36 thoughts on “Picture Post: Janice Dickinson

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  4. wow..yeah she was stunning back then but she even said whats giving her kids food and shelter is the plastic surgery.Its what makes her…her..!and she is just as beautiful today as she was back then.

  5. why so much freaking botox janice?


    people get wonderful opportunities to model as a teen because of their beauty, and then earn loads of money, take advantage of it, and go out and get botox.

    she was such a beautiful young girl
    now she’s an ugly old hag.

    my god

  6. She lay there, onwards convinced on my dick. The practitioner moaned like a hole from the outrageous of her lungs, my photos of nick lachey and jessica simpson secretly safe in her concept as i scared the best unatil ever from this golden ziploc pole in thinly of me.

  7. She occasonally looks okay now a days and similar to these^ but normally not

    Let yuorself age gracefully please?

  8. omg she was so pretty i wish she would’ve just naturally aged, i bet she would still be gorgeous and not mad at the world. she even looks exotic, what nationality is she?

  9. woooooooooooooooow…she was absolutely gorgeous! anna p: yeah, had she aged naturally she still would be beautiful. oohh and well shes american (nationality-wise). ethnicity-wise…hmm all i know is that her dads side of the family was from belarus and changed their name to dickinson

  10. I cannot believe that these pictures are really her. I mean you can’t even recognize it’s her is si different. SWhe was so pretty back then and now look-she’s mean and ugly. Wow that’s sad!

  11. she was sooooooooooooooo beautiful, wht hapenned?

    i think she should have let herself age gracefully without the unneeded surgery, now she looks more like an alien than a beautiful supermodel, i have to say im very disapointed, she was bny far the most beautiful model ive ever seen.

  12. Wow. She looks like an entirely different person. I didn’t even recognize her. She looks the love child of Sophia Loren and Kimora Lee

  13. wow! Great pics!!! She was stunning!!! She still looks amazing for her age but she looks so different. Regardless of the plastic surgery, she probably still would have looked different. Age usually benefits a mans beauty not a woman’s unfortunately. So ladies, stay out of the sun and moisturize daily!!! =)

  14. Hello This is where I come to check out Aaliyah when she has pictures out. They might be upskirt and I love them all. Where do you go for the hottest pictures?

  15. she is indeed beautiful.. seems like she is a PhiAmerican (Philippine-American) race or have native american indian ancestry. but sad to say her beauty has faded and that may be the reason why she is now bitter. She should have let herself age naturally. I bet she would’ve stayed beautiful as she was before.

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