalp; on the face in a butterfly distribution; or, as mentioned earlier, in areas where the skin receives sun exposure, especially, for example, the V of the neck. Discoid lupus erythematosus (LE) lesions are usually painless and typically do not itch. Here is one example of what a discoid rash may look like. (Photo source: Dermatology Information System,

Lupus Erythematosus, Discoid: eMedicine Dermatology

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    • i noe exactly how he must have felt like him i have vitiligo on my chest part of it is running to my arms and i noe how bad it is i cannot spend alot of time in the sun i have to me in dark clothes all the time its horrible to have this type of skin desease and its uncontrollable its just sucha big disorder sometimes i wish i could just be a normal person i cannot even go to the beach so i noe how MJ may he rest in peace now felt bout his skin i love MJ …………KAt

  2. At least this will be good ammunition for the argument against those who would believe that Michael wanted to be white. Brothers and sisters should have known that reactionary media outlets were never going to run articles ‘lamenting the fact that he was presenting as a bad cultural role model’ . ‘The Murky’ media is controlled by those who have none of our collective interests at heart, that is to say, why would they be worried about the health of our collective cultural/racial identity. Now all’s Mikey needs to do is realise they are not going to regard him as an eccentric ‘Peter Pan’ figure and make an informed realistic choice about his recreational companions!!
    We want you back!

    • I agree and thank you for informing the ignorant of which there are many !!
      my only critisism of michael is maybe he should have (even tho he probably did)BUT keep telling the media every single time they made cruel sadistic publications and tv comments on his looks that he had this condition BUT OVER AND OVER and remind the bastards that PEPSI in essence gave him 3RD DEGREE BURNS TO HIS HEAD which didnt help his looks but he was obviously above those petty sadistic comments all I can say is FUCK the media and the morons who believe their version of reality

    • I have vitiligo too. I hope the everybody knows now how michael felt when they said that he just wanted to be white. Love you m.j rest in peace❤

      • i have vitiligo also i love michael because i know that he would know how i feel rest in peace michael peace love and happiness

    • He was always beautiful no matter what— I think people who made fun of him were jealous– he was such a sweet Soul and for some weird reason, this can breed envy, mistrust, and hatred, what a weird world ehh. He was a gift! I am so happy for his that he got away from this worls and is somewhere where Love is truly valued. Bye bye all!

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  6. I really wish there was a more public way we could show the world that Michael Jackson has indeed has a skin disease rather than everyone thinking he bleached his skin. Im sure he’d be embarassed by it and the media would say that he planned it, but honestly I wish more people could see these photo’s.
    That, and I had never seen those pics. of the spider bite. I seriously gasped when I saw them. And people thought he was lying! Again, i wish more people could see these photos….

    • u r so right….not many people know these photos exist!! m in india..n during those days news about micheal becoming white was all over..even t local newspapers here..but when this truth is out i dont understand why its just kept so low..n ignored…..sad….rip…my love mj

      • Please visit to know the truth. Media and evils in this world could not see that Michael had so much influence on millions in this world. He crossed all the barriers to spread his message-LOVE. Please spread the word to every one.

        Those who are completely ignorant and manipulated by media-sympathize you that you still believe in media lies. Michael never wanted to become white. The autopsy results showed that he had vitilago. See his videos to know the truth that most of the artists and people with whom he worked are mostly not white. Are you blind to see that?

  7. je sui une grande fan de mj et je suis vremen degoutey psk plusieur con ausse dire des conneries sur mj et kil ne saven pa kil et atein de vitiligo donc celui ki a fai se cite je le felicite continu!! ten k mj jtm

  8. I love Michael Jackson i have always loved him and i always will and i am so sad that after the burn accident bad things have continued to happend to him this makes me wont to cry because i actually met a women with the same disease that Michael has and she never smiles but even through these hard times i wonder where he finds the courage to still be happy.

  9. I love Michael Jackson i have always loved him and i always will and i am so sad that after the burn accident bad things have continued to happend to him this makes me wont to cry because i actually met a women with the same disease that Michael has and she never smiles but even through these hard times i wonder where he finds the courage to still be happy.
    much love to you my king love Lenetra your #1 fan 4ever when the worlds turns their back on you Ill still be there.

    • My eldest daughter is white/hispanic and has this same disease. It is believed to be an auto-immune disorder in which the body basically attacks itself. My daughter’s condition manifested itself after our family experienced a very stressful situation. She jokes and states she is “turning white and it’s all mom’s fault” to people. She is not ashamed of the fact that she is losing her pigmentation or the fact that her exposed skin has areas which is discolored. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do once the pigmentation is gone. I don’t like the fact that people can be cruel in this world in which we live. I can certainly understand why MJ kept his body covered unfortunately there are people in this world who want to state cruel things and there is nothing in which one can do except ignore it or to feed the cruelness.

      • I grew up in South America and have seen quite a few people with this disorder but I have never seen it make the whole body white, so being a MJ fan I do believe he had the condition but I also believe he did something to even out the colour, and lets face it if you or me had that disease and had money to make yourself one colour who wouldn’t.

  10. It is difficult having a skin disease thank you for sharing pictures. Real friends stick by you no matter what and I am sure that your real fans will also do the same.
    Peace and many blessings

  11. I just found out that my daughter might have this disease, she’s 4, and all of a sudden, my thoughts about Michael have completely changed. It makes sense now, having read up on vitiligo, why he’s always using sun glasses and long sleeved shirts and long pants and umbrellas in the sun. I fear my daughter will suffer emotional and psycological repercussions because of this. In some of these pictures Michael really looks sad.

  12. i dont understand how these photos are “candid”. how is michael jackson’s skin disease at all funny? i feel sorry for the bad publicity he has had to deal with just because he had skin problems.

  13. can·did (kndd)
    1. Free from prejudice; impartial.
    2. Characterized by openness 3 Not posed or rehearsed: a candid snapshot

  14. Having recently discovered (6m)ago that I have Vit’,I have always believed,’that there was a genuine reason,behind Micheals ‘Nightmare’,of having a skin condition,May God bless all who suffer in silence.

  15. I have some insight of what he has been through. I’ve had vit since I was 9-I’m 26 now. I’ll be damned if I’m going to let peoples’ ignorance bring me down. It’s hard but I’m gratefully for having 2 arms, 2 legs, and everything else that some people take for granted.

    • ive also had vitiligo since i was 16 and am now 23,i have had confidene problems for years,at first i diddnt understand why i had light patches on my skin,my dermatologist orderd me cover creams which i used to cover the patches on my neck and my chest….i still use make up to cover them so i can wear open necked tops,but over the past year ive come to embrace thats how i am and i am not conscious anymore,am slowly learning to not cover them in public!

  16. Michael sucks. The best thing he did was sing in the jackson five. Everything after that was written and created so that today we can have such talented people as hanna montana and the jonas brothers ruling the radio waves. %^$& corporate music and %^$& MJ. What the %^$# ever. Learn how to play a real instrument and bring that %^&$ back.

    Living in the real world,

    Real Musician # Randal Robledo

    • !!! michael doesn’t suck!!! he made a lot of things for the music and the jonas brothers are nothing compared to MICHAEL!! and Michael can play a lot of instruments like the bass, the guitar, the piano and the drums so shut up before saying bad things! and the best thing he did i think was thriller because it’s the best selling album of all time…!!


    • You dont need to play an instrument to be talented. michael new how to entertain in other ways, he loved singing and dancing and simply expressed himself when on stage. If you didnt like him dancing then you have no need to watch. If you didnt like him singing then turn your ears elswhere, and listen to someone else. What you should not do is make rude and ignorant comments. If you didnt like him why visit these pages. You are no better than those who go to a friendly protest in order to start a fight. You my friend are the one who sucks, let Michael rest in peace.

      • sure I really side with you for a comment well said .How on earth can you describe a talented world aclaimed entertainer like MJ as a person who sucks.This guy is well fitted by a statement my jamaican friend after reading his comment just remarked that “He is a bomboclat bloodclot boye who is not fit to live because he knows no honour”.

    • are you kidding me? michael was a musical genius. he achieved an incredible level of perfection in his work and comparing him to the likes of hannah montana and the jonas brothers is an insult. that’s just ridiculous.

    • De verdad que eres un anormal Randal Robledo.
      The real truth is that you are really really stupid Randal Robledo.

    • To Randal Robledo, the real musician(laugh). No one has heard of you or your music. You sound like the jealous musician that hasn’t ,made it! Grow up! You will never be the MJ or anything close! If you take the time to invest the time you spend hating someone and use it to better yourself. MJ makes money from the jonas brothers music, do your home work!

      • Further more if it was not for MJ Robledo would not be making music at all. Get a grip fool, either be a real musician are get another vocation. Some people have talent and some don’t, if you have true talent you would not be talking like a damn fool. Are you a foreigner from another country? Because you really don’t know about American musical history…Bitch!

    • You are an idiot, Mr. Robledo, whom I’ve never heard of! RIP, Michael, there will always be fools here on earth.

    • If you were a real musician you wouldn’t have made that comment. Truth is, you’re an ugly old guy from Texas who’s been unsuccessful with your dream career of being a musician.

      You’re just jealous so feel you gotta pick someone like Michael apart to justify your shitty music. Well you don’t…if you like Motown (Surely that isn’t considered shit by you) even if you don’t appreciate the most phenomenal dancing ever..the most amazing production and the most amazing shows… can you not appreciate the soul that came from Michael’s mouth throughout his career.

      You need to take some inspiration….Michael Jackson was a student of the arts, he used to meet with Fred Astair and Gene Kelly, that’s how he became the greatest dancer. How can you possibly say he’s shit?

      You’re jealous !!!!!!!!

    • Michael Jackson wrote most of his songs and composed the music for them too….how is he not a real musician? If anything he made other artists step up their game. But you are entitled to your own opinion

    • Haha .

      Hannah Montana and talent in the same sentence ?

      And there’s no need to defend MJ to you .
      If you were a real musician you would like Michael Jackson and know what he did for the music industry, so you really just come across a bit ignorant .

      Good luck doing the Jonas Brothers covers the rest of your life:)

    • OK, Mr. Real Musician # Randal Robledo: Why has no one heard of you? Where do you play…….garage band??

      It astounds me to no end that you believe hanna montana and jonas brothers are even talented, much less rule the radio waves. If any of these “so called’ musicians had half the talent MJ did, they still would not be worth listening to; also if MJ were making albums today….they would not even be on the charts! Why do you think he is called; “King of Pop” dumbass? We never hear anyone disputing that one, unless it is through pure jealously. MJ will always be the Greatest artist that ever lived, not one of but The Greatest (even thru his sickness) and he knew what his fans wanted. When he was entertaining on stage…we were in his world. He truly was the entertainer of all time! He is dearly missed, and will always be alive through his music. As far as I am concerned, there will never be an artist that can come close to MJ!

    • Who do you think paved the way for your little bubble gum, Disney brats? MJ that’s who. MTV would have died out without his videos but then I guess you were to young to know about that right!
      Why don’t just go play in your room and let the adults who know Michael’s music and accomplishments handle this conversation!

    • That is the most stupid comment i have everheard!!!!!!! I’m not a musician but i have ears and eyes and know that Michael as a musician and humanitarian was the best that ever walked this earth!!!!!!!! If you cannot realize this then maybe you should not be walking around. I personally think the world could deal with afew less ignorant people like you!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • i understand that not all like MJ. but for whatever reason is dont be rude to those who is no longer in the planet. give a little respect. the real insult from those MJ’s hatters is when they put the man along with the likes of hannah montana and the jonas at the same level after all he has done. do your research first before slurring people, then you will be amazed. try hard to love him.

      btw, the fact that you claim yourself as a REAL MUSICIAN is laughable. you almost make my stomach bursting. i believe you were born in the modern era..never get the chance to hear him singing and see him performing

    • Are you for real? How old are you…..12 (mentally) You have no clue what talent is and as far as hanna montana (not a real person) and the Jonas brothers are you kidding? Their fan base is what age 5-12?

      You say you are a real musician. How come no one has ever heard of you? How many songs have you written? What record lable are you listed with? How many millions have you made in your lifetime… many countries have you toured in……and no one has heard of you?

      Either you are mentally ill or you know nothing about Michael Jackson or his music. He did not create…..Hanna Montana (again FAKE name she is Miley Cirus) or the Jonas brothers. One their fans hit their puberty…..they will be nothing.

      Sounds like you are seriously jealous of Michael Jackson’s success which you “a real musican” will never achieve. Get some therapy… have serious issues. It’s fortunate that HATERS like you only exist in the preteen world who know nothing about Michael Jackson but love to criticize. Grow up…..get a life…..and a least get
      your facts straight. Oh when you start actually shaving or actually PERFORM a song of your own (not copy the Jonas Brothers or Miley aka Hanna) put it on UTUBE. We could all use a laugh.

      RIP Michael….the ignorant no talent haters (who don’t even know the REAL names of their “so called” musical heros) will never compare. Hatred is a b*tch and so is Karma. You are WAY out numbered here pal……in 15 seconds no one will even remember what was your name again? Oh I remember LOSER!!

    • I can’t believe some p’pl think from their anus. How on earth can u compare jonas brothers to michael jackson!!!!!!. I suppose you are ignorant….better not waste my time on u. I LOVE U MICHAEL,,,,,U’LL ALWAYS BE THE BEST……..

    • And you must have some serious mental issues to say this BS about the King, the musical God that is Michael Jackson. Yeah, your a real musician right, Randel? Is that why I have never heard of you? Your pathetic.

    • Take some pills for that mental retardation, and calm yourself down by listening to some miley or jonas brothers. Oh, and dont forget to brush your teeth before bed, Randal, before your mummy reads you a bedtime story. Then you can dream about the jonas brothers coming to your house, while us adults listen to the incredible music of the King Of Pop.

    • I want to say you are a dumb ass! The jonas brothers and Hanna montana!!!! You got to be kidding me. They have no talent whatso ever! How many records have they broken. They can’t play any instruments either. I bet they will not be around when they reach 25! if it wasn’t for Micheal there wouldn’t be no Jonas Brothers or Hanna Montana! You live in a fantasy world you a-hole! He was the best entertainer ever! I have been a fan for 35 years and never stopped loving him. It is a great lost to our society. Nicole

    • Michael has always been a very gracious and kind person to everyone he cames in contact with, even when he’s hurt by the viciousness of the media, people who are resentful of his success and the people who just love to hate, he never lashes out in anger and rudeness.

      Michael is a student of the arts and he knew how hard it is for struggling artist, he would have never critisize your art because its a part of your soul, THAT IS THE MEASURE OF THE MAN. How can you expect create great art when your comments are so small and petty? He never once took credit for what he does, he gaves the praise to GOD. Who is Hanna Montana?

    • Michaels body was his instrument. He communicated his music thru his dance, and if you can’t see that, you have missed out on something. Ask people who are giants in the industry…they knew about his incredible talent. Quit lurking…Why don’t you just press ALT f4, and then move to Antartica…as far inland as possible.

    • merda e voce, alias quem e voce mesmo? lave a boca para falar de michael jackson, voce nunca vai chegar perto do que ele é imbecil!



    • I am African-American, living with a skin disese called epidermolysis bullosa ( pls look up). With so much trauma to the skin, I have discoloration where there is healing going on or just permanent discoloration (parts of skin looks like a very light skinned Afr-Amer person). One will never know unless they have first hand knowledge of how disease can effect. Am happy to have made 37 on the 2nd and feel blessed to still be in the land of the living–It is painful; physically as well as emotionally. I do cover up and family and friends say “…we love you anyway, don’t worry…”, however I dress covering most times because I prefer not to be continuously stared at or questioned (so much). And I do not always want to show blisters and open wounds. RIP Micheal Jackson… B at rest…Gone 2 soon…but never forgotten!

  18. Ya that’s true. At least this will show all the unbearable people out there that Michael Jackson THE KING, never decided to turn white. Black or White, Michael is my king, my hero, my everything. He’s beautiful inside like out. He’s a good inspiration for everyone and the greatest influence to me and the majority of the Earth’s population. I would like Mike to know that he doesn’t need to worry no matter what, because he will always have me on his side. We love, adore and worship you Michael. -xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx-


  20. I think MJ is suffering from universal vitiligo whose detail by is as
    Universal Vitiligo or Vitiligo totalis is the complete or nearly complete loss of skin pigment. The pigment is usually lost from entire body surface except a few small islands of normally pigmented skin. Permanent medical bleaching of the normal skin is usually the only option.

  21. i have vitiligo… it’s hard enough being an average person, but i can’t imagine the emotional trauma he experienced as a celebrity, the constant fear of people noticing, always wearing a mask…. if you’ve never been there you just don’t understand. To be such a beautiful person and watch your skin change that way…. it isn’t easy.

  22. michael est le plus beau du monde est il est pas mauche puis vous diser des connerie sur lui il faut pas dire sa ok mes tu sera toujour mon chanteur prefere jtm jespre que mon reve va se realeser jtm jtm jtm jtm i love you i love you jtm i love you jtm jtm jtm jtm jtm

  23. …I Love U MJ..!!
    i first believed all the garabage people wrote ’bout him..but then when i tried to know more(as i loved the thriller 25 vid..n then loved his music)A.K.A..Researched…it all sounded soo lame…i wish morepeople could see it..:)..!!
    god bless u MJ..and have a happy 50th B’day..!!

  24. i love you mj ever since i was 4 years old i listend to all the songs and i know every word to all of them no lie i am now 15 and i have never believed anything that has come off the telly or from the newspapers i dont have vitiligo but i love someone who does and it must be hard but i always say why should you care about what people think you are beautiful inside and out **** what people say about you!!! MJ truely is THE KING of pop and always will be he is to this very day a living legend!!!!

  25. Before the MJ’s story of the vitiligo peoples was no so familiar with vitiligo.
    According to the some authorize vitiligo sites like and other our millions of
    population is suffering from the vitiligo.
    This is a fact that due to the MJ’s Vitiligo, now vitiligo has more popularity as compare
    to the past.

  26. Awesome post!
    Hey floacist I was wondering what is the password I have to put in to listen to “MJs private phone calls” If you don’t mind… Thanks!

  27. hey guys, i just stumbled upon this website randomly and fond this stuff so i thought i would check it out.i dont really no much about this website or wat it is mainly used for whatever.

    anywho, i also have vitiligo since i was in kindergarten until i now(junior in highschool) and i understand how every1 including mj must feel because since i was in kindergarten through 5th grade i was partially normal and then wen it came to middle school through highschool everything changed for me, the old ppl stopped smiling back and the little kids stopped waving back, and even my best friends started to ignore me, which completely destroyed my confidence. now i am always optimistic and happy because art has saved me and friends and family have always been there. but i guess the main thing im trying to say is that you should never let the opinons of other ppl bother because there is nothing in them that makes them better than you, we are all human and because we are competitive we choose to differentiate others to find ourselves. If u think of life as a whole, why should the little insignificant ideas of unimportant ppl who dont understand matter?

    MJ when i was little visiting Hawaii i remember seeing you and all your fans cheering you. I loved you then and i love ya now bro, keep strong man

    ur not alone, we’re all together..

    Anthony Lee
    -prove em wrong ;]

  28. Michael is the greatest of all time. I don’t care what anyone says. Just look into his eyes. You can see the pain. Everyone just needs to back the hell up and leave him alone.



  29. Look…I dont know if Michael Jackson wants or wanted to be white or not… I used to be a HUGE fan of his. To be honest, I didnt see anything wrong with his skin in the earlier pics. He doesnt have the best skin but it sure doesnt look like he has vitaligo. I dont mean to offend or disrespect any of his fans. This is just my honest opinion. I still think he has a beautiful voice and ultimately, thats all that matters.

  30. Wow, after all these years it isn’t until this moment that Michael Jackson has been vindicated in my mind to the accusation that he bleached his skin to be white. I wonder if the same will be true about his innocense of the child molestation charges of 1993.

  31. hola michael quiero qhe sepas que siempre obtendras mi ayuda y que te quiero que nunca habra alguien como tu en este mundo aqui te dejo mi numero 656955191 llamame

  32. I am an African mother of a pure African child born with lighter skin than Michael Jackson’s biological skin. My son is now having the same condition. He now has large white skin patches on his face and neck. His left side including eye is now white skin, and the other part he is still shedding the black person’s skin. Our facial products have been dove soap, cetaphil, vaseline, and nothing fancy. I appear to understand Michael Jackson now. Of course, the light skin that is developing will likely to be with him for years to come, so will understand why one would consider bleaching to make the skin uniform. Of course, Michael Jackson may have gone to excessive in bleaching to cover up the condition. I am not sure how this condition will affect my son’s academics and self esteem. I may resort to makeup to cover the spots as he has suggested. He has been teased recently by some neighborhood kids, and now is ducking in the home. A doctor prescribed a cream.

  33. Hey Flo
    I was wondering if I could have the password for the phonecalls – I am a big fan of Michael and I am really curious to know what those phonecalls are about.

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  35. I have an uncle with vitiligo, and I have seen some signs of it on other members of my family but only on my fathers’ side so I can relate to Michael, I will never fully understand what it’s like to go through something like that, but I can relate. I read on the Floacists’ home page about a picture that was sent in by a fan who called Michaels’ spider bite a result of his vitiligo. I kinda got frustrated cause it was already posted on the site as a spider bite, and now people are saying that now they believe he really has this disease. Why?, cause along with the picture of the spider bite there are pictures of him proving he has vitiligo. I don’t get people sometimes, they believe what they want when they want, even when the proof is right there in front of them, they rather believe something else.

  36. I am a Fan of MICHAEL JACKSON, i wish one day he will leave the world of LONELINESS. I really feel for him. I wish he had not done the nose surgery. I wish he can come back to God through Christ which is the way he can gain eternal life. also believe in the grace of GOD for his favor never ends and when u ask it shall be given so ask u ll get it ,u will get healed…in Jesus name amen.Remember that God Healed Job. Micheal just believe and it shall be so. I LOVE YOU………..

    • He was raised a Jehovah’s Witness, I don’t think you need to preach at him.

      God can’t cure illnesses, saying stuff like that, is what causes far to many people to die each year needlessly. He gave doctors the knowledge how to help people, so he’s not going to just pass out miracles to everybody.

  37. such a beautiful man inside and out even 2 day..he is still so beautiful in my opinion…I REALLY LOVE HIM..SOME OF THE FANS MUST BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES CARING SO MUCH ABOUT WHAT HE LOOKS LIKE..THEY ALWAYS REFUSE TO FIND OUT ABOUT HIM ,AND THATS WHAT PISSES ME OFF,,HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH HIM OR HIS LIFE,,HE IS JUST LONELY..ALL THOSE SCREAMING FANS THERE WHERE EVER YOU GO,,YOU CANT EVEN GO BUY A BOOK WITHOUT THEM ASKIN QUESTIONS..ITS REALLY SAD,,THE THING IS WHAT CAN HE DO,,HIS POPULARITY MITE NEVER FADE..THE LORD SHALL GUIDE HIM IN JESUS NAME..MY IDOL,,IS BLESSED AND SHALL FOR EVER BE BLESSED..I PRAY THAT HE LIVES A LONG HAPPY LIFE..I LOVE YOU MICHAEL,you are MY IDOL,my hero and inspiration..and dont worry mike everything is going to be alright..wait and see,,that greedy lowlifed family that you helped are now rich..because you gave them exactly what they wanted.but they must be miserable because they know they got their money out of evil..i would be…i love YOU MICHAEL JACKSON,,I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT..GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN…MY HERO..I LOVE YOU

  38. It is true that Before the MJ’s story of the vitiligo most of the people are not familiar with vitiligo and mostly people realize this non contagious skin condition a serious and pre cancerious skin conditoin.

  39. Why do so many people doubt he has vitiligo? I mean, it was even documented that he had it when the police took the nude photos of him back in 1993.

    By the way, the first shot doesnt actually show vitiligo, its actually just a shadow if his hair, but yeah, the rest are great examples of vitiligo.

  40. now that we can clearly see the photos and the skin coverd by vitiligo, why people just don’t believe him? if they don’t believe him they are stupid!! U CAN CLEARLY SEE THE DISEASE AND THEY CONTINUE SAYING HE WANTS TO BE WHITE!!!! THAT JUST SUCKS! A “FUCK YOU” TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DON’T BELIEVE HIM!!! LOVE YA MICHAEL!!

  41. but wasn’t he sooooo sexy and beautiful when he was in the 80’s? he was soooo cute! i love himmmm!! by the way i don’t care if now he doesn’t have the face(that beautiful face) that he had in the 80’s…i just care that i love him and nothing’s ever gonna change that!! michael you are not alone…we are here with you…though you are far away…we are here to stay…you are not alone…we are here with you…though you’re far apart…you are always in our heart…you are not alone!!! we love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

  42. for jenfever: he never molasteded children…if this thing of white skin isn’t true…all the other things are wrong!! and the molestation was of 2003 not 1993!

    • While I don’t believe he was guilty, there were actually two seperate cases in which he was so viciously slandered.

      The one in 1993, was a civil suit, which was settled out of court. Suspiciously though, actual charges were never brought against MJ, becasue the boy refused to testify, and there was no actual proof. It was clear to the courts it was meerly a case of greedy jerks, trying to make some easy money off him.

  43. I think Michael is very brave to show photos of himself. Do you know how many times this year I have heard my children come home and say their friends at school tell them he don’t have Vitiligo, he just wanted to be white? My daughter has Vitiligo so we know how hard it must be for him to live with this. You are a very strong human being,even though you are not treated as such.Hold your head up high god is with you.

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  45. I feel like crying when i see these photos. This must be so hard to go through and people making up lies and stories about you doesn’t make things any better you know?

    • You’re a dickface, just like Evan Chandler, the asshat of a father that made Jordan Chandler lie about the molestation. And don’t even get me started on the second kid, Gavin.


    • Silvia everybody is innocent until proof guilty, and MJ suffered a public trila and also stood in front of a judge. So if we love this country, the laws and all that they represent MJ is innocent, even if you like it or not.

    • Do you know for sure that he molested anyone? If not, please keep your ugly thoughts to yourself. No one is interested in hearing it. You must be a racist. There can be no other reason for you saying something so hateful. When are we going to start coming together as one? We’re all waiting for you and others like you to wake up.

    • And exactly why are you supporting scumbags like the Chandlers and the Arvizos?
      FIVE members of the Chandler gang wanted to profit from those allegations FIVE!
      You cannot show one real child molestation case where the parents, the uncle, the boy and the stepfather all want to make money with the allegations.

      The Arvizos were completely discredited in court, they falsely accused NINE people, MJ was just one of them. Four members of that family claimed that they were molested and falsely imprisoned by someone. Four! Now what are the chances?
      Every element of their story kept changing, the boys contradicted each other and themselves, the mother contradicted the daughter and the boys. The mother had a history of fraud and targetting celebrities
      in fact she started to investigated how to get a settlement from MJ months before she even met him!

      Bottom line: every allegations against MJ started with a crooked adult who wanted to profit from the allegations. No kid ever accused MJ without adults manipulating them.
      Evan Chandler coached Jordan Chandler.
      Rush Birchim and Vincent Neglia pressured Jason Francia to accuse MJ.
      Janet Arvizo coached Star and Gavin Arvizo.

      All three of them wanted to make millions with the allegations.
      Then think about all the kids who defended MJ, dozens of them, including those who slept in his room
      many many times, both boys and girls. They all said MJ was harmless, kindhearted, childlike and there was nothing sexual about him.
      So you have dozens of defenders and three crooked families who accused him.
      This is not the track record of a molester but an easy target of greedy lowlives.

  46. Hey, could that be why he wore the infamous “one glove”? Maybe the “vit” started to show on only one hand at first. Either way, R.I.P. Michael…you are loved by many.

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  48. r.i.p michael, i was just watching the jacksons on vh1 and read your family bio last week. and for those that are cursing someone whom is deceased, may god have mercy on you. Michael was never convicted. These childrens low life parents seen an oppurtunity to cash in. I would never leave my child with any adult nor let them sleep in someones house,even a big celeb. Whether he molested them or not, we will never know. But have some respect, God knows the truth let him make the judgement. Goes to show you people have no respect or values these days, a bunch of trash!

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  51. RIP gentle soul, he will have his come back,not in person but there will be tributes to him over and over again. I have never heard him sware, get really angry or aggressive he was all about peace.

  52. Michael Jackson was a child who, emotionally, mentally, psychologically and spiritually, never grew up. It was his blanket of comfort. Though misunderstood greatly by some he will always be loved widely by many. Michael you have gone too soon, far too soon. Our love and respect for you and your family is beyond words. May your rest be sweet . Family, If God be for you who can stand against you. The ache in my heart for such a lost a this is breathtaking. MJ u will always be remembered as “the child that never grew up”

  53. I would like to recognize how much of a great icon Michael Jackson was and the impact he put on many people all around the world including myself. Michael will be remembered and his music and his soul will always remain alive. You will never be forgotten. Rest in peace Michael

  54. Great job. Black or white, don’t matter.
    É muito triste saber que ele se foi… no more words.

    Rest in peace Michael, you are in Neverland now.

  55. Shut up wit all the r.i.p. crap!
    We all know that if heaven and hell is real he is burning in hell this very moment because if his ignorance. His parents were practising a false religion (was it Mormonism?) and Michael was screwed up in the head. He should have fell on his knees and prayed to God while he was about to die! May Satan have mercy on his poor soul!!!

    Say whatever you want but hey, the truth will set you free! He’s dead and gone. There’s nothing you can do. You can vent all you want but in the end we will all know the truth that there is a God!

    I pray He has mercy on each and everyone of our souls! They say THE RIGHTEOUS SCARCELY MAKE IT IN! sucks to be human right about now, knowing that! We’ll have no clue where we’re going until we get there!
    Who knows, I may be in a world of crap for even saying some of this! lol
    Oh well.
    Hope you make it!

    • I think you are so ridiculous and cold hearted to have the nerve to talkl the crap that you have just posted. How dare you!. Michael was not just a icon but a role model to many people around the world and for you to say the crap that came out your mouth you should be ashamed of yourself. I hope if there is a hell out there. I am sure you are next in line for being so damn ignorant and not respecting the dead.
      Ps. be very careful what you reply, ill be hearing from you again

    • Michael,
      I grew up with your music. You have always been a part of my life and now I feel like a piece of me is gone. I’ve always loved you and always will. I will miss you till the day I die. I hope you can finally find piece in heaven.

    • judge not least ye be judged. may god have mercy on your soul when you pass and lets hope you remember to pray for forgiveness before u do

    • If you’re the type of person who makes it into heaven, I don’t fucking want to be there.

      What have you done with your life? Michael made many people happy and contributed a lot of money (more than any other entertainer, I believe) to various charities.

      Go fuck yourself and HAIL SATAN you stupid piece of shit “christian”! If God existed he would strike you down rather than have some lousy crap like you associate with him!!!

    • Oh dear God, what the fuck are you on about? Your God certainly isn’t mine, something for which I will eternally be glad! Now, off you go, spreading your brand of joy to the masses…..


      • God is real .The earth and all that is in the world pinpoints to this fact.I would not like us to go into religious debate but acknolegde the contribution such enormous as MJ contributed to the entire world.He did his best to contributing to humanity and that is what God is all about.The good book said “whilst you did not do for your brother you did not do for me”Mj did it for us all and we are the very one’s that caused his loneliness,talked and criticised about his colour and made him a societal outcast.Now we have got exactly what we want why castigate him again.this is a lesson to us not to let people who are suffering various degrees of health problems suffer in their inside but to welcome them so that they feel accepted and happy around us .what does it cost us if we hang out with people who through no faul of theirs happen to be in such situations .May MJ rest in the perfect peace of God till we meet again and let all who would not praise him for his contribution towards humanity be quiet and let us make healthy criticism.

    • He was more close to Jesus than you can ever imagine in fact he was a true Christian, not a fake one like you. MJ understood that Jesus was about loving strangers, not just you relatives, but everyone and help as many as you can particularly those who are sick, poor, injured or abused. MJ worked in his whole life to help others and wanted to be as much as Jesus as any human can be. You will never understand as you are just another hateful fake Christian.

  56. Well hi, I am from chile and I had no idea about what vitiligo could do to your skin and now i know, and it is a terrible sickness, and in the case of michael i guess he really try to “look good” as far the sickness keeps on so thats the first idea that I have at this point and is so bad that the peaople judged him so badly in certain point …well lets hope that his legacy continues in time and i have no doubt that is going to continue.. adios

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  58. He’s a fan, she’s a fan, They’re a fan. So what! You didn’t matter to him. If you died, Michael wouldn’t have came to your funeral. You’re JUST a fan.
    Being a fan of him wont save him from hell. Ppl live life like there is no hell or heaven, yes, I’m talking about all of you. But when ppl die they are trembling in fear because they think what if hell is real?!!!
    Don’t live your life like hell (not caring about God, not saved, being sinful) and die fearful.
    It’s hard not to sin, but if Jesus did it when he was a man, we can too.

    Stop the hail mary’s, johns, peters, and all the other saints you pray to! Same for allah, buddah, the sun god, mother nature, and whoever! ONLY JESUS AND THE HOLY SPIRIT CAN SAVE YOU, HEAL YOU, PROTECT YOU. GOD IS WATCHING. THERE’S AN ANGEL AROUND YOU RECORDING EVERYTHING YOU DO! please be mindful of that.

    • HAIL SATAN!!!

      I can’t wait to go to hell!!!!

      When you’re dead, you’re dead, there is no such thing. Stupid christians make up this crap just cos they can’t deal with reality and need some hope to hold onto.



      • Amen. (hehehe)

        The self-righteousness of so many ‘religious’ people have killed more people in the world than hunger, disease, and anything else combined.
        I mean there’s the crusades, the periodic WITCH hunts, burning of heretics, stoning of people, bombings of abortion clinics, jihads, WWII….It goes on and on!

      • Hey my Friend’let us be real here and address the issue on the ground.I think this platform is about MJ and not religious debates allright.Come on ,God is real and the truth of the matter is clear and expressed in His Word.Jesus is the way ,the truth and the life.No two ways about that.Now,the point that you made I hope you did not.The statement also that you reply too I hope you did not.As to that statement itself who can judge whether MJ is in heaven or hell.who can tell whether before the cardiac arrest as we are told he dedicated his life and accepted christ.Let look at the broader picture and preach christ to the world whilst acknowledging the contributions people make to society.

      • you need to stop talking like that because people like you are really gonna die.that doesn’t mean that i’m saying that i’m christian because i’m not

    • to “yea, right!” –

      man. you are CRAZY. take a chill capsule…asap.

      headstrong asshats, like you, who have taken “chrisitanity” and turned it into a plastic, meaningless, shadow of the spiritual path it once was always astound me. Do you think Jesus would have really treated others the way you do? And besides, he was the son of god in as much as EVERY SINGLE PERSON is the “child” of god. the bible is full of metaphors, written by HUMANS who err, and often. He was a regular person, with good intentions, whose ideas got manipulated and perverted through translation of MEN who used his name for the furthering of their own agendas and sometimes, personal gain. All religions, in fact are mostly stories and lessons beneficial to a certain age and culture to assist people in not feeling completely helpless and alone on this small planet in a vast universe.

      Get off your high horse and more holy than thou bullshit because i’m not buying it.

      One day it will be your turn. Do you think whatever higher, and judicial, power there is (if even there is one) will judge you more mercifully for shunning and actively diminishing those with other ideas than yours, or for at least trying to listen and gain a better understanding on both sides, without “? What would jesus do? If you will.

      All those who use their religion as an excuse to hurt another in anyway (be it mentally, physically, emotionally, or otherwise) clearly know very little about the true meaning of their claimed spirituality.

      • That was very well put Maegan. There have been some very hurtful and hateful things said here. Why can’t people express their views without the name calling.

  59. What hurts the most about Michael’s skin disorder was how people judged him, rediculised him. I can’t imagine how much people could be so ignorent to think that you actualy bleach your skin to that point. That must of bin one of Michael’s biggest challenge to over come in his lifetime. Being rejected because of a skin disorder WOW !!!!
    I just can’t believe it. May you have the rest that you truly deserve R.I.P my sweet angel.

    love you forever,
    Nat xxx

    • wtf your a sick fuck he was a child molester he WAS the worlds most famous child molester
      he bribed little boys so they wouldnt tell he gave them wine. well they wont be creamating his body since he made mostly of plastic they’re gonna melt him down and d make legos so now kids could play with him

      • How Sad that people like you are able to voice your trite, lame ass comments to a broader audience then your little sister. Too bad people like you can’t see the yawning mouths and rolling eyes of the people who read your pathetic drivel. In the future, if you can’t resist the urge to post a comment, post about something you know about, like all the times you’ve broken down into tears realizing that your pee pee was so small.

      • He didn’t bribe anyone, Chandler never wanted to go to court and they even admitted it in their book. They only wanted money. Evan Chandler made up the whole BS molestation story and he got help from a real pedo named Victor Gutierrez to make the story sound credible. He coached his son for a month in July and Aug 1993 but you know nothing about that because you don’t care about the facts at all.
        He didn’t give any wine to any kid that was proven during the trial, how come you didn’t pay attention?
        He wanted to save Gavin Arvizo when he had cancer that family targetted him and other celebrity and used him
        and then turned on him once they realized they couldn’t make good money with that documentary. The mother was a mentally ill welfare cheat who falsely accused her husband and a JC Penny guard of sexual abuse before they falsely accused MJ of sexual abuse.
        During the trial it was proven that the Arvizo boys STOLE wine in Neverland, it wasn’t MJ who gave it to them.
        They did it behind his back. The two boys behaved like they owned the place, MJ rarely even had any contact with them
        and was quite happy when they finally left. Everyone hated them in Neverland, they were disgusting parasites who exploited MJ and others, falsely accused MJ and others, lied under oath over and over again hoping that a conviction would win them big money in a civil case.

        Read the facts about MJ’s rotten accusers. They were NOT victims but victimizers:

  60. hello everyone. it is true, if we never accept Jesus Christ into our lives and serve Him, we are fooling ourselves. and we will go to Hell. Michael is gone now and he is/can not look down from heaven and see us now. (read your Bible. it’s there). RIP does not mean what most people think it does. In the book of Hebrews, it speaks of resting in the peace of God. that’s not for the dead. it means that will we are yet alive here on earth, that we live in Him, spending time with Him, doing His will not ours, serving Him because He loves us and truly cares for us. however, we choose to live in sin and not serve Him willingly. we, like Michael, want to live in a world of fantasy . Hell is real. and many of us will find out once it is too late. yes, Michael did some good things, sung many songs, gave to charity and kids, had a strange disease etc. etc. but without Christ in his life as Lord and Savior, he probably will not R.I.P. but be screaming in Hell.

    • Most of what you say is true but you do not know anything about MJ’s relationship with God so I wouldn’t be making statements on where someone is spending eternity unless you are God. There are a lot of people that look on the outside to be Christians but they aren’t and there are people that you may think they are not christian but are. If you read your Bible you will know that man looks at the outside but God looks at the heart. You nor anyone else knows what his spiritual condition was. If you are a christian you must know that your responsibility is tell others about Jesus and His love for them. You need to leave the details to God. It is not your job to judge people. There was only one perfect person that ever lived and it was Jesus. So that must mean that you are not perfect like the rest of us. You may be right that MJ is not in heaven but you do not know that to be the truth. I really get sick of hearing people who name the name of Jesus making statements about another persons spiritual state. Unless that person has professed to be an unbeliever you shouldn’t profess that for them. To my knowledge MJ never made that statement.

      • He stated in an interview that he definitely believes in God. I don’t think he was a child molester, i think he was just sad that he never had the childhood he wanted because of his psycho dad. So he felt the need to stay a kid forever to fulfill that, and he loved children and did everything for them. One idiot family wanted to rip money off of him, then the second saw it was successful and went for a try. People are idiots, it disgusts me. I love you Michael Jackson, you deserve the best, RIP.

      • Elaine ,let me emphatic here”I totally agree 100% times100% with you”.That is the exact truth.the good book state and is clear why then do we judge others .let us leave that to God .MJ is gone and as far as we know him his works that he did testify.what is all this religious debate.Cant we preach christ without getting into uncalled for arguments.

    • It’s so disgusting some comments make me sick what/who gave anyone the authority to judge this man he has given so much to us we have lost one of the greatest if not the greatest entertainer to walk this earth we live in heaven and in hell to judge someone is in God’s hands. Michael was a prolific entertainer and a great man. By your comments you know nothing of God. I am truly saddened and hurt by these views my God let him rest now he has been through enough in his lifewhy not celebrate him i’m ashamed. I hope he sees God’s face so that he can rest wat his maker. I love you and miss you always MJ and will never forget you. REST IN ETERNAL PEACE.

    • Dear Concerned,

      You are exactly what is wrong with religion. You are not improving the world by telling everyone they are going to hell. There is no “only way” to find peace in this life, and it any case I can’t imagine that you have actually found “the peace of God” if you can write comments like this. I’m not very impressed with your promise of Jesus saving me from hell in the afterlife, since you and people like you create hell on earth by trying to fit everyone into your nice little mold. Instead of trying to convert everyone to your self-righteous, self-serving doctrine, why don’t you step back a moment and try to forgive people for being imperfect human beings, starting with yourself?

    • you’re a rotten apple and a useless piece of shit. no one will care when you die, which is probably why you feel the need to put down the death of someone important.


  61. Hell and heaven is right here, you’ll pay what you did in life…people’s dead always hurts…
    Michael will remember past the years because his music, his talent.
    Everyone have a dark side, so, don’t you? what a fuck!!
    We love you Michael!!!

    RIP from Mexico!!

    • Well i didnt know MJ had vitiligo. That must have been horrible to be covered up all the time. I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I would go nuts. I love the sun. Since MJ died I’ve been listening to his music nonstop. He was truly the “King of Pop”. I wish I had reconized his work before hand. To tell you the truth I really havent really cared for his music before he died. Now I see how great he was. Yesterday I down loaded 3 of his music videos on itunes and there’s still more to download. He just gained another fan. Long live Michael Jackson!!!!

      • Me too. I grew up with his music but never actually went out and bought any. When he died I didn’t think I was affected – until I saw the music channels replaying all the old videos. Yesterday I went out and bought HIStory, just because it was a double album and had a good range of his songs on. And now I am completely obsessed and in my own little world – listening to the songs all the time over and over!! I never realised how many of the great songs he actually WROTE HIMSELF – words and music – and that he did the arrangements and played instruments as well as having that sweet, sweet but powerful voice and the dancing. WOW. Truly a huge talent. I’m so upset that I never realised while he was still alive. Even my Mum of 81 asked what the music was and said she was really enjoying it (and she had always believed the media and thought he was a ‘weirdo’) Such a sad, tragic and misunderstood figure, it breaks my heart…

      • WOW. I thought I was alone with that. I always liked MJ, listened to his songs, but till now, I haven’t thought much about the meaning of them.
        When he died, I really realized how big he was and how much I missed and I’ve been constantly listening to him, reading about him and every little thing I find out shows me how great he was. If you really truly watch just one interview with him, the way he talks tells everything. That man was full of heart,nothing but good. He just wanted to bring love to this world,help others and wake us,people up to pay more attention to the things around us!
        He said he wanted to live forever….but he also told that if there was no more children in the world he wouldn’t want to live a minute longer! He left very soon,too soon. But I hope he knew,that there are many people in this world in whose heart he will live forever. Yes,he’s not alone…we’re here with him..
        I could write a lot,many many positive things about him,but I know you love him too and you understand what I mean. And I hope he finally found his peace he deserves!
        I miss him though😦

    • He didn’t want his fans to know how his skin really looked. Most vitilgo patients do not want others to see how they look. MJ was ashamed of his body, he felt disfigured. He didn’t even let his family see how he really looked, Jermaine said the first time he saw MJ’s skin without makeup was in 2005!
      When MJ talked about having vitligo in 1993 few people believed him. So what was the point of talking about it? He not only had to deal with the disease but with the stupidity of the media and the public too. And imagine how he felt when racist Sneddon forced him to stand naked and be photographed then the government kept those photos of his naked body for decades! And Sneddon knew the photos proved his innocence except he would not be willing to admit that he stripped searched the biggest African American icon on the planet. What Sneddon and his henchmen did was beyond disgusting.

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  64. First of all, people should study the facts when assuming that MJ wants to be white. I personally have vitiligo and it can be a really emotional toll taking disease. Vitilgo can break down your self esteem so bad and thats why belienve Micheal had his skin completely bleached becuz he is in the public eye and I know the public would rather see Michael one color then spotted.

  65. WOW why is religion such a big part of this. People talk so much about how they know what type of religion is right. Who are you to say, a regular man wrote the bible. How can you believe that stuff?, I say think to myself. But it doesnt matter, I myself am atheist. I dont want to judge you, its your beliefs, you can follow what ever religion you want, it doesnt bother me just as long as your a righteous person with morals. People shouldnt be telling others that their ways are the true right ways. The only good i see coming from religion is bringing people together and teaching good morals. But i dont need religion for that, i know right from wrong and I am a very loving person. Hope people would just be more respectful.

  66. Regardless of whatever happened, whether it’s due to just Vitiligo or due some reckless plastic surgery/ies, or even due to a combination of both (in some cases, skin peels are done in order to lessen the visibility of such skin disorders by evening out the skin tone, this seems to be the most probable in his case, I guess), one must feel really bad for him. A person of his capablilities really deserves a better end …

  67. Regardless of whatever happened, whether it’s due to just Vitiligo or due some reckless plastic surgery/ies, or even due to a combination of both (in some cases, skin peels are done in order to lessen the visibility of such skin disorders by evening out the skin tone, this seems to be the most probable in his case, I guess), one must feel really bad for him. A person of his capablilities really deserves a better end …


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    I beleived he had the skin disease. I had never really seen pictures before.

    Because never in my life have I ever seen or heard someone bleaching their WHOLE BODY. Thats Crazy.
    Sounds painful too.


    • After reading many web sites about that subject and seeing these pictures, I much more feel sadness… I’m very very sorry for him… Such a perfectionist genius man, while strugling with a disesase he should also have had to confront the rumors of many cruel people… He must have suffered so much😦

      I still can’t believe in his dead😦

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  74. Twarz stanowiła jedną wielką bliznę po operacjach plastycznych. Michael nie miał przegrody i prawej ścianki nosa. Był też całkowicie łysy. Pod peruką głowę pokrywał tylko bezbarwny puch.

  75. Some people questioned about MJ’s skin disease because his skin was normal when he was young. That doubt comes obviously from total ignorance.

    One of my friends also has vitiligo. His skin looked quite normal when he was in high school. Then the disease broke out in his late twenties. So vitiligo is a disease that can occur at any age.

  76. Michael was treated so unfairly. the media disrespected him so much its just really really sad, they started judging him while they didn’t know nothing about him. I could one day get up and make up some crap and posted online and there it goes people hungry to spread and all would believe it. I am sure if Michael wasn’t famous and didn’t have money no one would go and try to make money by saying “he touched their kid” the kids he was helping were kids that have cancer and other deadly disease he was helping and trying to make them happy because they kids didn’t have a chance to do things they wanted to do like every normal kid, he is not here anymore but he has inspired and will continue to inspire people around the world with his music, his music will stay. R.I.P Michael I hope his family can get through such difficult time, Please people don’t judge anyone before you know something 100%

  77. It is true he has the skin disease, and no the disease can’t cover your whole body but most doctors recommend the use of a medicine called monobenzone so that you can remove all the remaining pigment from your skin. Educate yourselves before you judge others.

  78. Floacist, I am sorry that I didn’t run into your blog sooner but you have gone the length, in trying to fight for MJ when no one else was willing. When I was small, there was a man in my neighborhood, everyone called, “the black and white man” People were very cruel to that man. They were afraid to let him touch them, talked about him and called him names. If I remember correctly, I was around 7 and he helped me move something in the store, and I remember responding adversely. Later on in life, I would feel ashamed of my actions, although he wasn’t privy to them. Vitiligo is a real autoimmune disease and I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t occur as a result of, “the pepsi incident.” He was never the same afterward.

  79. I love Michael but You mean this disease waited until he was 35 years old to attack, I read up on this disease and it causes spots of lightness not your entire body especially the black race, I do believe Mike had something done to make him white removing pigments or (powerful)bleaching, something such as this would cause major problems to your skin. I don’t think any person has ever had a disease that turned them from black to white, some Einstein doctor did this I believe.

    • Sandra, it is an autoimmune disease similar to lupus. It can strike at any age, and it can be brought on by stress. He was burned in the pepsi commercial at 35, so why is it so incredible? Also, drop that whole “blackrace” thing, because it occurs in other people who are not black AND it covers the whole entire body. Unfortunately, bleaching doesn’t do that. I have seen african women who have bleached their skin and it looks like this: a red irritated face with black arms, with loads of acne and whiteheads where the bleach was used. Like I said in my previous post, I have seen someone with Vitiligo when I was a child. It’s a real disease and 35 years old doesn’t make one anymore immune to it, than being 15.

      • what? he was burned??????? i didnt know ,.. can u please tell how it happened???

    • I get so angry when people make comments about Michael Jackson and say things like you do. How in the world would you know if he had lupus or vitiglio. How would you or any one else know a thing about him other than all the negative speculation and ugly gossip? My heart aches for his family to have to listen to these kinds of things. My heart aches that we live in such a cynical world.

  80. It is so sad to badger someone and you don’t have any proof, how can you hate someone for something you have not seen you just believe, I felt sorry for Michael because I do believe he was cut short his childhood and that affected him so he wanted to see other boys be happy because he was not, he was a good person, he had a lot of love and of course he had a lot of people that hated him, people did Jesus the same way, Michael has drawn a lot of people together in his coming and going, I prayed for him, this was not right, I believe he tried to help those boys and not molest them, he wanted them to be able to say they slept in Michael Jackson’s bed and people took this and ran with it and the money hungry people sent their kids and had them say he molested and gave them wine, (money,money) I don’t believe this but only the high power above knows. Michael tried to tell people to leave him alone in his song Just Leave me alone, surely you should have some compassion when you hear that song.

    • “so he wanted to see other boys be happy because he was not, ”

      So what, girls are not children? All kids visited Neverland. People seem to be under the impression that its only ‘little boys’.

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  82. I appreciate your post bc so many IDIOTS didn’t believe that MJ actually had a skin disorder. In the interview he did w/Oprah in the 90?s, he expressed how he loves being an AFRICAN AMERICAN.

    RIP, MJ, bc now you don’t have to worry about all the bull and lies the media and other money-hungry ppl have said about you!

    People are so uneducated and will just take what someone says and run w/it! Do your own research! Research vitiligo, see how a person’s skin looks: it looks very bizzare. Look at the pics here: his skin was DIFFERENT COLORS!

    His make-up artist even said they used to apply heavy dark make-up on the white spots, until those white spots became the majority…so it only makes sense for them to cover the dark spots to match the majority (white spots)…who would really want to be THAT WHITE on purpose? He was like POWDER!

    Michael was a compassionate person, and I know he’s in heaven smiling, singing, and dancing! RIP to the GREATEST OF ALL TIME: MICHAEL JACKSON!

  83. This is the kind of new the media SHOULD be spreading and informing the public of… not POINTLESS>.BASELESS>.MEANINGLESS… SLANDERS

  84. am sorry, didnt wanted the earlier comment to be negative..let me rephrase it

    as is said, everybody have their time predefined
    n after all this, its better he went for peace coz people never cared about him rather ridiculed him all his life, ignored the truth and believed their own whims and its good he’s gone to a far better world..

    cheers to your freedom from the sufferings…its no point living for others when you yourself are in such pain..this media did’nt deserved him, as for his fans..hes immortal

  85. Its so sad, on how the media in the past years were always trying to say he bleached his skin. He was living with this disease, but people wanted to make up stupid crap! He will definitely be missed. I agree with michaelljacksonnforever up there, this is the type of news that the media should be spreading, not any of the other nonsense BS! R.I.P Michael…

  86. You know, Michael never had, to my knowledge, a loving relationship with one special person whom he loved and who loved him back. It is very sad. He was robbed of his childhood. He was robbed of his freedom because he could go nowhere without being noticed and mobbed. He could entertain the hell out of anyone. But he was very lonely. Imagine having to live your life in a fish bowl where everyone knew everything about you, criticized everything you did, made fun of you, called you horrible names, etc. Michael was no saint, but neither are any of us. He deserves some respect for giving the world himself for so many years. And now he is gone, but his legend and talent live on. What will you leave behind?

  87. Msday I wasn’t making a this a black thing I said especially the black race I have relatives that have this and friends and none of them are completely covered, I know this occurs in any race you MISREAD my statement, and also this was my opinion as I respect yours. just saying.

  88. I wish someone would have seeked physiological help for Michael, when he kept saying he was sad he needed help, I just hate he is gone from us, I am having a rough time dealing with this I loved him so much as though he was a relative to me, but I know God is taking care of him now.

  89. Msday since you drew your attention to me, I know Michael was burned in the Pepsi commerical at 35, I hate that happened to him and was praying for him and hoping he wasn’t badly burned, and as I said read about this disease, I have seen a lot of people with it and did not know the name of it, I am no doctor just going by the study doctors have put out that it usually occurs before age 20, anything can happen, I have never seen or heard of it covering the whole body. I have 2 relatives with Lupus and skin blotching.

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  91. I agree we should all email this website link to CNN, FOXNEWS, PEREZHILTON, ABC NEWS, US weekly, MSN NBC we should all email this link to all the news media so they can report. I also saw that Jordan Chandler has admitted to lying about michael jackson. I really do not like the way Dianne Diamond the Michael Jackson hater is spreading lies about him. I visited her website and when you try to comment you have to get it approved. she only posts up the nice comments about her but she does not post up any negative one about her. THe news media, Dianne, The chandlers and the arvizos family all contributed to jackson death.

    • Jordan Chandler did not admit to lying. I wish people would stop spreading that pathetic made up article.

      You can email news outlets with all the information about vitiligo you want, that doesn’t guarantee that they will indeed will print or run it.

      • He may not have admitted to it, but the GQ article–the original one–that detailed Evan Chandler’s role in the LIE is pretty much the smoking gun. Jordie lied.

  92. If you research the drug monobenzone, it shows how some people use it to lighten their normal skin and sometimes it doesn’t work evenly. So the drug monobenzone actually gives you the appearance of vitiligo. This is not reversable. So, you must then use the drug to lighten your skin completely to look even toned (pale/pink). Many women of color use this drug unaware of its side effects turning your lovely dark skin spotty. It’s really sad that one could have that much self hatred. I believe Michael could have caused his own affliction with vitiligo.

  93. This blog is amazing, I really wish the press would just take a look at it, what more proof do they need? Or maybe they’re turning a blind eye to these photos because a black guy bleaching his skin because he’s a freak and hates his race sells more papers than the truth.

    The media can find ‘evidence’ for any story they want to make up – be it about the child molestation trials or the whole elephant man’s bones thing, so I find it incredible that these photos have been around for decades, and the great force that is the media has failed to notice them, and still insists he was bleaching his skin.

    There is something wrong with society.


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  95. No one should say Michael did not have God in his life because we don’t know if he talked to God or not, I can only imagine he was sorry for the things he did in life and wanted to change them. I know what I saw in him with my own eyes as I never met him, only on tv, I saw a gift from God he was truly blessed, I just don’t understand why you would slap God in the face and say I don’t like how you made me, I know he had to talk to God about that. He was the cutest kid I had ever seen and so talented, that will probably never happen again, and maybe he catered to boys because he is a boy. I don’t know. I am sure he loved girls too but maybe he felt most people would not trust their daughter with him, but they would trust a boy with him. just thinking logical.

  96. It’s sad that michael has to deal with people calling him a freak just because he had a desease.And nobody could say that they understand unless they are a huge popstar that has vitiligo and people spread rumors about you.
    AUGUST 29 1958 – JUNE 25 2009

  97. Thanks for posting these photos.
    It makes me angry watching old interviews back where he is CONSTANTLY asked “why are you trying to make your skin whiter, are you ashamed to be black?” or people saying that they feel betrayed because he “purposely” changed his skin color so that he wasn’t black.
    I’ve got a lot of respect for Michael for putting up with all of the stuff that he did, and not coming out as a bitter, angry, hateful person.

    Anyway, more people should see these photos!

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  99. Oh my, I just looked these up to prove something to this one douche… That’s a horrible spider bite though, ouch! Reminds me of what Brown Recluses can do… anyway, I actually say a short clip of him on the news recently with the Lupus rash on his face. I don’t think he did anything to even his skin tone out, just used cake makeup. I know a few people with it. The only reason he looks like he just gradually got lighter over the years is becuase your color gets that unbalanced. He had an image to uphold, that’s why he wouldn’t just walk around splotchy.

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  101. I’m a female of exactly the same age as Michael. I also have Lupus and Vitiligo. I developed the Lupus when I was really young, but the vitiligo didn’t show up until I was in my 30’s. The cause of both issues is unknown, and there is no cure. Truly, the worst part of having Lupus, is that people don’t believe there is anything wrong with you. You can’t “see” it, like you can see a broken arm, or chicken pox, or anything else that young, seemingly healthy people can get. And people can be brutal!

    It’s a shame that more people weren’t aware of Michael’s health problems before he died. Lupus patients or vitiligo patients *cannot* be exposed to the sun. The sun will cause the Lupus to flare up, and it will quickly cause skin cancer in vitiligo patients. That was the reason Michael had to stay covered, or use an umbrella. Lupus also causes weight loss, which could be why he was so thin. It also causes hair loss, heart problems, kidney failure, lung inflammation, arthritis, sleep loss, and complete and total exhaustion, to the point of not even being able to sit up! In other words, it explains a whole lot about Michael Jackson.

    Lupus is much more prevalent in women, but can occur in men. I passed it on to my son who is now 21. (My Lupus went into remission when I was 27, and I was able to have 2 kids, that I was told I would never be able to have.) We’re hanging in there, we just have to live a little differently than most people….there’s always some issue to deal with.

    If you have your health, be thankful. You should also be more understanding of others, whether you are aware that they have health problems, or not. Cuz any one of these issues could happen to you. And guess what…..your friends won’t understand!

    • When I read you comment it made me cry. You will always be in my prayers. I found out in 1994 that I had Lupus. You are so right. people just don’t understand .

      May God keep you and your children. People with Lupus are the strongest people I know. They learn to endure so much over the course of their life time.

      Be Blessed


    • Hello Kathy,

      You and your children are certainly in my prayers. I knew a few people who had lupus who have long since passed away. I also know someone who does have lupus and they have joint and mussle pain. I know someone who has the condition Vitiligo as well and they have to keep their arms covered up. I do understand what people are going through with. I know that lupus makes people real sick. I also know that Vitiligo makes people sick. I am glad that you have shared your story.

      Ms. Patricia T. Smith

    • Hi there

      You may not know it, but you are blessed. MJ came for people like you, he endured more than ill health and he endured all with grace and humility. If he complained it was not to the public. He could have stoped all the media nonesense with these revelations. but the truth is, the world did not want to know the human side of him, people are strange. it has something to do with our condioning. And the blond hair/blue eyes bull”””t. Still now that he is gone these revelations will come to light, and like Bob Marley said ” when his night turns to day, a lot of people will run away” That has something to do with shame. RIP MJ The worlsd will come to know how much they love you.

    • I know what you mean about people not being able to “see” your medical problems, like with lupus. I have 2 endocrine disorders – PCOS and a microadenoma – and nobody can “see” these, but they cause all kind of embarassing problems, like facial hair in women, fatigue, weight gain, all kind of hormonal imbalences, vision loss, all kinds of things. I have learned to live with them, over time. But if I had to learn to live with them in the limelight, with people telling lies and making fun of me and all the junk MJ had to put up with….that would be so hard. I wish people would simply be kinder and more understanding.

      Also that was very interesting what you said about the symptoms of Lupus. I knew about his vitiligo, and I knew about his Lupus, but I didn’t realize some of the symptoms Lupus could cause , such as fatigue and weight loss. I feel bad for him, trying to prepare for 50 concerts at the age of 50, with a disease that makes you tired, gives you arthritis, and makes breathing difficult!

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  103. I totally believe the Vitiligo stuff.

    But a lot of your pictures aren’t viewable anymore. You should upload them to tinypic.:)

  104. The pictures do not categorically demonstrate that Jackson had vitiligo.

    If anything, they show IMPERFECTIONS in MELANIN levels in his skin, as a result probably of whatever was done to his skin in order to make it look pale.

    • And yet you offer nothing that counters any of these pictures…

      Imperfections? The imperfections in the melanin is caused by the disease

      you have to be the most inept person to not see that this man had vitiligo. He didn’t DO anything. You can’t PERM. bleach your skin,lol that’s why it says on the package that the color may reappear.

      Vitiligo makes you Whiter than White people

      Black person with VITILIGO

      Another pic

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  107. Lupus is a very devestaging disease. In 1983 my younger sister found out she had lupus. She suffer with it all of her adult life. It was very hard watching her. The in 1994 I found out that I also had it. By the grace of God I have been spared of the effects it has had on most it’s victims.

    I can’t image having Lupus and the effects of vitiligo where the disease attacks your skin. The little that I have experince has been nothing to what Michel and my sister seem to have suffer.

    Living with something where your body attacks it self is painful. He was a trooper to have endure as long as he did.

    My hats off to him . I Love You Micheal

    Rest in Peace.

    • That is exactly right. His skin condition was a side effect of the lupus. But it was so progressive he had to bleach to blend the problem areas, that is why it accelerated at the speed it did. Most patients with this skin condition do it to blend in the areas where the blotches are severe. He really was a trooper but I am do glad that he had his children. His legacy is just to great for him to have died without bringing children into this world.

  108. i dont think the promotional still from 1988’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ music video shows vitiligo. if you look closely its merely a shadow of his curly (gorgeous) hair on the right side of his neck. but i do agree and im greatful that you put up these pictures showing the truth. thank you.

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  110. im very sad to know it): I didnt believe about his skin changing was due to vitiligo, i guess he did an operation. but now, it changes my mind totally

  111. This photographic evidence is compelling, showing the progression of the disease. I pretty much believed his explanation all along anyway, because skin bleaching is simply not that effective. He had a serious lack of pigmentation in his skin–not just lighter skin.

    We live in a world so eager to see the worst in people and to knock down anyone who seems to be succeeding. To criticize a man for a medical condition outside of his control is the lowest of the low.

  112. Just wanted to comment about the emotional impact of vitiligo: I have a good friend who is a Caucasian woman with vitiligo. She does not have the NPV version that affects all the skin, but the more typical ‘patchy’ version. Her skin is light already, so it is less noticeable on her than it is on darker skins, but it still causes her embarrassment and she covers affected areas (hands, arms, neck and legs) unless she is with people she knows and trusts. Even though it is not as evident in Caucasian’s, she is still asked by complete strangers if she has scars from burns. Some people suggest that she just needs to use better hygeine to ‘clean up’ the rest of her unaffected skin. It is an emotionally painful condition that you simply can’t escape–it goes everywhere with you. It is also the perfect example of how skin color truly is only pigment-deep. To assume humans are different based on the color of their skin is not just culturally ignorant, it is also scientifically and medically ignorant.

    So in MJ’s case, here was a man reported to be very sensitive and shy from the time he was quite young, who also reportedly felt he was unattractive while he was growing up and who developed a disfiguring medical condition as an adult. There is almost no conceivable worse scenario for someone who has to face the realities of vitiligo–except perhaps being accused of lying about it.

    • Wow, that is so true, such good points. A perfect storm that sheds light and puts many of his so-called eccentrities into context. Poor MJ and what he must’ve struggled with for the past twenty-five years. Vitiligo also explains the plastic surgery and possible BDD. He probably looked in the mirror and was repulsed by what he saw, leading to the excessive plastic surgery. It is so sad what he faced, and mostly alone.

  113. Now we are all learning that Michael Jackson’s appearance and so many of his actions could be explained by his dual afflictions of vitiligo and lupus: The masks to ward off prying eyes as well as germs that could invade his weakened immune systyen; the preternaturally light skin always covered in makeup; the long-sleeved and often buttoned-to-the-neck shirts—even the plastic surgery is more understandable in light of a crippling childhood coupled with dizzying fame while dealing with two medical conditions, one disfiguring and the other, physically disabling.

    And every “oddity” just kept adding fuel to the media frenzy, until finally, Michael became more and more physically and mentailly sequestered from the world than he had ever been. Like Citizen Kane, he kept trying to recapture something of his childhood and the glamour of his youth right up to the end, even as every step took him farther away from a normal life.

    The tragedy here is that a man who knew so much about the power of the media chose to largely stay silent and suffer the repeated slanders and inuendos about his appearance and behavior–that on some level, he loathed himself enough to believe that the world would love him less if more was known of his medical problems. He knew the extent of his fame and its impact on music, dance and fashion but had no real understanding of his power of how to change perceptions—change that might have helped himself as well as others. How sad….

    • Well, in all fairness, he did finally tell the public about the vitiligo via Oprah in 1993, but still no one believed him and insisted he’d bleached his skin because he wanted to be white, even his “frenemy” Quincy Jones said as much after his death. I think MJ was a very private person, and for many reasons didn’t feel he owed us an explanation, and really he was right. It was his private business. He gave us so much of himself already; the only thing he wanted to share with us was his art, music and dance, the rest he felt was his alone, and I don’t blame him. Even the most famous man in the world deserves some privacy. But again, he did try. Most people just never believed him. I think a part of him got tired of the tabloid media rumor-mongering so he just chose to ignore it after while, sometimes to his own detriment, true. As he once said, Why not just tell people I’m an alien from Mars. Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight. They’ll believe anything you say, because you’re a reporter. But if I, Michael Jackson, were to say, “I’m an alien from Mars and I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight,” people would say, “Oh, man, that Michael Jackson is nuts. He’s cracked up. You can’t believe a damn word that comes out of his mouth.”

      • i so agree with u…i think ppl have lost it…i mean mike was as entertainer..that was his job…kinda thats wat he did for a living…lik how v go to work..v want our ppl to talk only of how v work n if v r good at it…n not of wat v do in our bedroom,in fact anyone talks of tht ll surely annoy us…personal life is so called coz its personal…mike deserved his space…its mean..first he works his ass out to give us t best art n music…n then instead of thankin him for it v return it by talkin shit n makin rumors!!horrible…

  114. Since 1993, MJ has been nothing BUT TRUTHFUL about why his skin was losing its natural pigmentation (see the Ophrah Winfrey video and the transcript from that show, on this blog). Had he been an average person, he would not have been forced to discuss it publicly; AND it was NOBODY’s business to demand or be entitled to a “blow-by-blow”, detailed confession about his health issues, or how they affected him personally, just because he was a high profile celebrity. That was HIS business. Even after he and other supporters chose the path of educating the public about his suffering from Vitiligo, the naysayers, gossipers, rumour mongerers, lazy thinkers, and plain, old greedy, hateful people continued the spin, by calling him a “liar”, a “race deny-er”, and a “freak”. I am sure that such callous, ungrounded, baseless accusations piled high the stress on his shoulders, while he was trying to find a way to cope with these increasingly disfiguring ailments in full view of the public’s harsh and petty microscopic lens. His inability to control how they physically manifested on his body, and the resulting impact of distorting his physical appearance beyond what society considers “normal” must have been profoundly emotionally crippling, especially to a person who suffered from low self-esteem that was created by intentionally cruel and demeaning teasing (known as emotional and mental abuse after a certain point) about physical imperfections that he perceived he had as a young person.
    Lupus and Vitiligo can have a devestating impact on one’s physical appearance in various ways: Loss of pigmentation led to his wearing different makeup products, like lipstick and eyeliner. Both can lead to loss of hair color at an early age, thinning, and permanent hair loss (alopecia). Michael began to die his hair very early in his adult life to hide its whitening. He later augmented its thinning with wigs ane extensions. He probably lost eyelash and eyebrow density and color, as well: hence, the drawn-on look in his later years.
    Just think: all you average “joes” out there, pumping that “Rogaine” onto your receding hairlines or using “Just for Men” to hide those greys . . . or whatever other products you buy to enhance your physical appearance or to hide your flaws: Are you really that much different from MJ in having these types of insecurities and wanting to hide them so you are no so emotionally vulnerable to being different?
    Sadly if the PRESCRIPTION drug rumours are true, one can understand why he was addicted and unable to stop . . . anything to dull the emotional pain, isolation, and disconnection that his life and his critics brought to him, over which much of it, he had no control. Somewhere in there, it is clear that he lost any real identity of himself. It kept morphing over time until we longer recognized him.

  115. He did bleach his skin, that is one of the only medical alternatives to treating his condition. He only did it to try and blend the spots not to make himself turn white. Otherwise he would have had white blotches all over his body without any contrast and it would be take more time to cover the spots then to just blend them through a series of skin bleachings. His intent was not to be white, but to blend the tremendous blotches that result as part of that condition.

  116. I watched the Oprah interview with Micheal, that’s when I knew the real MJ. Talented and misunderstood, a total genius. No-one was bothered about the problems he had, they critisized and did whatever they could to bring him down, but you can’t urgue with the fact that the guy had talent. He is finally resting, being missed by his family mostly and fans. RIP le roi de pop!

  117. I am portuguese, but I speak a little English.
    And no matter the size of a comment, but what it says and see if it is from the heart that says.
    M.J. I love you. I fell in love with your dancing how to dance and sing with each significant expression. you are my idol that I did throw more water through the eyes, or cry more.


  118. I also grew up with Micheal, we were the same age. I too have lupus, just diagnosed this past Feb. My skin does some of the same things like his in the pics. Poor Micheal, I am glad I am not hounded because of this disease, because of what I look like I mean. I am sorry Micheal, rest in peace.

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  120. I wrote this a few nights ago in reponse to a news article I read on I was wrong to thing what I all these years. This was the best answer I could come up with to say I was wrong, and I’m sorry.

    Since I began writing here, in the time just before Michael Jackson’s death, I thought I was a fairly open-minded person, willing accept plausible explanations, however unlikely and ask myself, “Self?” I would often ask, “if you can eliminate all things impossible from an explanation of a problem or question, then everything left must be considered possibly true.”

    I cannot correct a mistake once it’s been made, I cannot apologize to the dead.

    I do not expect to change the minds of anyone that has decided for themselves what Michael Jackson was or was trying to be. Over the last several days I have been digging about and have found out a few things I thought were true, that were in fact false. I’ve tried to make up for that by giving Michael’s children the benefit of the doubt. I believe in one of my writings I may even have said that the children “didn’t deserve to suffer for the sins of the father.” That was a cold, harsh statement to make about Michael when I really knew nothing at all except what the media wanted us to know about his life.

    In truth, there is little I can do or say that will make what Michael must have gone through any better for anyone, living or dead, friend or foe, zealot or apathetic witness.

    So I’ll do this instead.

    To the Jackson Family;

    I was mislead. I know that seems a weak thing to say now that the damage is done, but weak as a statement that it is, it is none the less true. I know Michael told his fans many times he suffered from the skin disorder vitiligo. I didn’t even bother to look it up and see if it really existed. It jus sounded silly.

    I was sorry, saddened even to learn of his passing. But I have to say that I was not entirely overcome with grief. I attributed this to the fact that I’m advancing in years; that I’ve come to terms with the idea that people die and to make matters less complicated, I didn’t even know the man. That seemed easy for me to accept. It felt clean. I found no sin, no shame as a human in the conditions I had set for offering my respect to Michael. It would be limited to concern for the children and the media wolf pack that had already descended on the house as the news was just announcing that he had collapsed.

    The truth comes out though. And sometimes, it’s not the truth we expected. The reasons some took to revile Michael suddenly became very small as the days past. Information came out that he wasn’t running away from his debtors, he wasn’t acting irresponsibly. He made a few media miscues. Anyone remember Steve Irwin? He made one or two media miscues too, one that also involved a baby.

    The world was only too happy to forgive Steve, but not Michael it seemed. As Michael’s behavior became more distressing, more unpredictable, that told us, or so it seemed that the specter of suspicion must be the ghost of guilt. We were less and less willing to forgive him. From what? I can’t even tell you now.

    Extortion is an easy game to play especially when you have no defending evidence in a game that relies on testimony only. “He touched me in an inappropriate way” Well, all I can say it’s not the first time a lie has been made of that statement and exploited by the parents of the child supposedly making the claim. The wealthy are targets for people who have no misgivings about taking from those who EARNED their money and keeping for their own. Ask Vanilla Ice about that. What’s he doing these days? I can tell you what he’s not doing; he’s not in the music industry any more. Not since he was told to stay out of it after being hung out a hotel window.

    I was wrong about Michael. And as much as I tried to paint him in a positive light, I just didn’t have any conviction in my voice when I said it.

    Confessions are not just for priests to listen to. Sometimes they need to be made to free your own soul. While I loved his music, recognized his Herculean contributions to our culture, understood that his presence on stage in a country that was still seen at the time as causation; while I understood all this, as Michael changed, I joined in the jokes, the suspicions and was compelled to think the worst bases on circumstantial evidence and sound-bytes.

    Even now, I’m telling Mike’s family all this for selfish reasons. I do not want to stand before God and have to answer for looking but not seeing, for hearing but not listening.

    The internet, access to global news, instant images, digital cameras make us all think we were there, we saw it, we heard it, it was awful. Some of it was awful. Some of it was propaganda. I think we need to remember that propaganda is not a tool of modern technology. It’s been around as long as long as the lie has been with us. Technology only makes us more susceptible to what others want us to believe.

    If you need confirmation, look at Iran, Honduras and what Chavez gets away saying about us. No, I was wrong. I’m sorry. If we hurt him, either by expressing our distaste for what we thought he was becoming, then we owe the family an apology at the very least. I don’t expect anyone to follow me in this, in fact, I feel rather silly doing it. But I’d like to believe that the family would like to know that some of us, one of us at least is sorry for believing without evidence, for condemning without a trial.

    That’s all I wanted to say. I’m sorry for a lot of things. Especially if we hurt him.

    May God grant you all peace and me forgiveness.

  121. I wish I saw these ages ago… I didn’t really doubt the vitiligo claims though, as I’ve met many people with this disease.

    People need to remember that the talk-show tell-all culture wasn’t really established in the early-mid eighties so I can imagine MJ’s reluctance to talk about his medical problems. Man I’d hate to be famous, everything about you would be under scrutiny.

  122. I didn’t know there was a disease like this…and i never really cared what people said bout Michael he was a great musician and that’s all that mattered

  123. I think its almost comical the people who criticize Michael Jackson in death. If you think that he won’t always be remembered, that people will credit him with revolutionizing pop music and dance, and that he was the greatest entertainer who ever lived, you are either simply ignorant, looking for an argument, or you’re jealous because you know that you’re not going to have a billion people watching your funeral and caring about you. While he wasn’t perfect, who was or ever will be?

    As far as talent is concerned, we were spoiled by having such an entertainer grace us with his presence for as long as he did. Most other people, while quite talented, do not even come close. He was an unparalleled revolutionary for entertainment (pop music, dance, music videos, live tours, race issues, etc.) and the majority of people who will enter the entertainment industry will be disciples of his.

    It’s too bad the press destroys celebrities and this was a prime example. A kind soul with a troubled childhood and problems he was. The fact that the press decided to focus on and exploit his “strange” behaviors that he did just to cover up his vitiligo so they could sell papers is just awful. Good for him to be courageous enough to not only leave the house, but perform in front of millions with that skin condition is incredibly admirable.

    I hope it was true that he was as good of a father as they say he was, and I hope that his children will continue to flourish and that they got to spend good times with him before he died.

    I guess someone up above needed to learn the moonwalk… RIP MJ

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  125. Like…was that dude serious when he said Michael Joseph Jackson suckedd!!??
    Like are you freaking nuts dude!
    He was the best musician/dancer/singer/entertainer/recording artist of all time!
    He has the most selling albums of all time…and they’re STILL selling up to this very hour dude!
    And i know you didn’t just say Hanna Montana and Jonas Brothers are better than MJ..
    I do not like Miley Cyrus’s music…it has no meaning
    Jonas Brothers are ok
    But they can NEVER in their little tween lives amount to Michael Jackson
    No one can top what Michael has done..
    Do you know what it is to live in the media with a skin disease like this when people are just assuming things without even knowing the facts!
    And he will be remembered FOREVER…Everybody will remember MJ so vividly
    What will the Jonas brothers be in like 15 years..just a faint memory
    Sooo..think before you speak PLEASE!
    Obviously you DON’T…because you are a nobody!
    and if you have nothing good to say about MJ then why the heck did you even come on this page if you don’t like…you really don’t know your place..
    MJ..Rock On Forever
    I LOVE YOU…Keep Riding With The Angels

      • thats so well put……..n all those who still have anything mean to say…just get lost…coz u cant make someone see t truth when he doesnt wanna open his eyes!! ignorant fools….may god bless them with sm brains!!

  126. Oh, these pictures… They show had bad the disease really was. I never doubted he had vitiligo, but the magnitude of its effects didn’t dawn on me, how hard Michaels struggle really was. As if that wasn’t enough to cope with (and he did very well), the media and lying reports badgered him for rest of his life. Jesus Christ. How cold can this world be? How cold can human beings be to other human beings? It’s totally disgusting. Michael did such an amazing job coping not only with the disease, but how people treated him. He was such a gentle lamb, and a child at heart. -He loved children because they where pure and incent in their hearts. And because children are pure and could never hurt him as so many had done. Also I think because when he was with them, he felt like he was redeeming a small bit of the childhood he never had. When he was five years old, his Jackson Five group were called to do shows in strip clubs! That is NO way for a young boy to grow up. That alone, that alone is enough to make a person grow up with problems. In a way, part of that sweet incents was stolen right then and there. Not to mention his father beating him, almost to death and I don’t know if this is fact or not, but I heard his father also raped him, and his brothers, to.
    If that is true is there any REAL question as to why he had problems. No there isn’t. And I’m not saying he was mentally sick or anything because he wasn’t. I am however saying If he did that would be why.
    His father (whom Michael was taking care of, by bring food to the table) picked at him about his nose, and teased for years I’m sure. People think that is why Michael go so many nose jobs thought. But it wasn’t, it was only part of the reason. In the 80’s sometime Michael got bunched in the nose, and it was broken. That’s when he had his first surgery for it. After that, I think he liked that way his nose looked, and wanted more (because of how his father teased him.) He wanted to erase that part of him self. And he did. But at what cost? I don’t mean money wise ether, I mean. The drug that killed Michael Jackson, is the SAME drug they use for: Plastic surgery. –And how did he find out about it? He found out about it, when he was getting nose jobs, to erase the pain of not only a broken nose, but a youth of being tasted.
    Michael Jackson was a beautiful person inside AND out. Kind, loving, care, tender hearted, and sweet. How could such a wonder person be a victim of so much evil, in one life time?
    Yes his life wasn’t all bad, but even the loving fans running around screaming every time he went out was a psychological trauma to him I’m sure. Wouldn’t it be to anyone? –Every.Time.You.Go.Out. People start, nearly rioting. I can’t even began to image.
    And Michael brought us such amazing music, and dances, and not only that but he made the world closer together. He really did. And look how he got treated in return. The world” wasn’t worthy of his love and grace. People kept on taking and taking all he had to give, then turned around and spit in his face.
    I am deeply hurt that he lived such a horrible life of burden. Even with all the $$ in the world, money doesn’t always buy happiness, though it can sometimes mask the effects of torment. He deserved so much more. And people wonder why he died from sleep drugs?
    Think about it. If you lived and had EVERYTHING from a young kid happen to you, that happened to him, could YOU sleep at night? I don’t think so. And when he open his gate to, to go out all he could see was camera’s flashing and people screaming. Now how can ANYONE be “perfect” growing up like that. My answer: I don’t know, but he was.
    The only thing he did wrong was try to rest. Rest and escape from all the living nightmares people throw at him. And that killed him. I’m so sorry. I’m SO sorry. God if I could bring him back, I would.
    And now all these, evil hypocrites come out and start trying to say sorry? Wow. I hope the one’s that caused Michael heart ache and pain, die (then burn in hell forever).

    As for Michael Jackson. I hope the hatred that people gave him, and the lies they said about him, didn’t send him to hell.
    Michael was such a forgiving and kindhearted person, I doubt it did. So I look forward to seeing him in heaven one day.
    I love Michael with the bottom of my heart. -I truly mean that.

    -Michael Jackson, was and always Will Be the King Of Pop. Long live the king.

  127. Michael prooved to all black people that if they work hard for it they can become white. I’m sure Michael didn’t like black people anymore than most other people including other black people.

  128. THANK YOU! I completely agree with Ambo. I just had a conversation with a friend who’s white who stated MJ wanted to be white. That’s ridiculous. Like he said, and I agree, when white people go tanning, do they want to be black? Thanks for this information and spreading it.

  129. Can you imagine how hard it had to be for him?? Being teased and tormented by his sorry a** father about his looks then getting spots and splotches on his skin and having to perform in public. then as if that’s not enough he got the butterfly rash from lupus. he told Oprah he didn’t like to look at himself (he was unhappy with his looks = plastic surgery and too much of it). I doubt very seriously that Michael ever saw the beauty i see when i look at him. Even in the pictures where his cover up make-up is running and you can see these spots, what i see is the most beautiful smile and the most gorgeous eyes i have ever seen on any man. As far as him not wanting to be black – i don’t believe it for a second. He was just trying to get to an even color, make-up no longer covered it very well and when he would sweat, the make-up ran. As a performer (the best that there ever was or will be) he chose what he felt like was his only option. Regardless, as far as any of it goes, May his soul be at peace. I❤ MJ

    • You are so right. I couldn’t say it better. It’s like my words were in your mouth:) I think that he had the most beautiful eyes and smile of the world, too. I doesn’t matter what the others say. He made so many people happy and it’s so sad that he wasn’t happy. He was so unique and talented in different things. Not only the best entertainer, also the most good-hearted person I know, so good to other people, but they didn’t were good to him…that’s so unfair!!! He made the world a better place and gave the world so much with his music and help for other people, also with his important messages in his songtexts, e.g. in “Man in the mirror”…It’s so sad that he wasn’t happy when he looked in the mirror, but in my opinion he could have been happy because inside he was so so good and beautiful, such a great character, and the look outside is not so important, when you have such a good heart. We’ll never forget you, Michael, you were an angel on earth, now you a real angel, rest in peace.

  130. i cry when i hear the name michael, sadly, thats my brothers name… i love michael jackson so much, he was so misunderstood, he had diseses and, to be honest, i dont think he had ANY surgery other than his nose, he looks the same except for the colour of his skin and his nose (which he admitted to having surgery to) his lips looked the same as they did when he was in thriller, but a tad different. But people dont stay looking the same from when they are 20 to 50. people change, in every kind of way.

    He was such a good singer and dancer, he gave the world so much love. I hate those press and i hope they know that they were the ones who caused him the stress to take the pain killers so it all leads up to his death!!! the press is the thing that caused mj’s death!!! i love him and miss him. i met him once, it was at his concert and i was almost crying, i asked for a hug and he gave me one!!! it was the best moment of my life and i will never forget it, LOVE U MJ, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS!
    RIP FOREVER…. with love, from abby

  131. just to add something to the arguement bout mj, and the jonas brothers and hannah montanah, i just gotta say get a life!!! the jonas brothers are disney channel people, who are full of themselves and they cant even sing, dance or anything, and hannah montanah, how old are u??? if ur any older than 10, then u must be an idiot thinking that they are better than michael jackson the king of pop with the best singing and dancing carrier ever!!! even just to think of comparing mj, with jonas brothers and hannah montanh, UGH it makes me sick, dont insult michael jackson, he wouldnt insult u!!! he was kind and caring, ur just mean and disrespectful😦


  133. I came to know about michael when I was 9 years old & I have loved him ever since. He was my heartthrob, I had my room wall covered with his pictures….. although I always remained a huge fan…. I’m sad that I let the tabloids get to me & I too believed up until now that he really did change the color of his skin, however I never cared what he looked like, I didnt care about the plastic surgery or the color of his skin….. I loved him and I always will….. he is always in my heart. I wish the world didnt put him through all that trauma, I wish they just left him alone and recognized him for who he really was…. THE GREATEST ENTERTAINER WHO EVER LIVED!!! God bless you Michael. RIP.

  134. This is really sad!! What a sad life that Michael had, eventhough that he always had a lot of love to give to need people and children (and I don’t think he had sexual intentions, cause himself was a loveless child), he never had someone to love him without an interest of money or fame. I grew up listening his music, and I can say that in my childhood memories he is there. He was the best of the best, and without a doubt I’ll miss him so much… Finally rests in peace with one real love: God’s love.
    Thanx for everything Michael!!! Guatemala will miss you!!!

  135. t, I understand your point. Very logical! But what I wrote was that I love this beautiful human being. This doesn’t mean I am “in love” with him. Not at all. Not possible from such a distance! But I love all that he stood for, his courage in the face of cruelty and suffering, his willingness to share with the world his stunning art and put it out there, despite how much of the world treated him, how long it took before he “gave up” and went into hiding. I love him for caring so very much about the children of the world and for actively doing so much for them. I love his vision of healing the world. The music of the 60s was all about criticizing the world (or the “establishment” of the world)…The Beatles, all that. But criticism is not healing; it divides and causes alienation. Along comes Jackson with a message that urges us to be agents of healing. How beautiful! My friend, we need to take this message and turn it into action.

    To borrow a biblical phrase, Jackson was like a lamb led to the slaughter. He was abused by various agents throughout his lifetime, and wrongfully so. One day he will be completely vindicated of the accusations brought against him, and the world will bear the weight of its guilt.

  136. It is a shame that Michael had not been more open about his condition and gone the same route as Michael J. Fox, for example. He would have received much more understanding and less criticism. So many of us assumed he wanted to be white. Had he been more open he could have used his fame and condition to educate the public to this terrible condition. I can’t help but think that he may not have been so widely criticized about his clothing, the glove, the mask, etc. It is so very sad and so very late.

  137. Hello i am Kayla a vertiligo was a sad disease that Michael Jackson got. Most people think that he may have bleached his skin or got a procedure done to turn white but he didnt…. He had disease called vertiligo…. It causes your skin to get whiter and whiter. Michael got most of his black skin removed so he could be eve with the vertiligo bloches.. if you haved noticed liked i did he had black bloches on his skin…. I loved Michaels Music and his soul wiill forever live in my heart as well as his kindness and his talents of singing and dancing…… Thank you…❤ R.I.P Michael Joseph Jackson.. 1958-2009 your soul will always live in my heart

  138. i recently watched the 1992 miniseries called Jacksons: an american dream
    you can download this on bit torrent(isohunt) if u have never seen it, but it really answers alot of questions regarding Michael’s personality-the way his father treated him and the other kids really effected how he acted in later life. Have your box of kleenex ready because u’ll get a real feeling for michaels sweet and cute personality. finaly people can see him as the real human that he was and not just a mega celebrty.

    • poor michael most people think it ws his fault for getting this it want he probably didint want to look like a jaguar with all that stuff rip i love u michael

  139. i grew up with michael jackson in the background of my life. i never heard that he was married and abusing his wife, i never heard that he was in a bar brawl, i never heard that he had a dui, i never heard that he was in and out of rehab, or partying all night, i never heard any of this because it never happened and u know the thirsty paparazi certainly would have reported it had it happened. this was a good man and because he was inocent, people made fun of him and hurt him. in the end-he was a good “daddy” to his kids, i feel bad that i finally have a handle on who he really was at this late date! i hope his daughter or son one day writes a book about their dad to give us more insight.

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  142. It’s a shame he never had any respect…now folks can lay this to rest as well. I’m just waiting for the jackals to admit they lied about him harming them as a child. Michael and his on going battle with the truth (shaking head) The truth will prevail!

    Thank God he is resting in peace! Eternal MJ

  143. We love you Michael Joseph Jackson.
    Michael was such a LOvable, Cute& innocent person
    the music of him gave me straigth!
    he will always will be in my Heart..
    R.I.P. ♥
    Michael was way to good for this world..

  144. The Lupus/Vitiligo affliction explains most of what was disturbing about MJ. It was disturbing because it appeared to be intentional rather than an affliction. The extreme thinness, the makeup, the wig, the wheelchair, just the plain frailty of the guy, it can all be explained as a result of the autoimmune disease. The sleep overs with McCauly Kulkin on the other hand were strange for an adult man. In the end MJ turns out to be a rather tragic figure. Everything that happened to him in his life, the success, the frailty, the notoriety, none of it was under his control, none of it he could have escaped. It’s almost as if he was a prisoner sentenced to live a life that was already scripted.

  145. thank you for posting these pics. Some people out there won’t listen and you just have to shove visual confirmation in their faces.

  146. I am glad that more and more pictures are shown to prove how he was physically tried and I wonder why people keep telling he was frail and weak. You need to be very VERY STRONG to be that weak. I mean, has anybody in the media- calling- him- wacko ever considered how hard must have been for any human being to accept such a drastic change in their physical appearance, to face worldwide public display and be compelled to cover up and try to look good all the same? Has anyone ever thought about the effect that this disease might have had on his social and sexual life?
    I wish somebody with “certified” knowledge of Psychology would come out and say: “This man was incredible. He was strong enough not to make a fuss of his problems, not to look for pity and compassion. He went on. And we did all we could to knock him down”
    And even if those photos were not proving the results of a lupus/vitiligo disease, but simply the effects of skin bleaching, wouldn’t he be strong all the same? You need to be very, VERY STRONG to go after what you want and try to become who you’d like to be without caring about other people’s comments and reactions.
    Well, this is what MJ’s story has taught me more than anything else.

    • THANK YOU! I am so tired of people saying his life was sad and tragic. I think his life was AMAZING, and that he was a VERY strong person to put up with how much he did, and for how long. Not only the illnesses, the burn accident, the child abuse and lack of childhood, the dysfunctional family stuff, but the fame, child molestation charges, the constant media distortion and negative press. It took Kurt Cobain what? Three or four years before he blew his brains out over his own demons? MJ dealt with A LOT and yet he kept on trucking and maintained an optimistic attitude and positive outlook on life. Yes, he had his flaws, but don’t we all? He did more in his 50 years than most of us would ever be able to do in our lifetimes, myself included, the kind of things we can only dream of. Weep if you must, but I don’t think MJ would have wanted us to dwell on his life as sad and tragic in this way, not without acknowledging all the good and amazing stuff, too.

      • Totally agreed. MJ achived in a life nobody can compare. He was/is always the greatest, no matter his success in career or the integrity of personalities. MJ forever!

  147. THANK YOU! I am so tired of people saying his life was sad and tragic. I think his life was AMAZING, and that he was a VERY strong person to put up with how much he did, and for how long. Not only the illnesses, the burn accident, the child abuse, the dysfunctional family stuff, but the fame and child molestation charges. It took Kurt Cobain what? Three or four years before he blew his brains out over his own demons? MJ dealt with A LOT and yet he kept on trucking and maintained an optimistic attitude and positive outlook on life. Yes, he had his flaws, but don’t we all? He did more in his 50 years than most of us would ever be able to do in our lifetimes, myself included, the kind of things we can only dream of. Weep if you must, but I don’t think MJ would have wanted us to dwell on his life as sad and tragic in this way, not without acknowledging all the good and amazing stuff, too.

  148. My great Grand father had this disease and had whit hands , mouth and elbows . I pray tht it’s not genetic..As for his hair he was burned in the pepsi as and was predominantly bald ..he wore lace front wigs.

  149. Great article! it explains a lot!!!!!!! Hope people read it and understand the diseases for whta they are!!!!! Sandy, Guyana, South America.

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  151. When I discovered that I had partial vitiligo on my skin, I PANICKED.
    For 6 months of the medical treatment I was always feeling tensed and kept looking at my skin and praying that it shud get cured. Now the vitiligo patches have started to vanish very slowly.

    I can understand the psychological pain MJ must have gone through with vitiligo (in the 1980 there was no treatment for it, but a curable treatment was found for it in 2002 and that is only for partial vitiligo and not full vitiligo which is the kind MJ had).

    I wonder from where he got all the LOVE to give to this world through his music, dance and charity inspite of his personal pains.

    He is a courageous person and got the respect worldwide which no other entertainer had got.

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  153. I am the living proof for all who deny MJ had vitiligo. My skin started to turn white under my arms, no problem I stopped wearing sleeveless dresses. My eyelids started to go and panic set in, I used dermablend to cover the small patches, then around my eyes went. I am brown coloured…the makeup was and continues to be a disaster. When around my lips started to go, i had to cover it with makeup and make sure I did not eat anything whilst outside. The white spots started to become more and more. I am covered from wrist to ankle and have dared to venture out without makeup to the stares and absolute learniess of my fellow man. Questions about being burnt and what is wrong with you? The latest was to remove my jacket…no one has seen my arms…most people assume my arms are like pin cushions…MJ had guts and may God bless him for puitting this problem on the front page. All the people out there not only coloured people have this condition, it also attacks whites and even on them it is just as severe. Too bad too late for you too Oprah for not researching the topic and asking the man if he takes medicine. There is no cure known to man and I should know I have explored and lived with it for most of my life.

  154. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. People can be so ignorant and quick to believe the worst of people. Michael (and I have followed his career for over 40 years!)was a soft, sensitive soul and suffered so much in his short lifetime. The horrid accusations( money driven), his Pepsi commercial accident, his vitiligo AND Lupus, his speculation with his children, no wonder he begged for sleep aids! He gave us all so much and we gave him our doubt and accusations. For the rest of my life I will NEVER forget this great man-child who created the soundtrack of my life! My life would have been different without him as would so many of yours! There isn’t a day that goes by when I am not teary-eyed thinking about who he was, what he gave and what he meant to me personally. What he meant to the WORLD collectively! My “blanket”, is knowing he won’t hurt anymore. They can say what they want, THEY CAN’T TOUCH HIM!! I thank God for his existence,his music and his mere being. We are allowed only ONE shooting star per lifetime…and he was ours.
    I Love you MJ

  155. Nice pictures. I don’t believe he had Vitiligo. He bleached. The skin behaves badly during the first stages of bleaching especially on black skin, it reddens before changing the skin and can leave scarring. If bleaching is not done evenly it can make the skin look similar to Vitiligo i.e. he had black skin so it would have to be important that the skin tone evens out right especially as he was using this all over his body.
    The skin will naturally want to revert to it’s natural state therefore it patches.
    Some people were upset with Quincy Jones for making comment that he bleached his skin and used skin peeling methods but who best of all would know about it.
    His hands showed signs of bleaching; the skin looks hard and the nails were wrong colour like dirty brown. Not a healthy looking nails as one should have had.
    It is illegal to use bleaching in large quantities. I expect like all the other drug items he acquired that doctors provided the items for bleaching too.

    I loved MJ but it was all too much for me when he started bleaching out. I preferred the handsome man before all of this.

    It does not matter if he lied, bluffed or made up reasons for why he did it; so long as he could have admitted that he did same with the plastic surgery. In my mind MJ died a long time ago.

    Now, he has real peace.

    • why would he make freckless by himself,
      and why the f*ck would he be white…
      he had fucking much brown freckless and he has brown nails and why do you get brown nails when you bleached your skin.


      you think you are smart but you don’t be smart you’re a loser








  156. ^^ For the above person how would you know? I hate all these so called people that claim to know everything about a person based on what someone else said.

  157. for Joanna…nothing personal….but if u really loved micheal u wud trust his words when to told that his skin loses pigment wit tears in his interview with oprah…u cant bleach skin lik that…n his nails changed colour coz of his disease only…disease made in unhealthy…i donno how ppl believe sad…i cant imagine how mike wud have felt when ppl,his supposed fans too did stand with him…i guess thats y he went away..he couldnt handle it any longer…mike plz know that ur true fans never left ur side…we r with u always….

  158. n al those ppl who still donno abt vitiligo n lupus…plz go n do ur research…ita a horrible medical condition which truely exists(even if its hard to believe)…take time to read about that autoimmune condition…than believin abt some crap bleachin…its just total ignorance!! ….n mike paid t price for t ignorance of t non believers n media…..

  159. God though scars look nasty I knew belive M.J when he says he has a skin desise this must be showen to all the haters.

    • ya right you loser by the way do you like my kul and awesome fred shirt but they didnt have the micheal jackson shirt in my size im too faty and dont you laugh or smile other wise ima donk you with my laptop and im not playing

  160. ´yo estoi mui orgullosa de michael porque a pesar de que el tenia esa espantosa enfermedad el siempre fue lo que fue una persona con un gran corazon y eso nadie lo tiene aparte el nunca se dio por bensido porque yo se que con la alluda de dios el pudo superar esta enfermedad …..michael yo se que estas con diosito alomejor estas jugando con los anjelitos del cielo eso seria mui bonito… o estas jugando con diosito porque a diosito que es nuetro padre dios pues yo pienso que tambien le gusta jugar mucho …eso es lo que yo pienso aora que estas tan cerca de dios nuestro señor…..tu sabes que te he resado mucho y te he ofresido rosarios …eso bien para ti y para el mundo entero …esi podras esta mejor en la gloria ….yo solo le pido al mundo entero sobre todo a las personas que se la pasan ablando mal de el …..que en vez de que esten sacando mas chismes y notisias malas de el ….que mejor se pongan a resar para que su alma pueda descamsar empas ….

  161. Coming from a strictly physical appearance point of view, even with his vitiligo, MJ was a beautiful man….inside and out. Something else that I find difficult to fathom, though I probably shouldn’t, is that from the aesthetic angle, the appearance of the skin with vitiligo isn’t too different from skin with freckles. Did a search on the internet and the first pic was listed as vitiligo:

    While the second was a pic of someone with freckles:

    I know there are more severe forms of vitiligo, but looking at the skin, it’s appearance isn’t too different from freckles. I should know….I’m covered in freckles and when I was 17 got a third degree sunburn where I swelled up and I peeled three times….all my freckles “peeled” off in large patches and I was totally white…fact is, my torso is white since it doesn’t see the sun. Slowly, over the years my freckles came back and, since I’ve gotten older and don’t go outside as much, they’ve faded.

    Just an observation. And yes, I received many rude questions regarding “what was wrong with my skin” regarding freckles or asking if I was “born that way” or if they “were all over my body” LOL!

  162. I’m not really a person that likes to curse but to the HATERS who post negative comments on here deserves the hell out of it. You guys are some fake no good stupid ass mother fuckin bitches who should not be commenting at Michael Jackson at all. He was a phonomenal actor, dancer, humanitarian, father, brother ,son, singer, and performer. Michael said that people who say rumors about him and say stuff about his looks hurt his feelings and make him feel bad. Michael is down to earth and wouldn’t hurt anyone. Michael was never a child molester, like his own children he loved all children and everyone around the world. He is amazing and true to the heart. Some of you should not judge somebody by their looks but for who they truly are. xxxSabrinaxxx I LOVE MICHAEL JOESPH JACKSON❤ you are always in my heart. R.I.P my sweet angel Michael. I LOVE YOU !

  163. Personally I believe Michael Jackson always looks handsome, cute , and HOTT in all the pictures, interviews, and videos. I love his beautiful black hair and how he changes when he performs. I love the shape of his eyebrows. I love his dark brown chocolate colored eyes. His nose is cute. His lips look so pretty pink and soft. And I love his chin. Michael is so damn SEXY. If you see some pictures of him as a young adult with his shirt off you would see his muscles and not a six pack but Michael was so fit he had an EIGHT PACK. WoW , he is so smokin hot. And his body is perfect. I also don’t know why but I love Michael so much I love his EARS. I love the shape of them and how they look. Now as you can see I love Michael Jackson so much. To me even though MJ has vitiligo I think he is hot from his Jackson 5 days to now even though he is in Heaven. xxSabrinaxx I LOVE YOU MICHAEL

  164. Even though Michael Jackson aka The King Of Pop is gone Michael will never be forgotten. I love watching, or listening to anything of Michael. I love the name Michael so much if I had a son I would name him Michael Joesph and teach him about the real Michael Jackson. I love how Michael sings and dances. I love to TRY to dance like him but I am not good as he is and singing his songs. Michael is my inspiration and I look up to him everyday. I love seeing Michael smile. His beautiful pearl white teeth. Michael has the most goregous smile in the world. You melt my heart. Whether you were happy or sad you are amazing. May God bless over him in Heaven, his mom Katherine who is a very strong women, his Family, friends, people close to him, his fans and children. Michael’s three kids are so cute. Prince Michael 1, Paris Katherine, and Prince Michael 2 aka Blanket. Michael loved all his kids so much. I hope all three kids are doing well with this hard time of their dads passing. xxSabrinaxx I love the Jackson Family !! R.I.P Michael Jackson I love you my ANGEL❤❤ !! Michael Jackson forever!! You are always in my heart sweet Michael. I will always love you. xoxoxoxoxo kisses and hugs To the entire Jackson Family. Rest In Peace Michael Joesph Jackson {August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009} 50. I LOVE YOU!! King Of Pop. Lots of love, kisses, and hugs from your fan Sabrina.

  165. mj!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love you to the bones…….
    i may haven’t seen you or touch you at least i care for you………………………….
    really i wish you back since since then……………….but you can rest in peace now maybe god wants this for your.. rest now and be a sure that you are safe. its time for you to rest from scandals you didint even do…WE LOVE YOU

    J.J.S.A. MJ

  166. I always wish I could see Michael Jackson in person and go to his concerts and get his autograph. I love him so much with all my heart. Everyone will miss him so much. I wish he did not have to go, but he is in a better place. xxSabrinaxx I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MICHAEL JACKSON!!!❤ R.I.P my sweet angel Michael. Love to The Jackson Family and children. <3<3<3

  167. Even though there were two Kings in music history (King of Rock & Roll- Elvis Presley)& (King of Pop- Michael Jackson) Lisa Marie Presley whos dad died on August 16, 1977 , it must have been really hard for her to know two Kings of Music that died. Sadly Michael won’t celebrate his 51st birthday on August 29. R.I.P to Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson, two Kings that will be remembered FOREVER!!!❤ xxSabrinaxx

  168. Hey, i would never want to knock Elvis or MJ (I absolutely adore both of them!) — but reallyl, two Kings of music? What about Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky who wrote “Nutcracker,” Puccini who still makes people weep at his opera music, Chopin who wrote such intensely personal piano music, Liszt who when touring was the FIRST person that the ladies ever swooned over and screamed at with whole-hearted passion when he went onstage? Franz Liszt was like a god to the audiences when he played, and they went completely nuts over him, losing all their Victorian inhibitions!

    King of Rock n Roll and King of Pop – OK, I’ll even happily give MJ King of Entertainment, period! But, only two kings of music? We gotta go back a little bit – there are many kings of music! But, I do definitely agree that our beloved and extraordinarly talented, scintillating MJ takes his place among them – giants, all!

    And what a unique human being he was, in his own right! I miss him!

  169. OMG.i saw the interview between michael and oprah and i believed his story and i hope these pictures convince all michael HATERS that he didn’t want to be white i know how he felt even doe i don’t have vitiligo i miss him so much his THIS IS CONCERT would have been the BOM R.I.P THRILLER KING

  170. he has vitiligo!!! i’m sure
    and it’s so stupid that some people think he wanted to be blanked..
    jeah and its sad he died

  171. I feel bad that I was slightly shocked at these pics, but I’m more angry that despite Michael being candid, and saying these could be released, to my knowledge while he was alive, they never were. This just further proves that the world was only interested in believing the lies, like he actually bleached his skin ’cause he didn’t wanna be white. Unfortunately I was 3 I think when Michael came to NZ, and I didn’t even really know about him until I was 13 and I became obsessed…and even before his death I was still listening to his music, even the day before he died, but the truth is, most of the world had come to see Michael as either a freak, or a tragedy. The truth is, only a handful of fans stood outside the fences at court during his child molestation trial. The truth is, the famous people who love him, weren’t standing by the loyal fans…the truth is, hardly any one turned up at his auctions. The truth is, his autobiography was cheap, just as La Toya’s was, before he died. And as soon as he died, the whole world loved him again. It’s very fickle. Many fans will have to admit that they only became obsessed again after his death. I did, certainly. However, I was still listening to his music, but I believe I had gone from an obsessed fan at 13, to 18 years old and liking his music, but believing he was a strange tragedy. Just like anything, we don’t know the true value of something until it’s gone. We don’t know what we had until we have lost it. And now I just wish we could have him back and that we would all listen to him. I wish the world had truly listened to songs like “Morphine” … and reached out and helped Michael. I wished he had known real friends. I wish I had written the letter I wanted to write him.

    All of the things everyone dubbed him “Wacko Jacko” for, were not even weird. Why is it weird to have a pet chimp? in my opinion, what’s WEIRD, is having no love for animals and treating them barbarically. They put him in a class with a bad name for loving children, parents of those boys thought they could exploit Michael, and again, another virtue was twisted around. First he’s weird for liking animals and now he’s not only weird for loving children, but he’s a monster, who engages in sexual activity with them. It’s sick. What he went through, any other person would not have coped with. What words remind you of Michael? what words come to mind when you think of him? To me, strength is a word that resonates with Michael. He always marched on…
    and he never gave up. Others would have crumbled, but Michael wasn’t going to be defeated…

    There’s been lots of mentions about God and religion here. Why do people bag Christianity? much like Michael Jackson, it’s very sad that all the virtues of Jesus have been twisted. Much of it is to do with the organizations, true. After all, Jesus did not create churches and Christianity. Humans just decided it was a good idea to meet in buildings and worship him…who knows? maybe Jesus doesn’t actually want us to endlessly praise and worship him…maybe he doesn’t want his ego stroked…maybe he actually wants us to individually spiritually develop. He was a spiritual master, the one and only Son of God and the only being who had reached that level of Enlightenment…although we’re all on the paths of reaching Enlightenment and for us, it will take many, many lifetimes. I think our goal is to make our way back to God and Michael wasn’t perfect, even though compared to the ugliness of most humans, he was very genuine, very humane, caring, loving and sweet man. I think Michael is in Heaven healing at the moment, coming out of his transnational period. I think he will recuperate, review his life and the growth he has made so far, the impact he has had on the world. After thousands of years he may come back again to relive the beautiful but painful human experience, but we will all be long gone from this Earth too and able to see and talk to Michael whenever we want. By loving Michael, we’re not worshiping him or putting him in the same league as Jesus or anything. Michael was one of the rare souls born with the ability to connect nations, to change and inspire people and the world through the medium and language of music. English, I read, is the language of song, hence the lexigram ‘SING’ found in ‘ENGLISH’ His numerology suggests he might have made a great healer or doctor, he just wanted to heal the world, but because of his musical gifts, he was able to change the world in a bigger, more global way. The Japanese adored Michael, as did many Americans. Think about WWII and Pearl Harbour and when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour. Think about how the American’s got their revenge on the Japanese by letting off nuclear bomb that destroeyd whole city so bad birth defects are still happening to this day…yet both nations come together when they respond, and are inspired by, Michael Jackson’s music, voice, and messages. If they love MJ, and they love his songs, then surely they love all this songs, including ‘Heal the World’ ‘Earth Song’ ‘We Are The World’ etc, the Germans…who’s bloody history in WWII and the Jews…the whole world, the whole of humanity is always, and has always, been about war. Even since humans were created, war has always been. Are we that phcyho that on one hand we’re war hungry savages and then on the other, nations who have to come together because we are all responding positively to the same messages? and no matter what ugliness was going on in the world, at that time, in that moment, in the stadiums, at his concerts, when he was singing ‘Man in the Mirror’ and ‘Heal the World’ all that echoed around was love and brotherhood…people feinting at the end due to the intensity and emotion of that love and that sense of equality. All different people, all different races…yet once they arrive back in their countries, their leaders are fighting…and none of them can understand why…because despite our history, they’re were Germans and Japanese and Americans all together… the fellowship felt at the concerts when ‘Black or White’ begins is amazing and it’s hard to believe that these are the people, black and white, every colour…yet not long ago, black people weren’t allowed in certain places and Michael really did help revolt the stereotypes and the stigma…and helped rid the world of racism by merely being the most successful entertainer of all time…who happened to be an African American…who was proud of his race and heritage, and it must have been very traumatic and stressful to have to go through this skin disorder.

    WHY, apart from his incredible talent and music, do we love Michael so much? I think it is truly because he is vulnerable, because of the sadness about him. He never did hide his turmoil, but no one did much to lift him out of those dark depths. So many of his fans just wanted to be his friend, to help him, to love him and be loved by him…even though he really did “love you more” … we didn’t want to fix him or understand him, he wasn’t really all that broken, apart from the fact that for some reason he had learnt to love others, but not himself. What we really wanted to do, was teach Michael how to love himself.
    It’s easy to see why Michael felt lonley. When even your own sister speaks out against you to the public calling you a child molester, who can you trust? who really is your friend? Although, she later said her ex husband made her say this, and threatened to kill her? if she didn’t. Michael, it seems, forgave La Toya. Many, many, people would not have forgiven such damaging actions. But Michael loved his sister and Michael forgave her. However, this is why it’s easy to see he was lonely. Being alone and being lonely are two different things, too. He could have done with deciding to make some fans his friends, because I sense that he knew his fans loved him for who he was, not just what he was.

  172. i also have vitiligo and im 13 and it is on my chest i cannnot go swimming or change infront of peopel and its spearding and i cryy and cryyy so hardd cos im changen a person who i dont wana be

  173. I loved MJ, but only of his peak years, where his dancing & singing would hit news.
    After a few years though, they became about child molestation & other unusual things of sin, lost my support for him thereafter.

    In the 90s he was great, regardless of desease, but he died after that point IMHO.
    I love him work, but I don’t like him.

    RIP MJ, if only the world and time was different.

    • how can you not like him. you are judging him on what some kid said who’s story was so inconsistant that reporters at the trial said no way in hell could he have been convicted. the first punk got money from him so this family of loelifes decided to try it. if you don’t like him becaused he was accused of this then you are not very intelligent.

  174. Leah you should have done some research then you would know he was innocent, he did have vitiligo, etc. Your post seems very contradictory. Try reading the mary fischer article for GQ, conspiracy by aphrodite jones and redemption by geraldine hughes. This is a good starting point for you.

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  178. I saw this on another site:

    From a nurse:

    I think MJ had a condition called reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome a very painful nerve disorder that is debilitating and can cause you to end up in a wheelchair and unable to walk if it is in your legs/feet. It is red hot burning pain with electic sensations (like a sparkler up against the skin) and color and temperature changes (hot to cold) in the injured area usually the extremities which can spread throughout the body. The photo of his spider bite shows one foot is red and the other foot is white. I bet he was never properly diagnosed for this condition and suffered a great deal. This condition does require very strong pain meds or an implanted spinal cord stimulator. Adrenalin makes it much worse.

    PS In extreme cases of RSD patients will be treated with a 5 day ketamine coma in an attempt to shut off the nervous system and stop the pain long term.

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  180. Look, a couple of years ago, I often questioned how one does bleach their skin? I mean, bleach for heavens sake is harmful, it burns through, it works as acid. Hence it being used to get rid of dirt. This, is quite stupid that people still insist he bleached his skin, it never really made much sense to me. I am 15, and only this year have I gone into more research. Michael was a unfortunate person to suffer in all ways that he did.

  181. Came across this story:

    “A few years back, Darcel was given the option to bleach the few black patches she still had but she decided against it, hoping that all the treatments would eventually work. Unfortunately that was not the case. Her body is now all white, not a single spot of black pigment left.


    There’s also the the MSNBC interview she gave from a few months ago. I might add that the girl is a good spokesperson for vitiligo though a bit on the emotional side.

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  183. what if Michael wanted to become white,maybe he used some sort of a treatment that lowers pigments in the skin..I’m not familiar with all the medical terms n stuff..
    Oh n I became a big fan of MJ after he died,I didn’t know so much about him before.I only knew he was great dancer who was black then turned white….!
    Sorry I’m confused !!! :-S

  184. The blotches could be a result of vitiligo, then again, what’s to stop them being a result of Michael deliberately bleaching his black skin? You know when someone uses fake tan and sometimes the result can be blotchy as their original skin tries to poke through? Well, this may be like that except he is using fake “white” instead of fake tan! It’s possible that he started bleaching his skin ages ago (back in the early ’80s) and, after noticing the blotching effect, tried to come up with a plausible explanation, hence, “I’ve got vitiligo”. He may have even had a doctor advise him on what would be a believable “disease” to explain his appearance. We know that vitiligo is genetic, and as no-one else in MJ’s enormous family seems to have it, it does seem suspicious!

    Of course, there is always the THIRD possibility which is that he DID have genuine vitiligo but that he ALSO bleached his skin to try and avoid unsightly blotches. This would explain why he seemed to have an especially white face, as understandably, the face is the area a person would be most self-conscious about.

    As usual with Michael Jackson though, I doubt we will ever know the truth, especially now he is no longer alive!

    • Vitiligo is not genetic. However, the autoimmune diseases that often accompany vitiligo, can be genetic. Michael had Lupus and vitiligo, just like I do. The likelihood that he bleached the unaffected parts of his skin are pretty slim. It’s difficult, to the point of being nearly impossible to do, and is usually harmful to a person’s general health. He stayed mostly covered out of necessity to avoid skin cancer, and wore heavy makeup for blending.

      I made a post to this site (above) on July 6th. Somehow I find myself back here again. Hmmm… But you can read my July 6th post if you’re interested.

      Most people are unaware of what Lupus and vitiligo are. Lupus is a disease of the immune system. Your immune system thinks there is something wrong in your body and it attacks healthy tissue. Joints, kidneys lungs, vascular system, skin….it can attack almost any organ in your body, and the skin is the largest organ in of the human body. There is no known cause or cure for Lupus or vitiligo. So, until there is, I guess educating people is the best thing to do.

      Kathy, who is having a Lupus flare-up right now….

    • Except the truth was stated in his autopsy, by his friends, by his family, by his doctors; it was even discussed in court, something that the prosection didn’t ever object to. If they wanted to make Michael seem crazy, surely claiming he hated his own race so much that he bleached his skin would be a strong point to raise. Except they never ever contested it, not even when it was raised as an issue in court because Michael was ill during several court dates.

      If even Tom Sneddon believes Michael has Vitiligo, how can some people still not believe he had it. SMH.

  185. Also, considering all the other changes he obviously made to his appearance (the nose, the cleft, the tattooed eyebrows, removing the beauty-spot on his left cheek, etc) it seems more likely to me that the blotchy skin was the result of deliberate interference by Michael, rather than by some uncontrollable “disease”.

    • He tattooed his eyebrows because he lost hair and pigment due to the Vitiligo and Lupus. All his tattooing was in order to cover up the discolouration and loss of hair he suffered, not for cosmetic purposes.

      Please send me any photos you can find of anyone else on this planet who has “deliberately” altered their appearance from brown to translucent white using nothing but bleaching creams.

      Could you also explain his Discoid Lupus and the fact that one autoimmune disease also strongly increases the chances of another?

      And “disease” shouldn’t be in quotation marks: it’s a real illness and it’s incredibly patronizing to anyone who does have to suffer through Vitiligo or Lupus.

  186. oooooh god, so many people said he wanted to be white and bleaches his skin… So many bad rumors, just to hurt him. The tabloid/papparazzi had tried to get him down, but he was so strong! And I HATE DR. MURRAY! HE KILLED HIM! I’M SORRY, MJ, FO EVERYTHING WHAT WE BAD PEOPLE DID! WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU!!!

    R.I.P. my sweetest angel😥

  187. I would just like to say, I wasn’t always a believer… But now that I see evidence I will always and forever take his back whenever somebody says ANYTHING bad about him.. Michael was a good and loving man. He meant no harm to anybody. All he wanted to do was fit in and try to be himself. But nobody would let him.. So what if he got nose sugury, so what if he changed his skin color so that he wouldn’t be the freak of Holly-Wood, then ppl would have really been mean to him… People are just jealous of his success and HAVE to make up something to put him down. And the reason why Michael is always around children is because he didn’t have a childhood. He couldn’t go outside with his brothers cause he would get malded or trampled cause ppl wanted his autograph cause he was so famous. So all he was doing was just trying to get his childhood back… He wanted to exprience what he didn’t have in his younger years… So hear me out… LEAVE MICHAEL ALONE, AND LET HIM R.I.P! He’s probly turning over in his grave right now.. Let Micheal… Be Michael…….

    Love you always and forever:
    Kimberly August

  188. I am big fan of him since I was 6. At the midle of 2002 I found my first vitiligo spot on my face….and then my hand…and then my foot.. I can imagine how is all around you look at you like ufo.. And the hardest when I look my mirror… And I am white! Not black! Could you imagine the difference?

  189. All I can say is if vitiligo makes you look like michael jackson then I want it ,he was a gorgeous man before vitiligo and after I swear he was physically handsome either way.those pics are good pics of Michael very good pics.

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  191. I believe, that Mr. Jackson has bleached his skin, because the brown flecks on his leg are different –> for example the two pictures with the spiderbite.
    And he has a brown skin under his nails –> because the bleach-creame can not get through the nails.

    • For the doubters, it is possible to both have vitiligo and then use creams to help even out the skin tone as it got lighter. Very light skin tone is really evident when the natural skin is much darker. If you had universal vitiligo, as in the case of MJ, unless you wanted to spend your entire life covered head to toe in makeup, you would opt to do this. By the way, black folks do not have brown skin under our nails. My nail beds and finger tips are pink and have always been so. The only area of darness around the nail should be around your cuticle area which blends in with the rest of your hand.

  192. i love u ssooooo much! im sooooo sorry u had to deal with this seriosly im majorly depressed……. i wish i could live in ur time error 80s all the way!!! i hate this generation!!!!! AND HATERS FUCK OFF MJ IS THE BEST AND U KNOW IT RIP MJ THE KING.

  193. i havee vitiligo and im 13 its hard to have it kuss al the emmbresmnt sense im the only one in my hole school with it. but i no how eveyone elses feel and im happy to no that im not the only one.

  194. 1. Even National Enquire admitted he had vitiligo long time ago.

    2. The artist who worked for him said MJ had vitiligo, too.

    3. Dan Wallace MD, Clinical Professor of Medicine, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center/David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA said:

    I can confirm that Michael Jackson had vitiligo and discoid (chronic cutaneous lupus) and never had systemic disease that played any role in his passing.

  195. I love Michael Jackson i have always loved him and i always will and i am so sad that after the burn accident bad things have continued to happend to him this makes me wont to cry because i actually met a women with the same disease that Michael has and she never smiles but even through these hard times i wonder where he finds the courage to still be happy.

  196. This is another great blog on Michael Jackson. In fact even myself was ignorant about Vitiligo and Lupus. I admit it

    Michael did not deserve the kind of treatment the media and other people gave or said about him without trying to understand the truth about these kind of mecial problems.

    Michael, (yes he had the money), treated himself based on doctor’s advice. I think with all honesty that in the end it all became a dependency on doctor’s advice and in the end a doctors misuse of propofol. So it is said he asked for the propofol – a doctor is supposed to take an interest in the patient and their health.

    We all go to our doctor when we feel unwell or have medical conditions that need ongoing treatments. It’s a fact.

    I do believe that the doctors did not treat Michael with due care; he was a sensitive man and in all his efforts and achievements maintained a strength and had much to deal with.

    Saying that, his fans over the years gave him back the love he gave out. Much has been returned to Michael and his fans will continue to recognise his humanitarian efforts, & his love for all mankind. We already know about his musical greatness.

    He will be missed but not forgotten.

  197. Just to let everyone know, Prince (Michael’s oldest son) has vitiligo as well. My heart goes out to him: it is a very hard disease to have. At least it shuts up the people who claim he is not Michael’s biological son: vitiligo is hereditary and very rare, so Prince has to be his biological son.
    I can’t stand when people make comments about how Michael turned into a “white woman.” the poor man couldn’t help his skin color, and he also had to wear a wig a lot because lupus causing hair loss. He also struggled with pain medication and sleep medication addictions because lupus causing joint pain and insomnia.

  198. OMG i feel soo sorry for mj because of his Vitiligo and the media being so mean about it say that he bleachs he skin. its so sad theat people can be so mean. i dont think the media has any idear how tuff it would be to have vitiligo. image how michael and his family feel about what the media say about him and how much stress it put him and his family under.this is what i go to say to the media and anybody who has ever put michael jackson down because of his skin condition,imagen if it was your brother,sister or son that has skin desease and think would you put them down because of there skin disorder?? now think how you would feel?😥

  199. i’m a MJ fanatic. i feel strongly about the cock sucking fuckers who bullied him. except for MJ nosejobs i think its all a fukhen lie

    • i love michael too. he did have some other surgerys but he not goin to say it out right cuz he was to shy his father always abused him made him feel he was ugly an he wasnt in fact he was the best one out of the brothers thats why he is bigger then the others who is smart at what he does an it doesnt matter how old you get when your that talented you dont lose it. he was such a wonderful man an very good looking an you change what you want but his eyes you can never change you can look into his eyes an see his soul an what a great soul he had. such lovely eyes an his smile bright up a the world. dont worry cuz whenever i see a idiot talking crap bout michael they will deal with me. cuz he has no voice no more so we as fans need to be his voice. an lets all pray that dr murray goes to jail forever for murdering michael

  200. these pictures break my heart..just thinking how awful it must have been for somone so shy and self-conscious and yet being in the lmelight so much to habe such diseases and then being ridiculed and not believed…I feel terrible .

  201. I have been convinced that Michael is indeed got the disease vitiligo, hope that those who misunderstood him, as soon as possible to see the truth!

  202. OMG!!! Poor my baby!!! He suffered a lot cause his problem, but that (his marks) did not scary me because I love each part of his body, with or without marks/ hurts. Does Vitiligo/ Lupus hurt? I mean is it painful? Because in some photos looks so painful for example in the firsts and where he had his cheeks sooo read… I do not know about that illnesses… Could anybody tell me if that is painful?

  203. The weird thing, i’ve vitiligo too, but you’re skin is really white! Well MJ was first black, well than he turned lighter. Not white but light brown. How do you explain that. Because vitiligo is really white. I do believe he has it, you can see. But first he was very black, than lightbrown. Not because of vitiligo. Well and over all your body white because vitiligo is very rare.

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  206. I felt a sense of pride after reading this Article. Michael was a great man!!!!Despite such an affliction he still carried on!!! Wow what a person!!!!. Yes He was proud to be Black Man.. Every time they knocked him down he came back up again.

    He is a true Black Role Model and an Icon. May he rest in sweet and perfect peace.

  207. I wonder if eventually the tools to do this kind of thing will be as ubiquitous as the currently-existing tools for static sites. It’s a dream,anyway, and might come too late to save us.

  208. His skin—and hers—had already sprouted beads of oily lubrication to ease the grinding of bodies. Savous crushed Hyles mouth with his, bearing the shorter man down to the ground. Is the casting of this spell anything like the one that changes women to raedjour? She recognized that particular position from prior matches and knew it wasnt one easily broken. She fucked all the unmated males. He nudged her from behind. That Hyle was fascinated by all things magical had brought them even closer together. Appalled, Eyrhaens mouth fell open. She loved them as much as she loved her parents. Nialdlye startled, her green eyes sparking. Goddess, the raw physical power of him was intoxicating. Dont expect me to like it, and dont expect me to let you tease me! She cant make it easy, can she? She growled, frustration buzzing beneath her skin. At least, not that she was aware of. I love you too, he murmured, thrusting slowly. She considered lighting one or two of the lamps but discarded the idea. In the time shed had with them, Eyrhaen had been a main point of discussion. She blinked, thankful that hed broached the subject. She slipped her fingers from his mouth, continuing to pump his cock.

  209. I have a vitiligo too. though sometimes i feel low coz of my skin problem i still not loss hope since we who have this kind of problem are not giving burdens to our family and yet we tried to live independently. others may criticize the way we look but this message i wanted to extend to them, the more you criticize us the best of blessings will come our way. that was michael was receiving and that made others envy him. I love you Michael Jackson…. rest in peace.

  210. you know there is always gonna be idiots out there. i think people are brain washed all michaels life media has been lieing bout him getting pictures an telling other storys an people believe it u tell a story enough people will believe it an thats the problem no one got to know who he was as he was he was a great man an had a big heart he did nothing wrong to anyone. all he wanted is to be loved for who he was but he couldnt have that cuz of the media an idiot people talking what they dont know. i knew mj had this skin problem for years when you are dealing with alot of people like he was you kinda want to hide that. he was a beaiful man inside an out. he was a angel that walked the planet an only wish we had more like him he was truly special. an i loved him for not what he did but who he was an thats what he wanted

  211. Okay! So you say he didn’t do anything to turn his skin white. Okay. Did “the disease” also change his features to be less black and more white? That is why people think he did some chemical skin color change. Yes, it is his business about what he did or didn’t do, but people are inquesitive.


  213. Mike eres dulce, creativo, Talentoso,llevas bien tu enfermedad, eres Grande!!!
    A los malditos que se burlan de ti, que Dios no tenga piedad de ellos!
    Te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Michel Jackson por siempre😀
    Estas VIVO!!!!! se feliz….

  214. Miichael Jackson sinto muito a sua falta, ja se passo quase um ano mas para mim e como se fosse hoje (…) que voce se foi, para me matar de saudades, espero um dia te encontrar ja que não foi possivel nessa vida tenho esperança que te encontrerei onde quer que voce esteja provavelmente no ceu que e o lugar de puros anjos como voce Eu te amo MJ

  215. RIP Michael. I have now put this link onto my facebook. Too bad about the losers resorting to obsence langage again – it proves that they have nothing of value to say. Vitilgo is undoubtedly a stressful illness, and my sympathy to anyone suffering from it.

  216. it don’t matter how you look. many people has been made fun because of that Michael Jackson is the same person he used to be black or white we are all the same with in



  217. Michael had true vitiligo. There are three types of vitiligo a person can develop. He had the most severe form, because it was generalized over his entire body. Very seldom did we see Michael wearing short sleeves or baring his legs. In fact his false accuser could not provide a true description of his genitals. My mother suffers from the same thing due to lupus. The cruelty he experienced as a black person because of his changing looks is unforgiveable. There were lies about his plastic surgeries. He only worked on his nose and chin and tattoo makeup. He did have skin grafts to his scalp as a result of that accidental burn. This is why his skin looked slightly tight. That’s the only procedures he went under the knife for. All the people who terrorized this man will never receive life after death. I have burns and receive sickening hatred because of them. I have comfort in knowing I will appear better than the haters after my surgeries.

  218. you guys are so stupid ,looking at all those pics proves nothing xlose that michael jackson had vitiligo ,the pic where he just got out from a swimpool with a towel is there make up there so why isnt there vitiligo there, the other pics with small black pathces are natural even if you used a bleaching medicine ofcourse that medcine will cause the pathces and make you white, i know you guys are so obsessed so you believe everything that he was an angel first of all no one is perfect he was good but he had flaws too just like everyone else .michael jackson was a talenmted man in dancing and good music creativity but i still believe that he wanted to be white thats why he changed his nose and lips and chin wear wigs and eye ,eye enlargement and skin whiteining becuase he wanted to get away from his family its up to you to keep believing what you want but thats the truth

  219. i have the same problem and its true what about M.Jackson im so sorry for him i miss`d him the best pop singer the King god bless him:)

  220. That’s y we shouldn’t judge people. The bible says leave all judgment unto to lord.
    No one knew that he had a skin condition, but they all just rushed at criticizing him.
    God bless his soul.

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  223. Michael Joseph Jackson, “King of Pop” are recognized as the legendary African-American singer, musician, composer, songwriter, dancer and pop star.

    Family of Jackson as the seventh of nine children born to Michael Jackson, Jackson 5 group, founded by his father’s life in 1964 at the age of 6 have been taken yet. Later, Off the Wall (1979), Thriller (1982), Bad (1987), Dangerous (1991), HIStory (1995) sold millions of solo albums, such as signing, Jackson won a great fame, and “King of Pop” (English: King of Pop) began to be called. Has sold 750 million albums worldwide. Is shown as one of the world’s best dancers. [5] [6] into the Guinness Book of Records in Jackson, especially in recent years, some health problems and scandals have emerged.

    Father of three children, Michael Jackson, the Los Angeles home on June 25, 2009 as a result of his illness, but kurtarılamamıştır hospitalized case of coma. Cause of death was cardiac arrest sanılsada, Forensic Medicine Institute in Los Angeles with his autopsy, the cause of death used in the treatment of insomnia is described as a powerful anesthetic drug propofol. Propofol and the sedative drugs lorazepam Jackson’s death is the most important causes of the recorded statement, Jackson’s blood, midazolam, diazepam, lidocaine, and ephedrine has been said, including drugs. Jackson’s lawyer, the murder of the event being Murray’a şüphenilmekle As of February 2010 ‘on charges of involuntary manslaughter’ case was opened.

  224. looooooooooooool

    are you serious hhhhhhhhhh

    jonas brithers loool a 13 year old boy that doesnt know what music is and listen to britney and hanna montana crap songs SUCKS


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  226. Love this article!… YES, he had Vitiligo…. and YES, Vitiligo is real!!!! I suffer from it and it is nothing to be making fun about. Many people are ignorant and make up stories but for those of us, Vitiligans, who know what Vitiligo is, we can tell for sure those “freckels” or spots of color in his hands are what is left of his real color…
    If you would like to find out more information about Vitiligo or meet people with Vitiligo… join my group on Fb -Facebook.
    ( it is called ” Vitiligo…Anyone?? “


  228. This is the biggest load of propaganda I’ve seen since Clinton’s side-step, “I didn’t inhale” shuffle. I have a sibling who lost pigmintation–he was white to begin with, the areas affected practically glowed. I spent a year in acting at college–that coverage make-up wouldn’t last one set of his performance the heat is so strong, and he was so dynamic in his movements. The pictures on the beginning of this site look as though he is a white man with darkish patches–anyone who has seen “spots” they’re sometimes rudely called, can tell which color came first. I have nothing against Michael Jackson’s wish to bleach his skin. If white people can get a tan, why can’t black people lighten their skin? What does skin color have to do with our worth, culturally–is an albino black man any less of a “brother” for the way he was born? I don’t see black women getting so much flack because they choose to do terribly unhealthy/damaging things to their hair because they prefer to have hair like white women than a natural afro. Anyone who attacks Michael for preferring to look a certain way–skin condition cover story or not–should take a look at yourself and what you do to look the way you want to, and whether or not your skin color, hair weave, tummy tuck, or wonder bra has anything to do with how you feel about your ancestry, cultural identity, or feelings on equal treatment amongst the races. Be concerned with yourself and stop acting like celebrities have to act the way you think they should out of some social responsibility to represent a cause that should not even be an issue if skin color truly didn’t matter in life. Celebrities are just people, they want things for themselves and they don’t need to ask the public’s permission. You should pay more attention to how your judgmentalism rubs off on your kids and shapes how they treat others. Oh, yeah, and stop following famous people and get your own life.

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  234. I actually got into this post. I located it to be fascinating and loaded with exclusive points of interest. I like to read material that makes me believe. Thank you for writing this fantastic content. aagcbfceggbb

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