Where is Jordan Chandler now?

[Updated September]

What are the chances that Jordan Chandler will speak out and inform the general public that Michael Jackson never molested him, and is not a pedophile?

I would love for that to happen — I think all of us who stand and fight for the truth would. But the chances are so slim to none I can predict that Jermaine Jackson will change his high top fade hairstyle first.


I can’t possibly imagine how he could spend a some 15 years with the strong guilt of what these allegations have done to defame a man he admires, and just not say anything; move to other countries, etc. Avoiding it doesn’t heal anyone’s pain; yours and Jackson’s. I know he doesn’t want the media attention, that’s understandable — but wouldn’t doing an interview (with a respected television interview shows like Larry King Live or Oprah Winfrey) put that all to rest? He will be 28 years old soon. The only thing he has to lose? Money. All the money he spend those decade and a half on ski trips, shopping sprees and whatever else. Perjury is a crime. A crime he may not be willing to admit at this point in time.

Want to be living it up in NYC with your friends with bling bling on your arm? It’s easy my friends. Just take the example of Diane Dimond’s favorite ‘child molestation’ extortionist victim, pictured here. I give you Jordan Chandler everyone. All you have to do is accuse Michael Jackson of child molestation and BAM! you TOO can win the lottery! You too can live in an expensive apartment in New York, all expenses paid by none other than the KING OF POP himself! You too can get your lazy ass chauffeured around in Bentleys a la Gavin Arvizo while being ‘held hostage’ at Neverland! You too can get your crotch waxed for free like his momma! Thank you Michael Jackson! Yes, my friends, “thank you Michael Jackson’ is what our beloved Jordan is thinking as he stands there on the corner laughing at how he ruined a man’s life by agreeing to a lie. “Thank you Michael Jackson” is what he thinks every day of his pathetic life as he lives off the money he extorted with a man’s blood and tears.

All the while, Jordan pops in one of Michael’s CDs and tells himself that it wasn’t HIM that almost killed the man, it was his mother and father, that he was just a victim of his parents. He tells himself that divorcing them makes him all innocent in the crime committed against an INNOCENT man. Jordan, however, doesn’t realize that he’s living in his own Neverland. What he should be thinking is ‘damn, I had the chance to right my wrong. I had the chance to tell the TRUTH and free my conscience and Michael from my lies at his trial, but, alas, like the coward that I am, I chose to crawl back to my little hole and pretend like I don’t exist. I had a chance, and I blew it.” Thank You, Jordan Chandler. I hope you are proud of yourself.

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  1. He won’t go on air and give an interview because that would open a massive legal can-of-worms. Can you imagine the law suit against him, even this long since the trail Jackson would demand compensation for his “tainted” image.

    And anyway, he was probably telling the truth.

    • You crakers are full of hate. This guy has admitted that he lied about the crime you claim is the reason you hate MJ, but still you come with the bull.. I think you hate him because he had more money, even with his debt, and status than you could ever imagine. This man was able to acheive the success most of you could not even dream of. A wish you could open your black heart and realize that MJ was a man, a father, a son, a brother, and a child of God. None of us are perfect not even you on this site who think your lives are so perfect that you can stand and judge this man. A don’t agree with everything this man or any other man does, but who am I..I don’t have a heaven or hell to put anyone in and neither do you. This man is dead, so his debt or what he did or didn’t do really doesn’t matter. I have to wonder how so many people have so much time and energy to devote to hating a dead man when there are some many other things going on..? Put that energy into something useful..PLEASE!

      • Very true, I totally agree!
        Jordan Chandler and his father are disgusting, how they could defame a man and lie so convincingly and in such a conniving manner in order to gain money, it makes me sick!
        Michael Jackson was such a fascinating, legendary man and whether anyone feels he was a paedophile or not, no one can deny he was the best performer of all time and extremely talented.
        I don’t believe he was a paedophile as he was not found guilty of ANY of the accusations against him, whereas other celebrities have been for various serious crimes. May he rest in peace and finally be happy away from the spotlight.
        The media destroyed a man who had the ability to be so successful and thrive in such a beautiful manner even though he did.

      • I,have never believed that michael molested anyone in the first place.Ialways thought that the father of the boy was just out to get money from michael b/c of who he is.I wonder today what that kid feels now that michael is gone?I wonder if he feels any guilt.I hope one day before he meets his maker,he confess about what he and his family did to michael and his family.No one has the right to judge michael or anyone for that matter except God.May Michael rest in peace.God bless.I still can’t believe that he’s gone.I’m still tearing up typing this up.I came to America in 1977,from Ghana,couldn’t speak a word of English,but heard michael’s beautiful voice and songs,and ever since been a fan of his.I’m so sad about his passing.I even called my family in africa to tell them,and they already heard.They are upset about his passing as well.

      • FelicialovesMJ,

        there are no clear facts out. so nobody knows what happened. only him and MJ know, and maybe some persons who have been close, and dont speak out.

        forced, not forced, molested, not molested……..

      • i miss michael jackson so much….. i honestly wish jordan chandler come forward and tell the world that he and his father did all this for the big money.
        MJ was such a gentle, innocent , soul who had a gentle way of seeing world and was sooo compassionate, the world has lost a great humanbeing as much as the greatest musician !! its a real loss and nothing can replace this loss ………..
        MJ is the greatest example of how a man’s life can be destroyed by the media and heartless people who are just after money!!

      • Hi I’m a cracka, baby girl, and I just want to say that guy, Jordan Chandler, admits he MADE IT ALL UP? How can he stand living with all that blood on his hands. He totally contributed to Michael Jackson’s death in a big way. GUILT is the word, Jordan. And have you ever heard of the law of karma? What goes around really does come around. You made a horrible, unfortunate cause in someone else’s life, so expect to be treated in the same way. Nothing you can do to escape it.

        I think all the kids and parents made it all up. They were greedy and did not once even consider the effect they might have on Michael’s life … aned untimely death. I can’t wait until yours and I hope we are all around to witness it.

      • Agreed whole heartedly. If more people used even just some of the energy they put into whineing to do good with then the world would be a far far better pleace

      • No, we ain’t full of hate, hate is not even a word for such a topic as this, I am Jewish like him, I have money like him, but I am very very very ashamed, and I wished to G-d, playing the jewish card, or child card means less than nothing, a child should know right and wrong, a person with Jewish faith, even more so. I assure you, this Chandler and his entire family’s safety is at present moment not at all secure, I speak on behalf of the entire jewish community world wide, I am sooooo ashamed, and I am sooooooo sorry on behalf on the entire human race, We love you Michael, and Justice will be served, All will see! I think the Israeli defence force, or our not so present day Mossad, will take into serious consideration, our national security in comparision with the life of a little piece of shit worthless jewish cum, who despite his money, can not afford to pay for his life, in terms of the entire safety and political peace keeping in Israel and affiliated nations like American and China, even Australia. to us, this shit is a threat to our international security, due to his sins which are provoking hatred from not so sensible people from certain nations as we type. I do not wish for G-d to have mercy on him and his entire family…

      • HEY so I guess you are a spade or a jigaboo….don’t use hateful words. Micheal did not like the race card or anything racical so why must you use the word crakers like its all white people leaving the messages NO all races colors and creeds are so quite being a hateful son of a and just be quiet as madea would say shut to the up.

      • i totally agree with you 150%. no one no knows if this man harmed these kids lik tha ugly kid jordie chandler. michael is a father if he was a molster he would have touch his kids. people who touch children are not even in their kids lives. he man is dead have some respect and worry about whats happing in the world

      • Totally agree!! Michael was a sweet innocent man and its haters like you that drove him to his death! It bloody says up there that Jordan lied and you asses are still coming up with shit? Grow Up! RIP Michael xx

      • From what I understand is that it was mainly Evan who was the manipulator. The whole thing was a farce. Jordan was clearly manipulated by his father. Michael was never formally charged because, his insurance company made the deal to pay the Chandlers out twenty million dollars. Michael never wanted to settle that way, if that had gone to court, he would have been acquitted because it didn’t happen. What they did was wrongfully accuse Michael of sexual abuse. It was perjury and fraud, and defamatory. It was a crime! And; nothing that the chandlers say would bring Michael back. It makes me sad, and it shows what kind of a world we are living in. What more can I say?

      • To XO & John: You all are NO BETTER! In fact, YOU’RE WORSE! Know why? This person’s choice of words were totally incorrect, but using hateful words to combat hate does not make it better, it makes the situation WORSE! And besides… How does it feel, huh. How does it feel to have someone call YOU out your name? Doesn’t feel good, does it? You pieces of garbage are just looking for an excuse to use racial slurs against African-Americans, that’s all. SO CUT THE FUCKING CRAP! I know your type. You’re the type that will laugh, & talk to African-Americans all day long but call us racial slurs behind our backs when amongst your own. Please… you’re not fooling anyone w/ your fake hurt. Shed your crocodile tears & fake pain elsewhere. It’s not wanted here.

    • I was always mystified as why Americans were so ready to believe what sounded like a bunch of crap from the beginning. Were you seeing some thing else the world onlookers were not seeing? Yes Michael got strange but there are so many people who did. That does not make a child molester. Even though he was acquited people act as though acquited meant convicted and talk like it was a fact. How sad. Even in his death. No wonder he withdrew from life and people. Can’t blame him

      • “”I wonder if he feels any guilt.””

        FelicialovesMJ, why should he feel guilty? is it his fault that he died?

      • Ibiza,when I said if he feels any guilt,is b/c he was a kid when his parents put him to say that michael molested him,probably knowing that’ he didn’t do that to him,but was forced to say so by his father,that’s why I said if the kid feel any guilt about michael’s passing.

      • Ibiza,we are have our opinions,and I believe what I believe and you believe what you do.I don’t know,I chose to go with my gut feelings about the situation after what I’ve read and heard.To me,michael’s only crimes was caring,loving and believing in the good of ALL people.That to me was his downfall.Trusting that all human are kind like him.

      • Indeed- profoundly sad. Why so many Americans perceived Michael, and still does- in such a way as though in their unconscious, they secretly hope he was guilty of all those charges, and would be diappointed if he were found not guilty. Why are so many Americans ready for crucify him? To me, what is stranger than Michael himself is actually the majority of Americans and their mentality. They strike me as…in need of psychoanalysis. No pun intended.

      • You go sadiayah! I agree with you! We need to remember Michael as a loving, gentle musical genuis that he is and how he touched all of us! I will truly miss him. Even though I didn’t know Micheal on a one on one basis, I consider Michael as my friend and always will. Thank you so much for your warm comment! I truly wish people would just stop and think before they react to certain situations. Take things as a grain of salt, cast it away. let the “King of Pop” rest in peace.

      • America has a phobia about child molesting. Unfortunately, all it takes is an accusation and you are condemned in public opinion. It is a very effective accusation if you want to ruin someone’s life.

    • Before anyone judges Mr. Jackson – Whom has done more for this crummy world we live in, the charities he started and supported, his music, don’t sit on your high horse, in YOUR perfect little world, and belittle a man that is deceased! Because the MEDIA shoved down everyone’s throat the dynamic media circus they produced of his child molestation charges in 1993,had quite a few people on the Michael Jackson “Hate” wagon! For yous’ that don’t know, it wasn’t Michael Jackson that PAID out the Boy’s father, it was Michael’s INSURANCE company that did, eventhough Michael and his legal team told them not to, they wanted to go all the way to prove extortion, fraud…Another thing what parent in their right mind would not bring a child molester to justice that supposidly molested their child? I know myself as a parent I would fight tooth and nail to get the molester behind bars, even if it took me 5, 10, 15 20 years…I would not just say ummm yeah o.k. give me this amount of money and I will drop the charges…What about Jordan Chandler? Why didn’t testify? Another 35 boys testified on Michael’s behalf and said no such thing ever happened…Evan Chandler was so far in debt, furious with his ex-wife that she and their son Jordan had a really good relationship with Michael…Well he was so jealous and broke, that he plotted a plan to ruin Michael Jackson and get what he wanted! Money, Money, and more Money…Read the truth from Mary Fischer “Was Michael Jackson framed?” “The untold Story!” Gee whiz the media didn’t seem to want to bother with this, WHY? BECAUSE PEOPLE WOULD BE DISAPOINTED HE WASN’T GUILTY!”


      • Precisely. People- particularly Michael Jackson’s very own fellow Americans, but I mean, most AMERICANS, would certainly be disappointed had Michael been found not guilty.

        Because of human beings’ jealousy: jealous of Michael’s brilliance.

        Because of human beings’ fear: constantly fearing about their own inadequecy, feeling insecure about being ordinary, living an ordinary, mundane, boring, routined life, and dying ordinary. Fearing about never being able to accomplish what Michael Jackson had accomplished.

        Because of human beings’ cruelty: in the deep unconscious of the majority of people, they secretly crave for scandals, rumors, tabloids nonsensical coverage, laughing at, belittling, hating, degrading and crucifying a fellow human being, who happened to be exceptionally multi-talented and artistically inclined, who happened to be too kind, too loving, too generous for people to “handle”, who happened to be Michael Jackson.

        Lastly, but definitely not least-

        Because the majority of Americans are stupid. Think about the time when George W Bush was elected as President of the United States for the second term, John Kerry lost the election tremendously- and immediately, on the front page of one of Britain’s daily publications, the headline read (paraphrasing): “How Can The Americans Be So Stupid?”
        I have no intention whatsoever of degrading ALL Americans; there is quite a number of my American friends who are not stupid at all. However, those belong to the minority of the population of the nation. The majority of Americans are, in simplest terms- stupid.

        To this day, even after Michael’s untimely and immensely tragic passing- not only the tabloids, but even the so-called “recognized” media giants, still use the degrading nickname “Jacko” to refer the now deceased Michael Jackson. NOT ONLY the tabloids, but all the parties involved in the media, in the press, are merciless, greedy for lucrative profit, gained from the death of Michael Jackson, and the legal battles after Michael’s death. The media knows about human nature. The media knows that most people crave for sensational but often unfounded scandals of renowned public figures, like the once beloved, adored, treasured Michael. The media also knows that most people are not interested in the plain, boring, brutal truth (“brutal” in the sense that, it would have been the “brutal” truth for those who unconsciously hope Michael were guilty of all those elaborated crimes, so that could satisfy these people’s ugly, sordid minds).

        Because it all boils down to MONEY. Now, in the aftermath of Michael’s sudden passing, no one seems (at least the individuals closest to Michael, either as family members or as friends, close associates etc) to care about clearing Michael’s name- that is to say, they do not plan to spend millions, if not tens of millions, or hundreds of millions, dollars- to fight for Michael in the court of law against Evan Chandler, Jordan Chandler, and all parties responsible for the extortion, fraud, perjury, and highly likely many more crimes- for possibly years, if not a decade, or decades. Right now, most of those closest to, or had been associated with, Michael, are primarily interested in how each of them is going to cut and have a piece of Michael Jackson, and they most likely could not care less about fighting for Michael and clearing his name with their own money, resources, energy, time, and everything else.

        And Michael used to sing about:

        Heal The World:-(

        How on earth can any of us heal this spiritually sick world?

        Because this is a spiritually sick world, and most people love to indulge in their pathology.

        So much for the ideal- Heal The World.

        You are loved, Michael.

      • Two Sides to Every Story!
        THANK YOU! And I thought I was the only way that felt the same you did! Thank you for telling it like it really is! I visited Amazon.com earlier this evening and I intend to get some books, videos, all his music (to include the bok you mentioned). I too have two children and a wonderful sweet grandson, and I support you 100% concerning any individual that would take advantage of my children. A child molester preys on children and does unspeakable harm to them. Michael never protrayed himself as such. Michael loved children and donated his time, energy, love and compassion for all children around the world. He contributed greatly to help many charities and countless organizations. And who knows, when people need a helping hand when life threws you a curve, because of his vast generosity, some of the funds they need, may have come from his donations to that specific organization. And just like you, I would pursue the monster that molested my child until justice was served. And for all those that hate Micheal for no valid reason and chose to believe a bunch of liars that ruined his reputation, all I can say is they live very shallow lives and are gulible to accept anything at face value. I almost feel sorry for them and frgive them for being blind . And you are so right about why Jordan refused to testify. If he felt so ashamed or scared, he would have been allowed to sit in the privacy of the judges chambers and told of the horrors that Michael supposingly did to him, but no the father wanted money! Before condemning the man, get factual, tangible proof to support your claim and of course, there wasn’t any. Thank you for writing what you know is the truth. I believe that Michael never touched this lying child and he will have to live with his guilt for the rest of his life. He will also have to stand before God. It hurt me to my soul that this happened to Michael and in a small way, I believe that this hurt him deeply.
        And I did not apperciate the names they called him. So Micheal did things that appeared “weird or strange”. So what? don’t we all act strange and weird at times? I grew up loving and enjoyed his music, his videos, his shy and queit demeanor, his gentle spirit, his chiildlike personality, for it is written, in order to come into the kingdom of God, you come to God as child…And I know Michael has entered into the kingdom of God. I don’t like to judge anyone, but the Chandler’s are wrong for what they have done and lest they forget, they will face the same fate and it will cost them more than they know. When you wrong somebody, the evil you plotted will come back to you seven fold. I wll miss him. Rest in peace, my friend, rest in peace.

    • “He won’t go on air and give an interview because that would open a massive legal can-of-worms.”

      For his father, he was a minor and no charges can be applied to him.

      “Can you imagine the law suit against him, even this long since the trail Jackson would demand compensation for his “tainted” image.”

      I don’t even think a price could be put on that tainted image.

      “And anyway, he was probably telling the truth.”

      As far as I am concerned, he was found innocent in a “COURT OF LAW”
      Quit beating a dead horse.

    • LOOK HOW THE TABLES HAVE TUENEd an innocent man was killed because of lies that destroyed him internally this world is sick we bring down the people who are the nicest most loving and giving of all of usjust because people are different i am hurt and appalled

    • According to Diane Dimond of Hard Copy, Sergeant Gary Spiegel, the sheriff’s photographer, claims he observed a dark spot on the lower left side of Jackson’s penis.[60]

      Sneddon ended his declaration with “I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct except for those statements made on information and belief, as to those statements, I believe them to be true.”[16] He preceded his beliefs with “I believe”, with following identified as “beliefs”:[16]

      I believe the discolorization Chandler identified in his drawing was not something he could or would have guessed about, or could have seen accidentally. I believe Chandler’s graphic representation of the discolored area on Defendant’s penis is substantially corroborated by the photographs taken by Santa Barbara Sheriff’s detectives at a later time. I believe…his verbal description and drawing, when considered together with the photograph of the Defendent’s penis, substantially rebuts the opinion evidence offered by witnesses to the effect that he … would not have exposed his naked body in the presence of young boys.”

      According to Diane Dimond of Hard Copy, Sergeant Gary Spiegel, the sheriff’s photographer, claims he observed a dark spot on the lower left side of Jackson’s penis.[60]

      Sneddon ended his declaration with “I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct except for those statements made on information and belief, as to those statements, I believe them to be true.”[16] He preceded his beliefs with “I believe”, with following identified as “beliefs”:[16]

      I believe the discolorization Chandler identified in his drawing was not something he could or would have guessed about, or could have seen accidentally. I believe Chandler’s graphic representation of the discolored area on Defendant’s penis is substantially corroborated by the photographs taken by Santa Barbara Sheriff’s detectives at a later time. I believe…his verbal description and drawing, when considered together with the photograph of the Defendent’s penis, substantially rebuts the opinion evidence offered by witnesses to the effect that he … would not have exposed his naked body in the presence of young boys.”

    • According to Diane Dimond of Hard Copy, Sergeant Gary Spiegel, the sheriff’s photographer, claims he observed a dark spot on the lower left side of Jackson’s penis.[60]

      Sneddon ended his declaration with “I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct except for those statements made on information and belief, as to those statements, I believe them to be true.”[16] He preceded his beliefs with “I believe”, with following identified as “beliefs”:[16]

      I believe the discolorization Chandler identified in his drawing was not something he could or would have guessed about, or could have seen accidentally. I believe Chandler’s graphic representation of the discolored area on Defendant’s penis is substantially corroborated by the photographs taken by Santa Barbara Sheriff’s detectives at a later time. I believe…his verbal description and drawing, when considered together with the photograph of the Defendent’s penis, substantially rebuts the opinion evidence offered by witnesses to the effect that he … would not hAccording to Diane Dimond of Hard Copy, Sergeant Gary Spiegel, the sheriff’s photographer, claims he observed a dark spot on the lower left side of Jackson’s penis.[60]

      Sneddon ended his declaration with “I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct except for those statements made on information and belief, as to those statements, I believe them to be true.”[16] He preceded his beliefs with “I believe”, with following identified as “beliefs”:[16]

      I believe the discolorization Chandler identified in his drawing was not something he could or would have guessed about, or could have seen accidentally. I believe Chandler’s graphic representation of the discolored area on Defendant’s penis is substantially corroborated by the photographs taken by Santa Barbara Sheriff’s detectives at a later time. I believe…his verbal description and drawing, when considered together with the photograph of the Defendent’s penis, substantially rebuts the opinion evidence offered by witnesses to the effect that he … would not have exposed his naked body in the presence of young boys.”

      ave exposed his naked body in the presence of young boys.”

  2. Wow, talk about living in denial.

    Its quite obvious that Michael Jackson is a nonce, no 35 year old man sleeps in the same room (even the same bed according to Jordie’s mother, who, subsequent to her admission of knowledge about this fact, has not been allowed to see her son since the trial 15 years ago, what mother would go through that just to net a bit of money) with a 12 year old boy for a month without being a pedaphile.

    Are you forgetting that Jordie was able to accurately describe marks on MJ’s genitalia? Not to mention the glaring fact that Michael must have felt there was some weight to the accusations, otherwise he would not have paid him off with $20 million in the first place.

    Think of what it must have been like to be a child and have that much money offered up to you. Anyone would have settled for that much, I dont blame the guy for wanting to dissappear from the public eye after it all ended. I wish him the best of luck in the rest of his life. I also Hope with all my heart that Michael Jackson will one day get caught with his pants down and get what he so rightly deserves, the disgusting lecherous perv that he is.

    • Shows how much you know, First of it was not Jackson who decided to pay the money, it was his insurance company and lawyers against Jackson’s own plea to go to court to clear his name, because the thought he could not handle the trial process at that time. Second Jordie was not the one who decided to accept the money, it was his father who accepepted the money. As a matter of fact, Evan Chandler was the one who perpatrated the whole entire thing. He wanted either a damn screentwrittin contract or millions. If this man was any kind of a man, if MJ molested this child why would he ask for money or screenwriting contract, what a real man would do is beat his butt not accept money. Ya’ll need to read the GQ magazine article from 94 called was Michael Jackson framed. And also u need to read the Aprodite Jones’s book Michael Jackson Conspiracy.

      • You know… what other type of justice could this parent get than to hurt the man where it would count the most!! Defame the fame, take what you can get of his money, and hopefully put him behind bars… (you all know how well that all works in this court~system & this society… especially for these ‘famous’ people. I like to call them notorious!)

    • One question? why when they searched his Computers and his house there was not one scintilla of evidence that Michael was a Pedophile. Pedophile’s always have some kind of evidence that leads one to believe that they have a fixation on children… where was the evidence that Michael was interested in Children in a sexual capacity. There wasn’t any… This was based solely on one child’s testimony! If my child was molested by Michael Jackson, there isn’t enough money in the world to pay me off! I wouldn’t want him to hurt another child if this was the case.. I would want him prosecuted to the full extent of the law! Would you pimp your child?

    • Roycozz – Oh no, no. You really aren’t eduated about the situation.

      If you want to know truth you can read Redemption by Geraldine Hughes – she was the legal secretary to the attorney representing Jordan and the Chandlers. She reveals facts and truths showing Michaels innocence that have never been reported by the media. She is trying to make a documentary to clear his name.

      There is also Conspiracy written by Aphrodite Jones about the 2005 trial which was an obvious set up – she journalist who used to think Michael was innocent until after the trial when she read court documents etc.

      If you don’t want to buy/read those books take a look at this site, it has some information you REALLY should know.


    • Roycoz: You do not have the facts. Jordie’s description DID NOT match Michael. He said Michael was circumcised and he was not. End of Story.

    • First of all, Do your research Honey. The sleepovers were not planned and Michael was friends with the whole family not just Jordan. Infact, it was the mother who encouraged Michael to spend more time with her son because she always spent time with her daughter and Jordan had noone. The stepfather sucked and his real dad sucked.

      Also, the description of his genitals did not match. There was a good description about the condition of Michael’s vitiligo– but anyone who happened to be watching him on the Oprah special in 93, anyone in Michaels inner circle, anyone seeing his body in an appropriate setting(swim pool,shorts, tanktop) can tell you about the discoloration.

      If it matched like some media outlets claimed, atleast 1 out of the 2 grand juries would have indicted Michael. Not to mention the fact that it would have been used as evidence against him in 2003-all the other evidence from 93 was used. Please stop quoting tabloid lies and go with the facts.

  3. Jordan never accurately described the marks on Michael’s genitalia. If the case wasn’t so serious, I’d actually find it amusing. The so called ‘spot on’ description was nothing more than a square with a triangle on top, with Evan Chandler (his father’s) writings are scribbled all over it. In January 1994, USA Today printed an article confirming that, “photos of Michael Jackson’s genitalia do not match descriptions given by the boy who accused the singer of sexual misconduct.” Some tabloid reports may indicate otherwise but keep in mind that the District Attorney brought his “evidence” in front of two grand juries and charges were not filed. If the photos matched the boy’s description, the case would have probably gone to trial.


    If I a was an abused victim as a child, I wouldn’t want nor accept money. If a child and/or a parent settles for money they’re fucking heartless, lack of moral and have no decency. You do not accept money from a criminal who violated your son or daughter. A better question is why take money to forget you were molested? If I was a victim of rape or molestation, I and my family would want that perpetrator to be in prison – more likely for himself being abused, and see how he likes it. Let an offender free into the public?

    What a lot of people simply do not understand is that there was never, ever a single iota of information which connected Jackson to the 1993 allegations, and yet there was an absolute wealth of information which suggested he was innocent. What people also don’t realize is that when Jackson paid his settlement, he was settling a civil case not a criminal case; he was not being prosecuted, he was being sued. There is a clause in the settlement which states that Jackson in no way acknowledges any wrongdoing by signing the settlement. There is another clause which specifically states that a settlement in the civil case in no way affects the recipients’ right to testify in a criminal case. The reason no criminal case was brought in 1993 was that the allegations were ludicrous and they couldn’t find any information to back them up. Thomas Sneddon presented the case to two grand juries and both of them laughed him out of court. He wasn’t even allowed to bring charges because his case was so pathetic.

    The belief Jackson ‘bought his way out of jail’ has no weight yet everyone uses that as their blind justification of guilt. There was never a case against Jackson in 1993 and that was evident over a year prior to the settlement. With the criminal case in limbo because it was so moronic and the allegations hanging over his head until the media got some resolution, a settlement was the only way Jackson could make everything disappear. Diane Dimond known for her stupid antics to try to make anything ‘Michael Jackson’ even bigger than what it was, leaked the actual documents of the settlement. In the documents one find many ‘interesting’ things. For example, in the document Michael Jackson denies ever having any sexual contact with Jordan Chandler. And to make things even more interesting, the parents of Jordan Chandler, Evan and June Chandler agreed to that denial. Here is that part of the document:

    Also, in the document it actually says the Chandlers can only speak of the case in a court of law. For 10 years the media has been spreading the lie that the settlement somehow stopped the Chandlers from testifying against Jackson. Another myth destroyed by the factual document.

    Another myth that the settlement was for more than 30 million when in fact it was only 15,331,250, both Evan and June Chandler obtained 1.5 million while Larry Feldman obtained 3 million and 10% of the settlement which would bring his earnings to 5 million dollars.

    And how much Jordan Chandler got? The most he could’ve gotten was 8 million dollars. Who leaked this private document? The only party that had this particular document was Lisa Marie Presley’s attorney at the time. So who gave it to Diane Dimond? Hmmm.

    Entire document here:


    You also left out the part where Jordan and has told people [personal] that Michael Jackson is not a pedophile. You also left out the part where last year in July, Evan Chandler struck his son with a dumbbell and basically tried to murder him.


    What a great father. Not only that, he wrote a book about his son’s rape. “Michael Jackson Was My Lover-The Secret Diary of Jordie Chandler”. Even his brother chipped in. Raymond Chandler, author of book “All That Glitters: The Crime and the Cover Up” which deals with the alleged sexual abuse of his nephew Jordie by Michael Jackson. Team effort! How considerate. [edit] That book was written by Victor Guiteriezz, he also said that there was a videotape of Michael molesting one of Jermaine’s sons. Michael sued him about the book AND Hard Copy(they ran the story about the fake videotape) and Michael won the suit, but Victor left the country. It was one of the few times Michael actually fought back the allegations.

    You also forgot the part where Evan Chandler was caught on tape speaking about his extortion plans on the telephone. You can read the whole transcript here


    Please don’t ever leave a comment like that again. I know first hand what it feels like to be raped. I’m not going to go into detail, because thats personal. Do you know how that feels like? Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. Point is. Let me tell you something. I am not some crazy fan who believes in his innocence because I like ‘Beat It’ and ‘Thriller’. If he was a child molester I’d burn all my CDs & memorabilia and wish him to burn in hell.

    Do I approve of Michael having sleepovers with young children that are not his own? NO! That violates a social norm, and that is why it is looked down upon. However, entire families visit the Ranch. There is no way possible that this man could possible have the time and secrecy to abuse a child in his house, and not have the victim find their way out and tell their parents immediately. When Michael infamously said he shared his bed, he didn’t mean his literal bedroom. They’re not even IN his bedroom. His home is 3,000 acres. Guests stay over in the guest rooms, as in parents and their children. If said children would like to stay with Michael (and Lisa Marie Presley his ex-wife testified this herself that they follow them where ever they go) he specifically said that he tells them to ask their guardians if its okay. And if they do, Michael sleeps on the floor. It is rude to let a guest sleep on a coach, a floor or any other uncomfortable position while you stay in the comfort of your own bed.

    • Thank you for some common sense here. Just because someone might behave a little out of the ordinary they are automatically labeled as some sort of deviant; in Michael’s case, a sexual deviant. People seem to think that pedophiles are so easily spotted because they’re “weird” like they claim Michael Jackson to be. It’s more likely that the person you trust the most – the one that seems normal and well-adjusted – is the one molesting your child. Jackson was, unfortunately, an easy target. He had a kind heart, fame, and tons of money. On top of that, the media only further propagated this child molestation myth with their “Wacko Jacko” stories. Their should be some sort of legislation protecting people from libel. Both charges brought against Michael were from money-hungry people and I hope they burn in hell for the trouble they caused to Michael, but most importantly to their children. In both cases it came to light that the parents were only in it for the money. That’s just sick. They are the real criminals. It’s just really sad that Michael did not live to see his name be cleared (if it ever is). I can only IMAGINE the pain and confusion his family must have felt during his trials and now at his sudden and unexpected passing, especially his mother. FYI, I know someone who was a victim of molestation so I would never defend someone who I felt had even a smidge of guilt.

    • Thank you for this collection of fascinating details. I’m afraid in the age of research and analysis reduced to soundbytes, this is too much nuance for the general public – who don’t have much vested personal interest in finding the “truth” about MJ, beyond whatever that rationalizes the assaults on their eyes, sensibilities, and imagination by his surface.

      So does this make Oprah’s making a point – on her show – to squirm and disassociate from anything MJ, an act of self-preservation during a heated and endless witch-hunt? He made (rich’n’powerful) Black Folk look bad! shoosh.

      I do admit to being part of the “public” in having doubts about the one-time symbol of purity from Jackson Five, but doubts they remained – because nothing was ever definite in the public discourse other than the jokes that seemed to let people deal with the whole tabooed fascination with pedophilia in highly graphic detail (And Really: if highly functional, “straight”, “normal” people denounce pedophilia, why continue to paint highly vivid word-pictures of the genitalia of a superstar’s and hypothetical chidren’s TOGETHER? is this a socially accepted mental masturbation about children’s and “Freaks'” sexuality, to get off on it without having to account for the thrills of innuendo?)

      • RIGHT ON!! This was on awkwardstar.com
        Awkward Thoughts
        Home About Jordan Chandler admits he lied about Michael Jackson??
        June 27, 2009

        Admits he lied

        After the sudden death of Michael Jackson Evan Chandler tells the truth.

        In 1993, Chandler told a psychiatrist and police that he and Jackson had engaged in sexual acts that included oral sex, the boy gave detailed description of Jackson’s genitals. The case was settled out of court for a reported $22 million, but the strain led Jackson to begin taking painkillers. Eventually he became addicted.

        Now maybe for the remorse of his death Chandler decides to tell us the truth. ” I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now i can’t tell Michael how much i’m sorry and if he will forgive me ”.Evan Chandler was tape-recorded saying amongst other things, “If I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…

        Under the influence of a controversial father (Jordan Chandler) told his son to tell that Jackson had touched his penis.Jordan Chandler then told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation and oral sex, as well as giving a detailed description of what he alleged were the singer’s genitals.
        ” Now for the first time i can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all was my father lies to escape from being poor.”

        Taken from – http://trashselector.com/evan-chandler-i-lied-for-my-father-im-sorry-michael/

        Posted by awkwardstar——- I replied MOMDUXX said
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        June 28, 2009 at 2:17 am
        OMG! WTF! Where is this coming from? Is this for real? You let the world believe that a wonderful man did such henious things for $$$$? FOR $$$$? If this is really true I hope that everyday you lowlifes spend a penny of Michael’s money you suffer an extreme volume of pain! I curse your whole family. You will pay on earth and in hell when you all die. Kid or not, you are responsible for your own words and you DO and DID know the difference between a lie and the truth. You are RESPONSIBLE! and so I hope you and your family rot in hell. There will be no forgiveness for what you and your trash fanily have done. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND and you shall keep the KINGS name from your filthy mouth. I am in disbelief of how cruel the human race can be to destroy a human being that was so loved and worshipped by all with lies. The Chandlers will Pay.

        MOMDUXX said
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        June 28, 2009 at 2:29 am
        And furthermore I never, don’t, and won’t believe Michael ever hurt a fly much less a child. He was Peter Pan and he lived as a child thus the enjoyment of little boys AND girls like himself. If there is any blame for anything Michael did it was his father who made him become the person he was and after this disgusting family maligned him with their lies it was they who killed him………

        I sent this to a couple of newspapers with no replies
        MOMDUXX said
        Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        June 28, 2009 at 4:30 pm
        I contacted reputable newspapers also and have yet to hear a word. Are u connected with the news? Where did you get your info so fast as to this article being a fake and what kind of confirmational proof do you have? I dont care about the “typo”. And futhermore something I didnt know was the blood money that was paid to these lowlifes was paid by Michael’s insurance company. Michael & his family wanted to fight these lies in court but the insurance company insisted on a settlement. Notice how you always see the bad things about celebs but not the good??? ANYBODY??? SOMEBODY??? Where was his accuser when he showed up to court everyday to defend himself? In another country refusing to testify?? YYYYY? Come fourth and tell your story. Everybody can talk their crap now or tell the truth. The KING has passed. SHOW SOME RESPECT!

      • Indeed, how sad, how tragic, how pathetic.

        I think I’m probably leaving the Internet some time today, and coming back in a week. Not a break by choice. But I will definitely come back here with you guys, many of whom my fellow MJ fans (I love you so much).

        I just realize that, among the people I am in contact with, how so many of them are simply stupid. Stupid to the extreme.

        When it is their time to depart and decay…their souls will realize how stupid, how pathetic, how wrong they had been, and they will pay a dear, but dear, price, for uttering those judgmental, cold-hearted and stupid words about Michael. They will find out that they were wrong, and it will be too late for them to mend the damage they had caused. It was exactly these same people, together with the profit-hungry media, as “society”, that killed Michael in a merciless way. These people will pay when they die like Michael just has. They will pay.

        “Ignorance is a bliss”- these mindless people who are responsible for chronically murdering Michael, will enjoy their ignorance for now, and for now only. The time will come when these ignorant and stupid people pay their due.

        Rest in peace, Michael.

        I’m not sure if I’ll post again today, if not, I’m coming back in exactly one week’s time. I can hardly wait to join you, my friends.

        We love you, Michael.

    • Thank you so much for the insightful analyses which you have backed up. I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around Micheal’s passing but hope that he would at last find some peace.
      As for this Diane Dimond, I wonder what will be left for her to do/say now that Michael is gone! She better enjoy this while it lasts, as his death is currently the hottest topic she is getting the opportunity to espouse her hatred for him for one last time. Imagine while being interviewed on Thursday I heard her say that she was “reliably informed” that there were people present with him including family members, naming his father Joe Jackson as being at his side when it had already been reported that Mr. Jackson was in Las Vegas when he got the news and was making his way to LA to meet up with the rest of the family members! And the fact that none of these individuals were present is further borne out by the 911 tape recording! What a LIAR and an awful human being! What did Michael ever do to you Ms. Dimond?

      • I live in Vegas. Im almost certain due to employees of and news of Mr Joe Jackson, that he was indeed still here at his home when he got the call and was flown to CA under emergency flight plans. JMO … ♥

    • Excellent article…


      Like I said before, kind of funny the media didn’t jump on the truth to prove to the public Michael was innocent, they just let it ride…I think if they did, the public would be disapointed he wasn’t guilty! After all what the media did, and turning his life into a disgraced circus,and never stopped, he lost his soul, and his belief in the kindness of mankind. I think his spiritually was broken, and he just plainly gave up! No wonder the Poor guy started showing strange behavior and took prescriptions, just to make it through day by day of his destroyed life…What a shame…R.I.P brother…

      • I don’t even think it is within my abilities to even IMAGINE how many tears Michael shed his entire life since he was a child, how he cried to himself frequently, especially after Evan Chandler’s total character assassination against Michael.

        I shall share the evidence you have gathered for us to see it for ourselves, the floacist.

        This is beyond forgiveness.

        Evan Chandler and all his imitators broke Michael’s kind, gentle, delicate heart, and completely destroyed his faith in humankind, and his passion for life- these blood-suckers criminals ripped Michael off his EVERYTHING.

        I shan’t forget, and to me these criminals shall remain unforgiven.

        This is beyond forgiveness.

        This is true evil.

        All evil shall be annihilated by the ultimate universal good.

        What goes around, comes around.

        This is beyond forgiveness.

      • I’m with you.

        Shame on all those mindless, ignorant, lazy, stupid people.

        The time will come when every single one of them have to pay. They will pay.

    • Thank you, the floacist.

      If only justice had been done onto Michael when he was still alive.

      For a young lady your age, you are quite remarkable to have gathered all these resources and evidence.

      Evan Chandler’s evil masterplan changed Michael’s life forever.

      Michael had so much to give to us, to the whole world; he could have given a great deal more…

      Evan Chandler cold-bloodedly murdered Michael’s career, reputation, his everything.

      This is injustice.

      Justice must be done.

      If only everyone cared.

    • Time for this to resurface. We owe it to him and ourselves to reveal this lie and the tragic burning at the stake of an innocent man for daring to be different and to love.

    • The floacist,

      Again, I deeply appreciate the information you have gathered.

      However, I think the presence of the audio contents of the telephone conversations between Evan Chandler and David Schwartz is essential, because with the audio materials, it will be far more convincing for those skeptics who unconsciously wish Michael was how his accusers and how the media protrayed him.

      I’m not among those skeptics; however, this might sound like a dumb question- who recorded the phone conversations, and who obtained the audio evidence first-hand, and how did she or he manage to do it?

      I’m asking because, as we are mourning Michael, there are more and more vicious rumors and preconceptive judgments stated by MJ haters, most of whom are Americans. How ironic.

      I look forward to hearing from you soon, the floacist. This is a life-and-death situation to me; this is about Michael’s name being tainted, or being cleared. Some have remarked that it does not matter whether he was guilty or not guilty of the charges, what matters is that we will remember Michael as an exceptional artist, performer, pop icon.

      Nonetheless, I think it does matter. Not in the sense that, had Michael been labeled “guilty”, I would turn my back on him- not so. I just think it does matter. It’s about a man’s image being severely tainted, justice was never done unto him, he died with so much psychache, and to this day, his name has not been cleared. I think it does matter.

    • The floacist,

      I asked a dumb question. I just finished reading the entirety of Ms. Mary A. Fischer’s article in GQ Magazine, 1994- “Was Michael Jackson Framed?”, whose link has been kindly provided by Wilhelmina.

      I’ve got the answer to one of my questions- the main question, now:

      It was Jordan Chandler’s stepfather, David Schwartz, who was married to J Chandler’s mother, June Chandler Schwartz back then, that secretly tape-recorded that particular telephone conversation between Evan Chandler and David Schwartz himself.

      We all owe a depth of gratitude to Wilhelmina, and to you, the floacist.

      This is evil.

      With the use of sodium amytal, a barbiturate, to sedate, and to mentally control Jordan Chandler.

      How evil.

      I shall share the Mary A. Fischer’s GQ article link to as many people as I personally are in contact with. This is a momumental and well-balanced article.

      Yet the media, the tabloids, and people in general- seem to have this perverse and pathological hunger for elaborated, unfounded, scandalous materials. Most of us don’t care about the truth.

      I just logged onto Yahoo!UK, and viewed a couple of newly posted articles in which, the L.A. coroners’ office denied the false reports by British tabloids about the appearance and the autopsy findings of Michael.

      Shame on The Sun.

      Shame on The Daily Mail.

      Shame on The Daily Mirror.

      To all persons involved in exploiting Michael for his money and in destroying him completely in such a cold-blooded manner-

      For shame. For shame.

      How deaf and how blind people are to search for the facts and the truth…and how sick people are to be so ready for wrongfully accusing an innocent man for something hideous that he never did.

      The truth is out there.

      When will people open their eyes and listen hard?

      You are loved, Michael.

    • you are so right,even though i was never a huge mj fan i never listened to the media in fact i stopped watching tv because of all the crap i was seeing and hearing about him,i believe a great man was destroyed for being too kind , and it hurts most that his three children will never have their dad to run to when ever they need advice , or a true friend i know how painful this is becaue i lost both my parents and even though i am 20 now and three years have passed i still feel that void but the good die young , only god knows why

    • Do I approve of Michael having sleepovers with young children that are not his own? NO! That violates a social norm, and that is why it is looked down upon.

      —–That’s a matter of opinion really. This world is so perverted that we look at innocent acts differently. I don’t think Michael sleeping in bed with kids is inappropriate because nothing happened. The kids parents where in the house and it wasn’t planned or discussed. He never invited children into his bedroom. Some of these children were sick and poor or just had parents that didn’t give damn about them and he just wanted to help.

      A friend of mine used to run a day care in her home and some kids would stay overnight, and sleep in her bed, I’ve slept in the bed with children that were not mine or of no relation. That’s bound to happen especially when your entertaini9ng children all the time. Kids would also come in my room and play games on the bed and watch television. Sometimes children get up and walk around and crawl in the bed. I totally understand how it happens.

      Like Michael said on the Bashir interview, “if you’re really close like family and you know the people well” it’s Okay. When Lisa Marie Presley was asked would she let her son sleep in the bed with a 35 year old man she said no way if she didn’t know them but she said she doesnt care if Michael does. I am totally in accordance with that but the media loves to twist Michaels words.

      It’s about the relationship when it comes to things like that. It’s not like he’s nude or taking showers with these kids. That’s inappropriate to do with your own children when they reach a certain age. He was simply going to sleep and most of the kids slept in their clothes and his relatives neices and nephews were there as well.

  4. It would be lovely if Mr Jordan Chandler could be known for something else, other than the person that was involved with Mr Jackson.
    I pray that he is able to live a life that will not always remind him of his past.
    I think it hindsite it may have been better if the settlement had gone to a children’s charity such as the NSPCC or “Save the Children”.
    I pray that lord’s mercy will fall on all concerned, and for everybody that hurts even now, this song has been a comfort to me, and I pray that it will be comfort to all of us who have suffered in the hands of manuplating parents.

    In Christ Alone Lyrics

    In Christ alone my hope is found
    He is my light, my strength, my song
    This Cornerstone, this solid ground
    Firm through the fiercest drought and storm
    What heights of love, what depths of peace
    When fears are stilled, when strivings cease
    My Comforter, my All in All
    Here in the love of Christ I stand

    In Christ alone, who took on flesh
    Fullness of God in helpless babe
    This gift of love and righteousness
    Scorned by the ones He came to save
    ‘Til on that cross as Jesus died
    The wrath of God was satisfied
    For every sin on Him was laid
    Here in the death of Christ I live

    There in the ground His body lay
    Light of the world by darkness slain
    Then bursting forth in glorious Day
    Up from the grave He rose again
    And as He stands in victory
    Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me
    For I am His and He is mine
    Bought with the precious blood of Christ

    No guilt in life, no fear in death
    This is the power of Christ in me
    From life’s first cry to final breath
    Jesus commands my destiny
    No power of hell, no scheme of man
    Can ever pluck me from His hand
    ‘til He returns or calls me home
    Here in the power of Christ I’ll stand

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, I pray that it will be a blessing to all who read it.

  5. First off, I want to say to the Floacist what a beautiful statement you made!!!! It’s true MJ fans like you that keep Michael Jackson going. As for Roycozz, please get your facts straight before making such judgment on the king of pop. Put yourself in his shoes for a minute. What if you was this big time selling artist of all time who instead of spending his money on drugs, getting wasted, and partying, spends it on charity and giving out to people all over the world that is less fortunate. You have a friend that you trusted, with a money-hungry father who wanted fame. So he did what he could to tear you down in order to make himself feel bigger. He accuse you of molesting his son.

    Imagine going through the feeling with certain people thinking you’re a pedophile? Imagine feeling hurt and betrayed because knowing that your famous, people try to get money off you??? You have no clue how it’s like to be in Michael Jackson’s shoes.

    As Floacist mentioned, Evan Chandler was recored on audio saying that he was going to destroy MJ. His career is over and he is going to make it “big time”. He also stated that it was going to be a massacre if he didn’t get what “he” want. Not once did he mention how he was going to get justice for his son, how he wanted mj to go to jail, but mostly talked about himself and how he was going to end MJ’s career.

    I heard that audio recording, and to me, it doesn’t sound like a concerned parent, but more like a gold digger. Jordan was only 12 yeard old at the moment, so it wasn’t his fault at the moment. He was coached by his father. If that was my child, I would want that person in jail, and put away for life!!! Money will be the last thing on my mind. I don’t care who you are, no sum amount of money is going to heal my child’s wounds!!!! If someone was truly molested, it would stay with them for the rest of their life. They would still get nightmares!!! Trust me, I know!!! I think it’s kinda strange that once you got big cash, then it’s like “hey, I got money, I forgot this ever happened to me!!!” Doesn’t sound like a victim to me.

    We already know that his father is a big time loser. But I’m mostly disappointed on Jordan Chandler himself. Now you’re a grown man, strong (I must admit handsome)and old enough to speak out about the allegations. He didn’t even testify against Jackson at his trial. If that was me, and if I knew that happened to me, I will be in that court so fast, and I will make sure that person is locked away for life!!!! Just so I know that the person wouldn’t do that to another person again. He even got a restraining order against his father Evan. So that should drive him right there to come out with the truth

    I know Michael Jackson is innocent. And the sad thing is the press and the media will twist things and bend things backwards to make him look like a completely different person than what he really is. They paint him as this horrible monster. That’s why it makes me so angry when people like Racozz talk badly about MJ. For someone to be accused of something like that and completely innocent, I bet that’s the worst feeling in the world. Michael Jackson is so strong, and I feel horrible for him. Look at floacist comment, read those documents that she kindly posted for us, then tell me that MJ is a pedophile. Then I’ll know something is wrong with you

    • Jessica, you are a darling.

      You said:

      “I know Michael Jackson is innocent.”

      Thank you for saying that, Jessica. I do, too.

      “Look at floacist comment, read those documents that she kindly posted for us, then tell me that MJ is a pedophile. Then I’ll know something is wrong with you”

      Apparently, something is wrong with an enormous number of people. They are incredibly, and intolerably stupid.

      Why has none of these pieces of evidence drawn the media’s attention? Why are people so blind and so deaf?

      Michael has just died. When he was alive, he was never happy, he never for once felt loved, and he must have felt that he did not belong in this world…well, sadly, I’d say it’s true that poor Michael indeed did not belong in this low-down, sick world. His passing was so very untimely, so very tragic- but he is in a better place now, no longer having to endure the day-in, day-out humiliation, misunderstandings, loneliness, unhappiness, and cruelty from this unevolved, savage planet. We did not deserve Michael. Yet we were so lucky to have Michael.

      I find this blog a much better place to be at, there are a lot more sensible people with a good mind here. This is a much more rational and much more compassionate place in the cyberspace then the other sites I frequent more. Thank you, the floacist. Words can never say enough how grateful I am. Thank you, too, my fellow MJ fans, and the other people here with a good mind. Thank you. I know Michael is touched to see and to hear us saying things about the evidence and justice. Meanwhile, unfortunately, he hears those who don’t know any better than I-don’t-know-what.

      I hope Michael is finally feeling the love, the solace, the joy, the sanctuary that he longed for all his life…

  6. Jordy Chandler is 27 years old man. Have you seen how Brett Barnes looks like now? Even Wade Robson and MaCauley Culkin as well. Jackson was friends with Jimmy Safechuck as well.

  7. One more thing, add Alfonso Ribeiro to the list. He was Carlton in “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” and Alfonso Spears in “Silver Spoons”. Oh, there was also Emmanuel Lewis from Webster as well.

  8. I’m well aware of them, I don’t remember if I ever posted pictures of them when they were in court to testify in the defense (sans Ribeiro) I might want to do a new entry now if I didn’t.

    Thanks for the comment.

  9. Hi, do you might have clips with Michael and Jordan Chandler? And do you have the secret audio tapes with Evan Chandler and Dave Schwartz? If so, could you please send them to me by email? I try to do a music video about the allegations. I might preview it in YouTube next year.


  10. we love you mj lots of love

    india xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  11. Does Alfonso Ribeiro support Michael Jackson? Whatever happened to Jimmy Safechuck? Will Michael Jackson ever focus on the U.S. market? He’s been abroad too long now.


  13. I pray that Jordan and his father burn in hell for the lie that they submitted as truth. Like satan and his angels they deserve to be cast into the pits of the fiery furnace as they scream with the siund of a shattering crescendo. This my friends I wish without an ounce of remorse. With the cost of an innocent man`s reputation even this is too much mercy for them. The evidence is clearly there for those who want to research the case and see this plot put into motion. The telephone conversation, the meetings, etc. All one has to day is get on the internet and it`s all right before your eyes. The truth, like your image in the mirror, will stare you in the face. Did Michael leave himself vulnerable for these kinds of allegations, yes. Is he too nice for his own well being, in my opinion yes. It`s also the opinion of his brother Jermaine who said so in an interview with Larry King after Michael was aquitted in 2005 in another scam. Judging from that interview if Michael had the same temperment as Jermaine he probably wouldn`t find himself in these types of situations. For Jermaine came across as someone who`s not a pushover. He tells it like it is and doesn`t care who likes it. Michael could probably learn a thing or two from his older brother. It`s unfortunate that people view Michael as a chance to hit the lottery in order to give their sorry lives any meaning. This is the world we live in. Seek out the perfect opportunity, devise a lie, and cha-ching. Meanwhile an innocent man`s reputation is forever tarnished as you stroll around with your bling-bling from the money for which you extorted. Hopefully this lie will be exposed in the mass media somehow so that the world can say as I say now, Jordan may you and your father burn in hell!!! P.S. Sorry for posting twice due to the caps lock. Something in my mind told me something was wrong that`s why I returned so soon to the site. Maybe you can remove my precending post. Again my deepest apology.

  14. I think that Michael Jackson did molest all these boys and that he is a pedophile.I am a psychologist and i know he fits the “classic”characteristics of a pedophile. The reason why he got away with it so many times is that people have an image of a innocent person he pretends to be and he is a wealthy wellknown popicon. And he is a brilliant actor he will not show his real face and character when he is in the public eye ,many people can confirm that. It is very sad that he can harm innocent children that will carry the scars of it their whole life and sometimes commit suicide. It is a known fact that molested children will not speak about what is done to them, because they are afraid about the consequences. Jordan chandler seems like a troubled young man, and he suffers the broken relationship with his parents. I was once a jackson fan but since the first alligations i began to doubt his credibility. I hope for his children sake he will not molest them too.They are traumatised anyway for walking around in masks! And not knowing their mother(s), and not having a normal life. So people wake up and look what is really going on. If michael jackson was not a popstar but a common man in the street he would be behind bars years ago!!

    • What is all this CRAP??

      “He’s so rich and famous and talented… he MUST be UNUSUAL, not like the rest of us… he knows something we don’t… his rare ‘child~like’ nature was the key to his talent, it’s his muse… we just don’t UNDERSTAND”.

      Give me an F~’n break!! Another ARROGANT OJ who knew how to pull the wool over this idiotic society.

      You people are perpetuating this CRAP in our world.

      Call a spade a spade and get it over with!!

      If it looks like a duck… DUH!!!

      • here’s a nice quote from the press about it:

        In a taped June 2003 telephone interview, Katz, 55, gave a Santa Barbara sheriff’s investigator his “off the record” opinion of the 46-year-old entertainer. Jackson, Katz told Det. Paul Zelis, “is a guy that’s like a 10-year-old child. And, you know, he’s doing what a 10-year-old would do with his little buddies. You know, they’re gonna jack off, watch movies, drink wine, you know. And, you know, he doesn’t even really qualify as a pedophile. He’s really just this regressed 10-year-old.”
        “Yeah, yeah, I agree,” replied Zelis.

    • Blackmagicawoman:
      You are a psychologist? So there are people who actually depend and rely on you to heal their psyche and obtain sound judgement and advise? Holy shit!

    • After all has been said and done. MJ’s children have turned out normal children as evident at their father’s memorial. You will never know the profile of a child molester, cause there isn’t one. Chandler was troubled because he had an abusive father.
      You never knew the story of the children’s mother. So who are we to say.
      The truth is MJ was innocent, the case was aquitted and his insurance company pressed him to pay the Chandlers money, to put a stop to it all. Michael never wanted to pay the money.
      Michael came to Sydney, Australia in 1996 and visited our Aboriginal community in Redfern and came to our Child Care Centre called Murrawina, visited the kids and made a donation and gave tickets to his concerts. No other performer would ever come down to Redfern and make time to visit us. Only Michael did. Could you imagine Beyonce coming down here to visit the community and the kids. She’s coming here soon, not likely. And if I were in need of your services I would seek help elsewhere.

  15. Michael Jackson was also good friends with Corey Feldmen. Corey once talked about Michael Jackson on 20/20 after Jackson’s arrest in 2003 and he also says that he no longer considers Michael Jackson as a friend. I wonder if MaCauley Culkin, Wade Robson, Brett Barnes, Alfonso Ribeiro, Jimmy Safechuck, and Emmanuel Lewis ever contact Michael Jackson just to say “Hi” or something. I’m the same generation as Wade Robson & MaCauley Culkin and grew up on Michael Jackson’s music. I remember watching an episode of “Silver Spoons” when Alfonso Ribeiro first appeared on the show and acted that he was friends with Michael Jackson, but really hired a Michael Jackson impersonator to be his friend. But in reality at that time, Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton on “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”) was in a Pepsi commercial with Michael Jackson during the “Thriller” era.

  16. black magica woman,
    I doubt you actually know what you’re talking about

    First of all, unless you are a social worker who has interviewed Jackson, his children, the family and his governess, you are in no way shape or form to judge the condition of his children, which is DISRESPECTFUL. How do you know they don’t know who their mother is? How do you know how they are feeling? Obviously they do not wear disguises in the privacy of their own home. Anyone who has known Jackson and his family have commented that his children are well behaved and sweet kids. Steve Harvey once commented that they don’t act like ‘little rich kids’.

    You are not an expert, you are not their brain cell, you’re just another judgmental human being who validates their opinions on “profiles”. Your reasoning that Michael Jackson specifically is a pedophile with no full detail, analysis and/or facts and background information in this specific case with this particular person is laughable, blind judgment — and considering you provided none of these things above or even tried to dispute what I had written, your point is worthless.

    The profile of a pedophile thing is completely ridiculous in my opinion. Although Michael seems to fit the profile, it doesn’t mean he is a pedophile. I think it’s unfair to assume that he is because he fits a profile. There are so many people who share these characteristics and are not pedophiles, as there are also many people who do not share these characteristics and are pedophiles.

    Pedophilia is defined as having a sexual attraction to children – it is simply a sexual preference. It would be the same if someone created a profile of heterosexuals or homosexuals. What would it say? That heterosexual males own pornography, when many do not? Or that homosexual women do not wear bras, when many do? It’s a stupid thing to assume the information in the profile is 100% accurate, and that anyone who fits it is a pedophile.

    There is no such thing as a pedophile profile, because there is no set method that people use to abuse children. They do whatever works for them, which does not necessarily have to include pornography, luring and candy. Many children are molested without even knowing the person doing it. What makes us think that these pedophiles lured the child, gained their trust and showed them pornography before molesting them? Many pedophiles just come out on the street and attack, beat and kidnap children to molest them. I remember hearing a story of a little girl who went into a public toilet and was confronted by a man who held her down, raped her then slit her throat. Are we to assume this pedophile showed that little girl porn, gave her candy, and gained her trust before molesting her? I am sorry to bring such a morbid example, but that is the (unfortunate) reality. The belief “profile of pedophiles” is nonexistent, because each of them have there own methods of abusing children. Sure, some may groom victims and gain there trust, and others may not, it depends on the individual. If they find it easier to simply go after children via kidnapping or holding them down by force to molest them, they would.

    Some pedophiles are attracted to very young children, like babies. As this profile says, pedophiles seduce their victims by luring them into their web and showing them porn or getting them interested in sexual activities… how and why would they do this with a baby? Can a baby really be lured with candy, or would they even be affected by porn? But because their victims are very young and wouldn’t have a full understanding of anything, a pedophile wouldn’t even bother with the grooming process. They would still be a pedophile, but they wouldn’t fit the profile.

    Additionally, there are so many people who do fit the profile and are not pedophiles. Let’s look at teachers for instance… They are always around children; chose an occupation where they know that they would have easy access to children; care about them and refer to then as sweet, pure and innocent; may feel more comfortable around children then adults; may own adult pornography; may have hobbies and interests that appeal to children; Yes, they fit the profile, but the majority of them do not have any sexual interest in children.

    I know hundreds of people who fit this profile to a T, but they have never molested a child and wouldn’t even think of doing so. That’s precisely the problem here. It’s not as simple as this profile makes it out to be. If it were, then there would be no cases of molestation, because every child/parent would know exactly who to avoid based on this profile. If it were, it would be easy for courts to convict pedophiles, because if they fit the profile they are pedophiles, and if they don’t they are not. Why are there so many children that are sexually abused, if it were as simple a comparing their abuser to a profile and getting the child away from that person as quickly as possible? The sad fact is, there is absolutely no way of identifying pedophiles unless you know for a fact that they are sexually attracted to children, and in most cases, you wouldn’t know until it’s too late and some poor child has been abused by that person.

    Let’s look at this one for instance (and right now the FBI guideline is the only one I’m respecting as remotely valid):


    “Some of these individuals gradually seduce their targets through the use of attention, affection, kindness, and even gifts.”

    Michael showed attention, affection and kindness and gifts to this entire family, not just Gavin Arvizo and we found out from Ms. [June] Chandler in court that the same was true in the case of her family (especially her) and we also saw he had an interest in her beyond what was previously thought), not just her children whens he testified in court in People v. Jackson.

    These individuals are often willing to devote considerable amounts of time, money, and energy in this process.

    In the case of Gavin Arvizo, Michael was barely ever present at Neverland and when he was, it was early on in the boy’s illness where he was there to physically carry this sick child to his hospital room at the guest house. After that it was clear that whenever Michael was there it was Gavin who didn’t want to be without him and so asked him if he could go with him to his room. Michael: “its okay with me but you have to ask your parents…” and..it came out that he was never alone with him in the bedroom even then.

    They listen to and empathize with the problems of children.
    So does anyone with half a heart.

    They will be aware of the latest music, hobbies, and interests of children.
    Anyone who shares the same interests as children would, the latest music…that’s a no-brainer for MJ…and hobbies or other interests, Gavin had none that came out in the trial that I’m aware of.

    These individuals attempt to gradually lower children’s inhibitions by slowly introducing sexual context and content into their conversations.”

    This did not happen in the case of People v. Jackson. It came out in the trial that it was all made up. Fingerprint planted on a magazine that caught the prosecution in a lie and a set-up. I just want to point out these distinctions so that people do not do like the public and get caught up in “buzzwords” that may ‘ring’ true on the surface but really don’t fit when digging deeper, which is why he was unanimously vindicated on all counts by a 100% non-black jury, some members which had very close interactions with child molestation in some way, i.e., one woman had a son who was convicted of child molestation. Great move on the part of Sneddon to select this jury and Mesereau to allow it, if that’s the way it was selected. Brilliant in fact.

    • here’s a nice quote from the press about it:

      In a taped June 2003 telephone interview, Katz, 55, gave a Santa Barbara sheriff’s investigator his “off the record” opinion of the 46-year-old entertainer. Jackson, Katz told Det. Paul Zelis, “is a guy that’s like a 10-year-old child. And, you know, he’s doing what a 10-year-old would do with his little buddies. You know, they’re gonna jack off, watch movies, drink wine, you know. And, you know, he doesn’t even really qualify as a pedophile. He’s really just this regressed 10-year-old.”
      “Yeah, yeah, I agree,” replied Zelis.

      hmmm… I guess you all qualify

  17. Well, I’m not gonna pass judgement. All I know is that Jordan Chandler is fine as hell. And if I met him I would totally hook up with him. Suck is d!(k to the bone, toss his salad daily and ride him so long I’d make a hole through the bed, then I’d invite my girlfriends over to add to this exhilerating session! And that’s real. B-P

  18. Hey Mr floacist, i can say whatever i want and whatever i think! I just say it the way i see it and analyse it! Its people like you who keep up this image of M.Jackson, who think he’s so innocent! So he can go on with his behaviour! But we will see what happens in the future because all things that are rotten sooner or later wil surface. Mr Jackson knows how the media works knows when he is in the spotlights, and adjust his behaviour! He knows that he has alot of power and mis-uses it, thats why this all came out! And of course people who submit to this like the mother of jordy who jackson begged if he please could sleep with her son.,Are also struck by his fame and fortune, and later realise when the damage has been done its too late. It is wrong to take the money from Jackson instead of going to court but i guess that’s Hollywood. You roll the dice and pay the price! On both sides the adults are wrong, and crazy to let their children sleep with a grown man. And Jackson is wrong for sleeping with children who are not his in his bed. If he wasn’t famous and wealthy he’d be in jail by now! And i hope for the childrens sake it will not happen again and again!

    • Black Magic Woman!You are a stupid BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!. Floacist has debunked every clain that you have and now you try to trump her with that bullshit drivvel after she clearly whopped ur ass!I do not know where the hell you got your degre from but CNN,MSNBC and especially FOX aka FIXED NEWS does not count as college credit

  19. Tell me how your crazy ass found my blog? LOL. Jordan has groupies now too? Word?

    black magic woman
    No one is denying your right to have an opinion. And I’m a fucking lady, thank you.

  20. I gotta agree with Flo on this one. Black Magic you ain’t making your judgement on fact you making it on what people said and what you think. Yeah, you right, you got a right to your opinion even though it may be wrong, and in this case it is.

    Hey by the way who’s the Jordie groupie up in here!?

  21. black magic woman, Stop assuming we even care what you think (or rather what you don’t think) No one is infringing on your rights to have an opinion. We just think you’re stupid for it. Stupid but totally free. Now leave this site alone because no one is listening.

    + since when were men named “flo”?

  22. I’m the Jordie Groupie! and proud of it Candy! I’ve been in love with him since I was 13 and I’m gonna be 21 on Saturday. So Booyah! Don’t get me wrong, Michael Jackson is the King of Pop and always will be. But when I first read up about the whole scandal and saw Jordie’s picture. I was like FUCK Mike! Jordie’s Fine as hell! LMAO!!! j/k But yeah I will always have love for Mike but Jordie’s my future baby’s daddy. Holla atcha girl!


  23. Oh Yeah, Floacist I personally like your name. It’s very catchy. And I found your blog because it’s one of the first sites that pop up when you do a Jordie Chandler search, so congrats on that!

  24. Dear Floacist,

    Where does Jordie Chandler live now? Is that his friend in the pictures above? Do you think that guy knows that he is the one and only Jordie Chandler? The Jordie Chandler that used to hang out with U.S. popstar, Michael Jackson? I just barely moved to Los Angeles from Salt Lake City, Utah and I heard that Jordie Chandler is from Los Angeles. Gavin Arvizo is from Los Angeles as well. Man, Los Angeles is just a city of immigrants. Nobody speaks English and many are illegal. The U.S. government needs to build an electric fence along the entire U.S.A. border and have the U.S. military guarding the borders so people like Gavin Arvizo won’t be in the U.S.A.

  25. Dear Floacist,

    Where does Jordie Chandler live now? Is that his friend in the pictures above? Do you think that guy knows that he is the one and only Jordie Chandler? The Jordie Chandler that used to hang out with U.S. popstar, Michael Jackson? I just barely moved to Los Angeles from Salt Lake City, Utah and I heard that Jordie Chandler is from Los Angeles. Gavin Arvizo is from Los Angeles as well. Man, Los Angeles is just a city of immigrants. Nobody speaks English and many are illegal. The U.S. government needs to build an electric fence along the entire U.S.A. border and have the U.S. military guarding the borders so people like Gavin Arvizo won’t come into the U.S.A.

  26. Yeah I agree with Flo, John Smith your comment doesn’t make sense. This is a nation of immigrants. We are ALL decendents of Immigrants. The only people that deserve to be here are Native Americans and African Americans. Natives because obviously we found them here and African Americans cause they were kidnapped and brought here and forced to work to build much of the economy that we have today. So you have been muted!

    But one thing I did find interesting in John Smiths bit was who that black guy is and whether or not he knows who Jordan really is.

    Oh and Flo, Jordan lives in New York? I would LOVE to meet him one day, he’s so sexy! I go to New York like twice a year and am usually in the Manhattan area. But do you think he even likes black girls? Write Back!

  27. LOL How should I know what he likes in girls? Damn I don’t know everything now =P He is multiracial himself, so maybe. Hell, that might not even mean anything, just a loose guess of mine.

    You’d probably want to switch places with me, cause I actually live in New York. lol

    My girl Katie knows more about Jordie, you should ask her. lol The guy next to him is a MJ fan actually, and he knows he is *the one* (that must be awkward, for both). Apparently, Jordie lets people know that Michael Jackson didn’t do anything. He won’t go public because of course, that would be known as perjury and will lose all those millions $$$ he got from MJ’s insurance company.

    • Jordan won’t lose anything if he comes forward. The agreement clearly states MJ did not molest him. The agreement indicates MJ particpated in a neglient act, the sleepover. MJ signed it. The agreement is separate from the formly charges as well as what the media lied about. If the loser came forward he will only be agreeing with what’s stated in the settlement agreement. He doesn’t lose the money. He’ll just be subject to intense world wide hate.

  28. LOL Yeah, well you seem to know more than everyone else. After all you are the floacist. But I hope he’s open minded to date black girls, if not then I’ll just have to change his mind now won’t I? ;P Haha!

    You better believe I’m super jealous right now! I totally wish I was living up there! It’s really a culture shock compared to Florida.

    Wow, that is awkward. Well if Jordie is open-minded enough to be friends with an MJ fan, then he DEFINITELY should be open-minded enough to date a black girl! YES! I would LOVE to chat with your girlfriend and talk Jordan! All my girlfriends are sick of hearing about him. LOL
    Email me and I’ll send you my number so she can call me!


    + Even though I’m black, I sound like a white girl so let her know that. lol

  29. LOL my girl is half black but looks totally white, don’t worry about that ish. I’ll find anything I can find from our conversations and post it here.

    Do your girlfriends even know who he is??? LOL. As for being open minded in regards to his friend, don’t forget that Jordan was an MJ fan too.

  30. And trust me, Katie knows EVERYTHING, I just pass the information along lmao. She had seats during the trial along with her peoples for example, met MJ and his staff/people, so she knows much more than anybody basically.

    Alright, some parts of our convos:


    HAHA. the kid he’s w/ is bobby…an mj fan…*gasp* yes the boy who ‘alleged’ meaning his daddy did and he just signed the paper, that mj diddled him, is friends w/ mj fans….and not only that, defends mj to people who don’t know who he is. wow. small world


    Oh yeah, and they don’t know that he’s *the one*. Ain’t that awkward as hell? lol @ everyone who never knew how the original accuser looked like, but was always referred to as a little white boy.


    he’s half fillipino and half jewish but 100% sexy!
    flo, it ain’t akward for him cuz he always defending mike…matter of fact, if the state (meaning melville) tried to illegally allow in the written ‘statement’ from jc, mez was gonna call all his friends who were ready to testify that jc says and still maintains that mj did nothing to him.


    No, he is black. He’s Chinese, Black and Jewish.


    lol um…who’s black? his dad is jewish and his mom is fillipino right? she ain’t chinese…lol

    i love brett barnes to pieces…him and karlee! lol ya know he quit his job to come to the states to testify for mike and the state went after him say ing ‘well you’re unemployed, u live w/ your parents’ lol like he’s not doing well for himself…..suckaz!

    and um…i was so dooooooooo jordan….




    He’s black, chinese and Jewish and I refuse to change my mind. lol But damn girl, you know about everything and everyone, don’t you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you have Gavin’s Facebook page LOL Tell me everything you know so I can put it on my blog lmfao.

    (And wow, I did not know Brett Barnes did all of that to testify for Michael. I really have a lot of respect for him now).


    o u bad! lol so y is brett wearing mike’s old ass tie?! lol i had g-money’s old Myspace…he posted hella pics of himself then his own friends outed his ass at los al so they moved to damn Georgia! but only after mama completed her community service! rofl.

    jc used to have like a Myspace but it was like from hsi school…NYU…dude loves mj, hated his dad, didn’t speak to him after ’93 and it was right after mj’s arrest, and jordan’s friends talking to the defense that his dad claimed he was dying and begged jc to move in w/ him.

    he does, but it was obviously a ploy to get his son to stay w/ him. he wanted to keep a close eye on him…didn’t want him to testify for mike…then a month or so after the verdict, he hits his son on the head w/ a 12 lb weight and tried to kill him. they’re in court w/ each other now.

    for some reason, jc is identified as Chinese and black but he ain’t. here’s a pic from when he was in his late teens, estranged from his father, and living w/ his father’s ex girlfriend.

    girlfriend left daddy once he released this book….’michael jackson was my lover.’

    yes, the father who claimed mj preyed on his son then turned it around and said mike and his son were loers and the boy wanted it…um….wha? the same son he ‘tried so hard to protect w/ regards to his identity’ he ended up exploiting, putting in private pics, and sold outside of teh states to make a buck….since he realized all that ‘money’ went to his son in a TRUST and the other half went to his lawyer…all that lying and scheming for $1M? i love the jacksons! hahaha


    how the hell he comes out looking like that and hes not any type of black?! LMFAO.


    well i’m black and arab and i look like how i look! rofl los alamitos….his friends knew the whole time. it was them who sent pictures to a fan who made a blog. them in their football uniforms they now go by their middle names and have taken jay’s last name….JACKSON so gavin arvizo is now anton jackson and star arvizo is now daniel jackson lol them is a mess.



    lol @ Jackson. Ain’t that a b!tch. Their guilt will stay with them forever. And their moms is Janet Jackson rofl.


    yep. it hasn’t been written on for ages tho….when i go to school, i’ll post some of the pics here. my photobucket goes hella slow! go to google and type in anton jacksons blog andit’ll come up. not sure if the pics are still gonna show up cuz a lot of people just delete old pics adn then all u see is a red x. whatever u wanna know, just ask…and kinky shall provide


    I found more pics of JC at isifia.com in the MJ board archives. Some of the links were no longer working since them was years ago, but most of them were still up.


    sex on legs….im so glad he’s pro-mj now…wondering what’s gonna happen w/ the case against his father and if mike will come up cuz that’s the only place he CAN mention mj…in court. hmmmmmmm if i wasn’t preg…well hell, i ain’t showing yet…jordie, come smape me!

    *** cut: my reply is cut here in the archives ***

    um…bobby knows damn well who he is. remember the speech/question forum mez and abrams had at some university? mez pretty much said that if sneddon & co. tried bringing in jordy’s affidavit, he’d have his friends testify to what jordan has told them….some kind of way he had it to where it wasn’t hearsay.

    so his friends all know who he is, the mj fans he hangs out w/ also know. they also know that he can’t just go on tv and tell the truth, it has to be in court and apparently he was threatened by the da’s….that’s why mez was hella sarcastic in court when auchinscloss (sp?) told Melville that jordan wasn’t in the country…he knew they’d say that so he called the ‘razzi his damn self and told them he was in tahoe…last i checked, California was a part of the us.

    mez knew it, that’s y he was hella sarcastic and that’s part of the reason y brian was fired. he tried to bring jordan in behind mez’s back and he ended up getting his ass chewed in front of everyone.

    *** cut: my reply is missing in the archives ***

    yes brian was fired for two reasons….one, he leaked the jc penny’s info and pretty much all the stuff they were gonna use against janet so sneddon and co. were able to coach her to respond to it…not very well, tho. and then he was fired for contacting jordy and trying to get him to testify. remember, jordan had moved back in w/ his ‘ill’ father so i’m quite sure evan knew what was going on and that’s what mez wanted to prevent.

    you’ll also be amazed to find out that a mo. or so after the verdict, evan hit jordy on the back of his head w/ a 12 lb weight and pretty much tried to kill him. he put a restraining order against his father and now they’re going to court.

    jordan was NOT out of the country. mez knew it and zonen knew it. jordy’s been able to be pretty much m.i.a. for the majority of the 10 yrs people knew of him….so it’s so funny that he’s skiing in tahoe when he’s supposed to be backpacking in Europe. not only is he being filmed but he’s aware of it, his party is aware of it, and instead of yelling at the ‘razzi, they were laughing and smiling for the pictures….

    all the while mez was smiling in court b/c he knew it was going down. rofl


    interesting…never knew that before. I feel like I know nothing now, I pretty much stopped following the case with a microscope during the middle, so when I came back I was like…wtf is ya’ll talking about?!


    Thats it. lol

  31. Yeah they do. They think I’m so wierd. They’re like wtf?
    But they all admit that he very attractive.

    I am also a huge MJ fan. I have been for most of my life. But there’s something about JOrdan.

    That’s crazy, she got to be at the trials? Now that’s access. And she met MJ himself! That’s crazy! I would die! LOL

    How does she know who Bobby is? Does she actually know them? JC can only have open minded friends. What a mess!

    I’m assuming that this is a link to Gavin’s pic:

    Well he is hideous! I’ve never seen a latino THAT ugly!

    Also The Michael Jackson was my lover book was so fucked up on JC’s Dads part. Can’t believe he did that. Poor JC, I feel so bad for him. He has one fucked up family! And he has to pay for it in his adulthood. All JC needs is me to come comfort him in my bossoms. LOL

    JC had a MySpace! Aw I wish I’d Known! He went to NYU? My Bestfriend went there! Thats crazy!

    I have alot of pics of Jordan, including the ones from Tahoe. He was with this girl there. Hope that’s not his girlfriend.

    And here’s a pic of his mom. Dunno what she is though.

    Well, I appreciate you getting back to me. Thank you for taking time out to write back.

  32. You’re welcome.

    Geeze, you’ve got more pics than me, rofl. His mother is Asian and black. If you follow the updated link on top in September, there are pictures of the Chandlers at the 1993 World Music Awards. Btw, I don’t think that YT girl is his girlfriend. I don’t want to seem mean, but shes fug. lol Just curious, how the hell did you all of a sudden have your love on Jordie? Thats so…random LOL.

    You should read June’s testimony. You can tell she lied her ass off in some parts though. lol She tried to really make it seem like it was always Jordan and MJ. And Tom brought a list of people who were also around when Jordan claimed he was molested. She was also very iffy about the dates lawyers were hired – they were hired BEFORE they went to any authorities but she lied on the stand and said they were hired after. Even though it is documented otherwise, at one point Gloria Allred represented them. lol During the trial, Mez was being very subtle about a supposed romance/relationship between MJ and June when he was cross-examining the Demonica on the stand.

    She even acknowledged that the Cartier bracelet was a “love” bracelet. Mike gave her that and he and Jordan picked it for her. Why would Jordan be picking a love bracelet for his mother if MJ was interested in HIM and not her? June is a piece of ish. I don’t believe she hasn’t had contact with Jordan or Evan in ten years. I don’t believe that. I believe she was part of this plan. Her testimony confirmed by suspicious of her. I think MJ was dating June, which makes the situation all the more sad/understandable. It makes her more disgusting actually, because she knows MJ didn’t molest her son and that indeed MJ was interested in her not the little fuker. It also puts her right in the middle of the plan to get Michael to pay. MJ wanted to have a relationship with June. It’s clear. She wanted money. When Evan saw that his son and June were taking all the spotlight with Michael….ish got heated. If you read the testimony it is clear they were all fighting for MJ’s attention.

    I especially found it funny when she was saying in one of the trips (Monaco, I think) that it upsets her when Jordan would ask her to let him stay with Michael…because as she said, it’s becoming weird and it went downhill from there very quickly. Yet after that trip, she let Michael stay again with them at her house in Santa Monica for a week or two. lol Obviously, that doesn’t add up… Another former Neverland help, Andrea something (she was a witness too in 2005 case)…said in her testimony back in 93 that she saw June hang out at Michael’s room in Nevvy, folding his clothes, undies, etc. Y’know…typical stuff housewives would do for their husbands…and Wade’s mom, Joy said she’s not much fond of June cause she thinks she’s Neverland’s “Queen Bee”.

    They saw him as a walking Bank Account… June traded Michael her pu$$y in exchange for some MONEY. lol MJ is just someone who head over heels in luuuve…ya know, June is actually very gorgeous, and Michael was obviously so into her, and well he wanted a family at that point in his life (we all know what happened after the events of 93). You don’t just give your credit card to someone…if you ain’t getting sumthin’.. lol and she wanted to make it seem like she didn’t want anything to do with his money. lol like she didn’t wanna touch it…but Demonica bought herself stuff. She also said she was happy MJ was in their lives at that point, cause no one was being a father to her kids. David Schwartz was busy with something, Evan Chandler was busy writing his screenplay, etc., etc…

    But these men all seemed cool with the idea that their ex-wife’s bangin private parts with Michael, especially since MJ was so crazy about her…cause “Jordie wouldn’t have to worry about the rest of his life”..lol Also, she’s all over the place with her testimony….she was saying MJ never met David Schwartz, and vice versa….a few questions later, Mez asks her if MJ was at David’s house at one point (which was a Yes) and if David asked MJ to finance the construction of a wing in his house (to which she said MJ never did)…lol I liked how Mez didn’t really contest her with her answers, he just let her say her ish and kept asking her questions and questions and questions. She kept saying ish like “No, they never met…” and a few questions later, Mez would ask her again just about the same question he asked before….and he’d get a different answer from her…and she didn’t even notice..lol Stupid ho… like the stuff about her brothers never meeting MJ, and then Mez got her to say that her brothers were at MJ’s room in Neverland, hanging out and that MJ was there with them. lol wtf…

    And if someone’s getting so emotional because you wouldn’t let him sleep with your SON, and you’re already finding it weird….normally, you’d cut all ties with that weirdo, and/or go to the authorities…

    She’s in her 40’s now, like two years ago lol She was snapped smiling just after lying her ass on the stand, and yes you can’t see ALLA her face cause one eye is covered by her hair, but you can see her face still, she’s beautiful. She looks young still…but ish is the devil incarnate… Mary A. Fisher, who wrote that amazing GQ article back in ’94 wrote in the article that June Wong-Chandler-Schwartz-Chandler-Lucipher-Sneddon was a model too, before giving birth to her spawn…


    I got all that from my MJ friends.

    Btw, that link of G-money don’t work. This is all I have https://floacist.wordpress.com/2007/08/22/after-the-verdict-where-was-the-arvizo-family-than-and-now/

  33. It’s funny that your friends came up with that speculation because I suspected the same thing when I read the “All that glitters” Book. It said that June suspected that Mike was interested in her, but then suddenly Mike just wanted to spend time with Jordie. And that made her mad. LOL
    But yes she is very beautiful, but beauty is only skin deep.

    And that girl that Jordie is with is very ugly, but he might like her for what’s inside. They may just be friends but then I saw this pic and thought otherwise.

    After I saw that pic my heart sank. But that was 2 years ago, and things change. So maybe theres still hope.

    You’re gonna think this is funny but I’m crazy about him because there
    s this compatibility test that I trully believe in that says were compatible.

    It’s http://www.Biolovematch.com

    My Birthday is 1/26/1987
    And his is 1/11/1980

    When you plug it in it tells you whether or not your compatible with someone
    Try it! it’s pretty cool.

    Katie hasn’t emailed me! I’m waiting to chat her up! LOL

    And I’m coming up to New York in the summer. Maybe we can go on a mission to meet him! HAHAH

    Hey you only live once!😄

    Get back!

  34. LOL nah boo, if we ever meet him I would go only to kick his ass (actually, I don’t really know how to fight so that might not be plausible). Now I wish I hadn’t turned 18 recently otherwise instead of the ass kicking I could get into his bed and than I’ll accuse him of child molestation. Hows that? LMFAO.

    How does Katie know your email?! lol Do you go to Janet Friends???

  35. I’m confused. So I guess June isn’t black then? Ms. Fisher wrote that she was Eurasian, and I guess I could see that. maybe she was Filipino.

    I always thought Jordan looked slightly retarded so I’m sorry ladies, can’t join y’all on this particular crusade! Flo however i am not quite the big 1-8 so you know we could work it out.😉

  36. Oh geez, Flo I gave you my email to give to her. LOL. No wonder she hasnt gotten it!


    Oh and I’m impressed, You’re only 18 and you have this site. That’s fantastic! Kudos to that! Well maybe you can help me and set things up for me to meet him. And You can stay back to avoid confrontation. LOL

  37. LMFAO you are crazy!! I’ll be PMing my girl for you okay? lol (Btw, I still think JC got some black in him, g’head you can’t tell me nothin’).

    Hazel, how the heck are you not 18 yet?? When were you born, 1990? SMH, I feel let down lol j/k. Let me fina see I’m older than you.

  38. If you like Jordie then go on with ya bad self lol!
    I personally don’t know him so I can’t say that I don’t like him as a person But what he did was really stupid and he should be ashamed of himself. I don’t see how he lives with himself. But if you like him go on girl!

  39. Candy, thanks for the support! Yes it is a messy situation, but I try not to judge people or their situations because I’m not in his shoes. It’s easy to say you’d do this and that. But when your living it it’s much different. I’d rather Get his side of tthe story and just be there for him any way I can. If we clicked of course.LOL

    LOL Flo, he does appear to have some black in him. But whatever he is. One things for sure. He is fine as hell. So please talk to you girl for me. I would appreaciate it. It’s my birthday! I’m 21 now! Yay! =)

  40. Did MaCauley Culkin ever meet Jordie Chandler? I know Brett Barnes did. I wonder what Brett Barnes thinks of Jordie Chandler. What about Wade Robson? I wonder if he ever met Jordier Chandler as well. Did Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton on the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Alfonso Spears on Silver Spoons) ever go to Michael Jacskon’s defense? What about Emmanuel Lewis and Jimmy Safechuck? Were they on Michael Jackson’s defense or ever spoke out against Jordie Chandler?

    I am a Michael Jackson fan myself, MJ does need his original skin color black. So he had his face done, I don’t care, but just having his skin color would be great, not to mention a haircut. He can keep the sunglasses, white socks, black fedora, penny loafers and miliary uniforms, but a haircut and his original skin color would be good.

  41. Wade Robson has met Jordan. Wade’s mother didn’t like June (Jordan’s mother) because she acted like the ‘Queen Bee’ of Neverland. Emmanuel Lewis has defended MJ, I don’t know about Alfonso Ribeiro but it was said that his family was offered money to say he was molested by Michael Jackson.

    But please, stop asking so many questions. lol

    Michael couldn’t possibly have his original skin color back, unless he covered himself with brown make up every day, which would be a tedious task, no question. Also, the general public will ask ‘why all of a sudden NOW? Why didn’t you continue to do that with Thriller & Bad instead of depigmenting?’

  42. Dear Floacist,

    Whatever happened to Jimmy Safechuck? He was in one of Michael Jackson’s Pepsi commercial during the “Bad” era. Do you think he defended Michael Jackson and does he ever stay in touch with him?

    I am 7 months younger then Jordie Chandler and I, myself met Michael Jackson when I was 16 years old. He was with Frank Cascio at the time. Do you think the Cascio brothers still hang out with Michael Jackson? They were with Michael Jackson towards the end of the “Dangerous Tour” in 1993.

    • Safechuck actually wanted to take the witness stand for Michael but the Judge wouldn’t allow it, most likely because the prosecution never alleged that anything happened between Michael and Jimmy.

  43. I am waiting for the day in which karma catches up to Evan and Jordan Chandler. I will sit back and laugh my ASS off. I would seriously like to smack that smile right off of his face in that pic. Anyone who has actually bothered to real research into these cases knows that someone is indeed out to get Michael.Also, to the haters, you might want to do some research on Michael himself. And by this I don’t mean ploppin yourselves down in front of the tube to watch TMZ. I mean REAL research. Is Michael your “average Joe”? No, of course not. When you hear his friends saying that He looks at the world through the eyes of a child, this is true. This is why he thought it was perfectly okay to share a bed with children. Michael is on a level few of us could ever really understand. Think of it as perhaps a artistic/musical autism. On one hand, he is a genius and is creatively above and beyond most of us. And on the other hand, you have this man who’s thought process is like that of an child. Case in point: Neverland, poor handling of finances, slumber parties with children. Micahel jackson is indeed a genius creatively speaking. And as with all geniuses, they are “different”. Do your homework and research this man. Research creative/ artistic geniuses and you’ll
    find many similarities between these people and Michael.
    If you are going to judge, you must do your homework or simply shut up.

    • Precisely, you have to bare in mind, he never had the childhood of a normal child, he was ALWAYS in the spotlight from a young age, I feel very sympathetic towards him.
      It’s unfortunate but he has been very successful.
      The King of Pop says it all.

  44. I cannot support your views there m’friend…

    Michael Jackson will be 50 this year, as he started Neverland in 1988, and practiced a Neverland-like home with animals and ‘magic’ atmosphere in Encino, California (where his mother lived) see the Unauthorized Interview from 1984 for future reference. Someone of his status, someone’s achievements, someone’s business savvy [sic] does NOT see the world through child’s eyes. He is not ‘Peter Pan’. He is a grown man. You don’t get somewhere where he’s gone who is immature and childish.

    It is NOT okay to let children [that are not your own] sleep in your bed; maybe centuries ago it would not have the connotation of something sinister, but its the 21st century. It violates a social norm, and I believe Michael should of been smart enough to realize this – if not the first time. As far as I know, he did sleep on the floor if children ever were to sleep in his bed (hence the word ‘sharing’. that does not mean he is ALSO on the bed with them) still, he should of learned from 1993 that his generosity can be manipulated.

  45. As i have said before Jordie Chandler is an evil little money grabber. I just hope it eats away at his soul for taking advantage of a childlike man.

  46. I have compiled a list of all the alleged children michael jackson has abused, please give me your feedback floacist since you seem to be very intelligent especially in the apsects of the case.
    Jason Francia – late 80’s – Mother was a maid at the neverland ranch. Apparently michael touched his penis and he told his mother. There was a secret case, it was settle for 2.1 million dollars. Jason testified in 2005 against jackson.

    Jordan Chandler – 1992 – Mother was a gold digging skank. Apparently allowed Jackson access to the boy sexually for months. When confronted, she saw there was nothing wrong with it, and it was “ok” if Jordan came out gay later in Life. Father feared that being around jackson would I quote, “Turn him into a *beep* F@g”. 1993 a settlement was made for 15.3 million for the boy, 1.5 for the parents, and Rothman (the attorney) got 15 percent of jordan’s earnings. Boy is withdrawn from family all together, and was not involved with the 2005 case.

    Daniel Kapon – 1987 (age 2) until 14- thrown out of court because plantiff was a nutjob. also claims to be the true father of jackson’s children. “Kapon also claimed he fathered Jackson’s two oldest children, Paris and Prince Michael, by masturbating into a jar so his semen could be used to impregnate Jackson’s ex-wife Deborah Rowe, according to his deposition”

    Wade Robson, Brett Barnes, Mucally Culkin – all during the late 80’s early 90’s- All deny being molested, but don’t tell that to the prosecution. All have slept in the bed with jackson (Brett admitted sleeping in the bed with him until he was 19)

    Parys Sylver – 1995 – Internet story claimed the actor was pressing charges that Jackson molested him. Actor claims it was a hoax created by Jacko fan. No charges were ever proven or officially made.

    Gavin Arvizo – 2003- Claim to be molested by jackson on atleast 2 occassions. All of this after michael threw his baby out the window, and had the most damaging interview of his life. Michael as arrested and tried, he was found not guilty. Rumor has Gavin is working on a book with a ghost writer (most like Ray Chandler)

  47. true of source:
    Between 1996s and 1998 – in four complaints for sexual abuses against mj all classified without further to this day of which Frenchboy which was 11 years old at the time of the facts, mj in secret in paid to the family 1.8 millions in french antillas.

    • You are not credible…until u will give us some credible INTERNET SOURCES.
      Btw, Flo do u know something about what he/she said?
      Thnx for your answers

  48. I didn’t read everything here, but, please take a look at this,.,…

    – In 1992, Michael Jackson met and befriended the Chandler family, becoming particularly close to 12-year-old Jordan, his half-sister Lily and their mother June Schwartz. Jackson often traveled with the family and they were frequent guests at his Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara.

    – According to June Schwartz’s former divorce attorney Michael Freeman, the boy’s father and June’s ex-husband Evan Chandler “began to get jealous of their involvement [with Jackson] and felt left out.”

    – In June 1993, Evan Chandler hired attorney Barry Rothman to represent him in his custody case against June Schwartz. Rothman was not a family lawyer but he had recently handled a custody case that involved child molestation allegations.

    – At Jordan’s 8th grade graduation that month, Evan Chandler confronted his ex-wife with his alleged suspicions of sexual misconduct on Jackson’s part. Freeman says that June Schwartz “thought the whole thing was baloney” and announced that she and her children still planned to accompany Jackson on his Dangerous world tour. According to Freeman, Chandler then threatened to go to the press with his suspicions.

    – Chandler’s behavior prompted Jackson to hire lawyer Bert Fields and Private Investigator Anthony Pellicano. Taking Pellicano’s advice, Jordan Chandler’s stepfather Dave Schwartz recorded a telephone conversation that took place between him and Evan Chandler. On the tape, Chandler said:

    “I had good communication with Michael. We were friends. I like him and I respect him and everything else for what he is. There was no reason why he had to stop calling me. I sat in the room one day and talked to Michael and told him exactly what I want out of this whole relationship. I’ve been rehearsed about what to say and not to say.”

    “[Jackson] broke up the family. [Jordan] has been seduced by this guy’s power and money.”

    “I am prepared to move against Michael Jackson. It’s already set. There are other people involved that are waiting for my phone call that are in certain positions. I’ve paid them to do it. Everything’s going according to a certain plan that isn’t just mine. Once I make that phone call, this guy is going to destroy everybody in sight in any devious, nasty, cruel way that he can do it. And I’ve given him full authority to do that.”

    “And if I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I’ve checked that inside out. I will get everything I want, and they will be destroyed forever. June will lose [custody of the son] and Michael’s career will be over.”

    “[Jordan’s welfare is] irrelevant to me. It’s going to be bigger than all of us put together. The whole thing is going to crash down on everybody and destroy everybody in sight. It will be a massacre if I don’t get what I want.”

    “This attorney I found, I picked the nastiest son of a bitch I could find. All he wants to do is get this out in the public as fast as he can, as big as he can, and humiliate as many people as he can. He’s nasty, he’s mean, he’s very smart, and he’s hungry for the publicity.”

    What father does that? His focus seems to be more on the media attention, then on his son.
    How bad can we make Jackson look.
    This conversation seems to have no anger. I didn’t read anything in that, that’s along the line of,,. I’m going to get this guy for what he’s done to my son.
    I’d be more concerned about my son, not how much I might get out of it.

    Fievel.. Source https://floacist.wordpress.com/2007/10/25/the1993-allegations-read-about-the-controversial-drug-that-was-given-to-jacksons-first-accuser/

  49. ^
    JenFever, great link. People really don’t know all the chaos the chandlers caused on jordie and his other family, I didn’t even know some of that stuff.

    Floacist, why are you holding back on me? I won’t tell on you…

  50. Sorry, but he ain’t all that. I don’t see what the big fuss over his looks is all about. I have seen better looking guys than jordan chandler. And whoever called his GF is ugly is so wrong for that…he could be with her for who she is. Maybe that is why I don’t find him overly attractive because I look at people for who they are from within, and I don’t know who jordan chandler is, lol.

  51. That’s pretty deep Loose-Rap. I guess I see where you’re coming from about the from the within. But Through my eye’s Jordan is Baby daddy status. I want to sing to him one day.

  52. ^
    Lol, you crack me up.

    Oh yeah, I also don’t find him overly attractive because he looks short, I forgot to add that in my post…I like tall men like lebron james:)

  53. Lol thanks,

    Well I’m kinda tall 5’7, so I’ll make up for it. Do you want to see a pic of me and jordans faces morphed together Loose-Rap? LOL

  54. I am 1 inch taller than you. I prefer men who are atleast 6 feet, that is what attracts me physically.

    Lol, see your morphed faces? Sure, and how was you able to do that?

    I’m guessing that is how your future children will look, lol.

    Floacists, I am writing a book about my life with references to mj in it, and let me just say, your blog has helped me a great deal. I keep getting vibes about jc, I don’t plan on putting him in my book. But something keeps pushing me to find more info about his whole ordeal, and your blog has helped me with that also. Who knows, maybe the truth about him and mj is going to finally become exposed. I kept getting these strange vibes and I do not know why. Maybe he is plainng on coming forward.

  55. You’re welcome:) but I would not lust so much over a guy you can’t see, not unless you were actually going to meet him in person or already knew him or something. Are you really serious about dating him? I am just so suprise there is a michael ajcskon fan who likes him, let alone wants to have his babies, lol. I don’t know if I have mentioned this but I am writing a book about my life and thoughts and the 93 ordeal is going to mentioned in it (well maybe lol). I am trying to gather up information now. Know any good sources? My email addy is chassi@rocketmail.com

  56. Yes I plan to try to meet him the end of next year, since I have so much going on right now. Maybe September of ’09 if we’re both still alive God willing! Really, I just want to meet him and see what he’s like, I’m not sure if I’m going let him know that I know who he is, wouldn’t want to make him feel uncomfortable. Anyway I plan to visit family so I’ll try to meet him while visiting them. Would you wanna come? Maybe you can document it and put it in your book, the whole meeting and all? Haha let me know. Oh and I’ll e-mail you.

  57. Though I do dream about visiting NY since I‘ve never been😦, I don’t think I would do it for those reasons lol. I would just like more info on him as far as how he feels about his parents and family, that’s all. My book mainly focuses on family and how parents treat their children, mental, physical, sexual abuse and so forth. As strange as it may sound coming from a mj fan, I found jordans story really captivating and alot similar too mine, just on a different scale lol. My dad is violent and will become short tempered if he feels his ego has been chipped, he’s a huge dreamer and a liar too, I do love him, but he is a sociopath in my eyes; a very disturbed person. Alot of people put alot of blame on jordan for not telling the truth, but I try to think if I were in his situation, what would I do? I know if my dad coherence me into lying on someone else I would have done it too without a doubt, there are things my father has made me do as child I consider minor compared to jordans situation, and I did not come out about it even as an adult; not because I was selfish, I was just scared (before I decided to write my book). So, there is no way I can really be angry with jc for not telling the truth knowing the type of person I am and what secrets I have kept out of fear, esp since his situation is public, atleast mine is private. I don’t know why other mj fans don’t see that. I am a huge mj fan and I have said a mean comment about jordan once, but I caught myself on it and I know what I said wasn’t right. Sure I love mj and hate what happened to him but I have to be realistic, jc is really not the blame for all this, sure he is the catalyst, but not the blame, because he didn’t start this mess, his parent(s) did.

    Now I have heard some things about how Even got jordan to lie on mj, but I really do not know what is true or not. I know a guy who claims to know the black guy in the pic with jordan, but I do not know how honest he is. I wasn’t going to mention jordan in my book. I just can’t put someone’s personal business out on display like that because I wouldn’t like it if someone did that to me. But as I have said, I find his story very encouraging because I can relate, which is ironic because I was somewhat like other mj fans and thought so bad of him, when really I am no different than him (on a different scale of course lol) weird enough we have something in common, that is why I wanted more info (it’s so hard to find since jc is elusive), it’s kinda like inspiration. That is why I kept getting vibes about him I’m sure. I feel like a weirdo finding inspiration in someone I don’t even know personally, who is not in the public, and I hardly know anything about, I really do, I can’t believe I even am admitted it, but you can’t help what you feel, right?

    BTW, good luck on getting your man sweetheart.

  58. I can’t believe I even am admitted it

    Woops, huge typo “I can’t believe I am even admitting it” is what I meant to write😛

  59. LMAO Once when I was in HIgh school I first confessed to a friend of mine that I was crazy about this guy whom I’d never met, then I told her who he was and she went on a laugh riot. When she recovered, I explained the whole situation and told her that I was kinda embarassed about liking him because of who he is. That’s when she looked at me with a serious face and said “Why? He was just a boy when it happened. It’s not his fault, he can’t be blamed for his parents’ doing.” And that’s when I felt bad for ever feeling ashamed or embarassed about my love for Jordan. Do you believe in love at first sight? I thought the idea was ridiculous… until it happened to me. It’s not even his looks cause he’s not the best looking guy out there. It’s just a feeling I got the moment I laid eyes on his picture, and that feeling has stayed with me for 7 years and had not diluted inspite of the fact that I was a devote Michael Jackson Fan. I mean the fan of all fans!!! I would cry when ever my parents would say mean things about Mike, everyone knew not to talk bad about Mike around me. I had all of his songs knew all of his moves, and could do all the hics and grunts that he did while singing. I lived and breathed Michael. Heck, my username JenniferFever derived from a Michael Jackson concert I watched when the commentator said that all the fans who were fainting had the “Michael Jackson Fever”. But none of that mattered when I saw Jordans face that late afternoon when I was just 13 years old, I’d just gotten a computer for Christmas and couldn’t wait to do research about Michael. That’s when I learned of the allegations, I was crushed and confused and angry all at the same time, I didn’t know what to think. Everything online said he was guilty, but something inside me said he was innocent, I refused to accept it. But what of the boy? I had to know what he looked like, and that’s when I stumbled accross his face and I havent looked back since. Not to say him and I are destined to be together, but my adolescent heart had written a check to him a long time ago, and even into my adulthood I’m still honoring it. I’ve led a pretty normal life and I’ve had boyfriends but Jordan had always lingered in the back of my mind. So now I’m ready to meet him and I plan to do so mid to late next year when I can actually fit it in my scheduled family trip. Hopefully he is nice, the least I’d be happy with after all these years is a “12:30” response after I ask him what time it is… LOL

  60. Hey jen, I emailed you.

    I do not believe in love at first sight, I believe you have to get to know someone inside and out, good and bad, before you can truly love them. IMO, love grows and changes, it takes years to truly love someone. It’s hard to explain, you have to grow into who you are first, and that person has to grow into who they are too before you know see if it’s real love or not. But I do believe in intuition, sometimes our minds and hearts have a way of telling us things about the future or about ourselves that we may not understand or even recognize at the time. So you never know…

  61. with a friend like jordy, who the fuck needs an enamy? somewhere in his heart he needs to fing the courage to tell the truth! he after all, helped detroy michael’s image.

  62. Hello Floacist,

    What is the current court case and how is it proceeding against Evan Chandler for assaulting his son? I have not heard anything lately? Can you comment on this? I respect your opinion.



    • lol, dont believe rumour idiots even a begger on the street people talk about him..for something..just dont listen..and spread virus…that can save someone life…

  64. Well said Cassini, I was outside of the hospital, it was really sad😦
    I cried for about 5 hours on and off, sitting in the grass at the hospital.

  65. God is watching and this piece of crap will get his soon enough for his part in causing the immense stress that Michael had to deal with years and years that ultimately caused his death. RIP MJ.

  66. shame on you jordy chandler. michael Jackson is dead because many people like you never say the true.
    he was sad because he’s been destroy by people who need his money.
    shame on you

    • I’ve been mourning my beloved Michael. I just found out why I haven’t cried but wrote a poem about Michael upon hearing the bad news about his death on BBC on the evening of June 25th, when he had just passed away- because, instead of shattering sadness, my reaction to his untimely but slow, long, and painful murder was rage. I am angry at his father, Joseph Jackson (and I am more than happy that Joe Jackson is excluded in Michael’s will; Joe Jackson never deserve Michael as his son. My resentment and contempt for Joe Jackson is beyond describtion); I am angry at all those people involved in slowly killing Michael, destroyed his career and his reputation, his image, his EVERYTHING.

      Shame on Joseph Jackson.

      Shame on the Chandlers and all the other nasty, vile people who followed Evan Chandler’s footstep.

      They will pay, either in this lifetime, or when they die and descend to the place where they surely belong. Shame on all of them.

  67. I want his and his dads head on a platter and I mean it. I want them to fry because I KNOW THEY WERE LYING, I feel that and always have. This almost single handly destroyed Michael’s career. Even though he had success afterwards it put a forever stamp of being a child molester on his name. Then it left the gate open for that second case, which I’m happy he didn’t “settle” out of court, I’m glad he took it to trail. I want all these SOBs to FRY. KARMA IS A BITCH I hope they’re getting it back times 10

    • Kelsy, you said:

      “I want his and his dads head on a platter and I mean it. I want them to fry because I KNOW THEY WERE LYING, I feel that and always have.”

      Kelsy, I feel the same about all those individuals who are responsible for hurting Michael. And I mean it, too.

      “I want all these SOBs to FRY. KARMA IS A BITCH I hope they’re getting it back times 10”

      Again, Kelsy, I absolutely feel the same. They surely will get whatever they did to Michael, whatever they have sent out and are continuing to send out, back a thousands times and more- that’s Karma. Karma is fair and just. No one, but I mean no one, can ever escape Karma.

      Yet, don’t go astray as to misperceive that some people suffer injustice because they had wronged others in the past. No. Think about Joan of Arc. There are many great men and women to think of. Some loving, gentle, good souls seem to have been born to suffer, to be martyrs, in order to teach some lessons to the rest of us. And Michael was one of those souls. Be happy, you are surrounded with healing, loving light now, Michael.

  68. If it is confirmed that he died from stress, or from the use of painkillers, this is not death, this is MURDER. An there are many persons who should be made step forward to account for their behaviour: the Arvizo family, the Francia family, the Chandler family, Thomas Sneddon, Diane Dimond, Nancy Grace, the tabloid The Sun… people should know, once and for all, that we all have to take responsibility for our actions.
    Now, all of a sudden, everyone loves Michael Jackson. Newspapers, magazines, spread their praises: what a wonderful person he was, what a unique musician… why didn´t they treat him right when he was alive?
    The poor soul´s man was still warm and The Sun was already calling him Jacko again, and Diana Dimond was blabbering idiocies about his “skin bleaching”. My God, to what extent can we be underestimated as an audience?
    They won´t let him rest in peace. They won´t let their gravy train leave the station. They will continue making money telling the same disgusting lies. It is so painful, I can´t stop crying.
    Forget any incoherences, I am too angry and sad.
    May God protect his children from the meanness of people.

    • I hear you, Wihelmina.

      This is just such unbelievable barbarity and hypocrisy of of the media and of those real criminals who destroyed Michael’s career, reputation, passion for life, passion for being superbly creative…

      Absolutely true- and just sad, sorry and sickening. Not only the tabloids, even those “reputable” newspapers and other news media, to this day, upon Michael’s untimely passing, still cruelly refer to him with the nickname “Jacko”- which disgusts me to no end, which saddens me as I see the ugliness in the majority of people, the very same people Michael used to have faith in, used to trust, used to love…

      I can relate to your sadness and anger, Wilhelmina- I have finally recognized my fury upon learning about Michael’s death.

      May God protect Michael’s children from the evil of the majority of people.


    • Certainly the Jackson family, after they finish their mourning and consider themselves strong enough, should be advised to take legal action. At least, a precedent should be set before the media tries to find another scapegoat to destroy and crucify, and it is too late… again.

    • Wilhelmina,

      Unfortunately, you’re right. It will still be too late.

      Better late than never.


      I’ve been thinking about the same thing- can we fans around the globe come together, with all our might, with all our resources, financial and all the other ones- sue Evan Chandler, Jordan Chandler, and everyone who are guilty of all this atrocity. If only we fans unite, with total solidarity, careful planning, determination, physical and mental stamina- this idea might most definitely be no longer a dream.

      If only we fans all came together.

      Come together.

  70. It is such a sad day. I’m from England, and the response from the english over here is incredible, it just goes to show how much of an amazing inspiration MJ was to the whole world. Maybe it’s time to drop the bad memories of MJ’s past, and remember him for his talents; his music, his dancing, his pure being. RIP MJ, always in our hearts.

  71. Everyone finally sees the real story? I never knew he had health problems,that’s why i wondered why he was pale. If this guy admits nothing happened after all of these years,that’s just messed up. This guy is the reason why Jackson did drugs. It’s not right or fair that because of someones death,people are more sad for this situation. How would ANYONE like to be wrongfully accused for something they didnt do,and live for it for the rest of their life. Oh look that’s the pedifile celeb. What the heck seriously.

  72. i can bet half the idiots saying micheal was guilty are white fucking idiots.. sorry well leave that to white men who almost always are child molesters,,… =] get a fucking life and by the looks of this little asshole i know he got away with murder and now micheals dead i hope this kid n his family go to hell.

  73. I agree with the “fuckin´assholes” part, but please let´s keep racial issues out of this, it certainly has nothing to do with it.

  74. he RUINED MJ’s life. he accused THE KING OF POP of sexual abuse and his OWN FATHER of child abuse. what a dickhead.

  75. I dont think he was a perv. I think he just never had a child hood and he missed it. I myself have ‘missed ages’ like i really feel like i wish i could go back to being 15 yrs old type thing (as a few yrs since have been horrible for me)

    but michael however missed out on his entire child hood and it stems from that

    But i personally would have thought this all the way… regardless of if he was worth 500m or whatever at the time – out of principle I would have gone to court and cleared my name if i was michael jackson. In fact I am shocked his support team decided to pay off the money grabbing parents…

    seriously i cannot believe what some people do for money, it makes me sick . money is not everything (but apparantly it is to some people)

    • davaL,

      Money is temporary. Happiness is forever ~ I stole that line from somebody else.

      How pathetic that money means everything to some people like Evan Chandler and his followers. Robbing money from someone else, someone innocent, someone vulnerable like Michael, by any means necessary.

      If Michael is still alive, and I just met him as the 7th grader I was when I first got to know his genius, I would scream.

      But how I wish Michael were still alive, and how I wish I could just come to Michael, and say, like- I’d like to be your friend.

      I’d like to be friends with Michael, not because of his fame, wealth, glamor (see the sadness behind all that glamor and glory?). I’d like to provide unconditional friendship to Michael. I know how to listen well. I know how to see through a person and talk to him about what triggers his lust for life, so to speak- I’ve been reading some interviews with those close to Michael, one of those interviews were even conducted by CNN. I mean- yes, Michael was profoundly unhappy, no one understood him. He felt lonely, misunderstood, unloved, insecure, un-understood…I’d like to just come to him, if he is still alive, and tell him I am a fan, but I’d like to be his friend, not for his money for certain, not because he is The King of Pop and I would be able to brag about it to others, showing myself off or all that. I’d like to tell Michael I see him as a genius, but also as a human being. I do know how to trigger the spot in the suicidal, or severely depressed minds, their passion for life. I’d like to talk to him. Mostly, I’d like to listen to him, and talk to him, and not making him feel judged which leads to avoidance and disharmony like what happened to him and some of his friends. You know, I wish I could save him. I believe I could. I can listen to him talk, and in turn, talk to him, but never preaching him- you know?

      But it’s too late.

      I hope we as fans around the world can do something meaningful to our beloved Michael. He had been through hell when he was alive. Gosh, he literally lived in hell on earth. I just wish I could be his friend, more than just a fan. Not for his fame, wealth and the glamor on the surface. I believe I might have been able to make him feel loved, understood, empathized, listened to, supported…I wish I could.

      Man, I wasn’t even there for him when he lived the final years of his hellish life. I was never there for Michael. I feel responsible for his death.

      I hope he is liberated from this savage world now.

  76. Thomas Messereau said that he believed Michael had been badly advised in the Chandler case. That he should not have given in to money demands, because it fed the belief that he was guilty, and also fed the greed of people like the Arvizo family who saw in Michael an easy target. But you know, the nightmare had been going on for so long, and they were still looking for evidence that obviously they were never going to find, that his family thought he was too frail, psychologically and physically, to resist it, and that somehow they had to put an end to it. Maybe we would have done the same, I don´t know…

  77. Don’t worry MJ fans, what goes around comes around… those who lied and made others suffer will burn in hell, no doubt.

  78. Michael jackson’s death has only just sunk in to my brain 24 hours on from when i 1st found out. I really hope the chipping away at his life from the media and the catalysts in the molestation court cases realise what part they had to play in ending a great man’s life early due to huge stress over the years. They all just wanted a peice of him. How selfish and ignorant they have been!!!

    Michael is now well and truely untouchable where ever his soul may be and his legend is unbreakable.

    R.I.P Michael, from a fan who followed you from young childhood into adulthood. Its been a great time whilst you were here, touching peoples lives with your music and kindness. God bless your soul and goodbye.

    • When I see now the video “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” or
      “Rock with You” I see a joyful young men. His smile is contagious.
      It brings the smile to everybody. Now it brings out alwso the tears becouse of the injustice that was done. I dont know how can any human live with knowledge that he destroy the faith. Like the one Michael had in people. His mistake was he belived that he can Heal the world.
      Heal the world of bad people with no soul.
      Couse that is not a smile of a perv. His eys are glowing, that are not the eys of perv.
      After everything His smile was never the same…

  79. To all the MJ fans, I share your pain. It’s more sad that people like that fucker Chandler and Arvizo got away with what they said and ruined an innocent man’s life. He helped soo soo many people out, even those 2 who took the most advantage of him. I wish soo much that they get what’s coming to them because I really cannot describe how I feel when I know there are people like this in the world. What kind of disgusting parents would teach their kids to lie and to what extent can you go? For money? I really don’t think they believe in any God.

    I pray that MJ’s family comes to terms with his death and that his soul rests in peace, finally. I feel ashamed to be part of a society where one good mad can never ever be seen the way he is. Innocent.
    I pray in the next coming years that people like MJ are not met with disgusting people like Arvizo and Chandler.

    God bless you Michael and my heart and prayers go out to his family.
    We have a lost someone great.

  80. Reading the last few comments made me cry.
    All I want to say is, rest in peace Michael Jackson.
    He was a wonderful, inspirational man. Not only did the Chandler family rob Michael of $20 million, but his career, reputation and life.
    I pray that Jordan will soon realise his mistake, and tell the world the truth.
    God bless M. Jackson.

  81. Forgive me but unless you were present at the house of Michael Jackson you are unable to determine Chandler’s innocent or guilt. Why, if MJ was innocent of the allegations did he settle out of court? I would never pay anyone who had accused me of a crime of any sort, let alone one that serious. Further, how then do you explain both the secondary set f allegations in duplicate terms?

  82. Yes, settling out of court was a BIG mistake. He realised that afterwards. Because it made people (like you) believe he was guilty, and because it fed the greed of other gold-digger rascals like the Arvizos. But, you know, it was so painful for him, and it dragged on for so long, because they kept looking and looking for evidence that they were never going to find, that his health deteriorated and he ended up giving in to money demands. Which was, of course, a HUGE mistake. Jordan Chandler is now living in a beautiful mansion with this money, money which also pays his skiing vacations (looking pretty happy and carefree for a traumatized boy who was raped) and his perpetual holidays. I believe the right thing is hard work, making a living with hard, honest work, but hey, that´s me.

  83. Forgive me again but I have just reviewed the links presented by THE FLOACIST on 25th Oct 2005. I am stunned and may now have cause to doubt my earlier message. Thank you Floacist for providing such evidence.

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  85. give thanks for having such a blog. the information provided in several of the answers within the comments, esp on your response dated October 25th 2007; great research and opinion that won’t go un notice anymore, i hope. Sometimes we want to judge someone so much that it blinds we from seeing the real facts.

    Bless, and continue your work, i’m grateful to have find this page.

  86. I always have and always will believe MJ was and is innocent of all the molestation charges.
    My prayers go out to the entire Jackson family, friends and fellow fans.
    MJ you are in a better place, no more will you be plagued with mean people saying hateful and evil things to hurt you.
    I want to appeal to the Jackson family to consider having a worldwide viewing for Michael’s fans; people all over the planet would love to pay tribute to Michael.
    The King of Pop would probably love to actually make his final curtain call in several of the countries (and U.S. States) who love him so much.
    Through our memories, he who gave so much to so many will live on forever.
    He was a gift from God to the world and now the gift has been called home to rest – a well deserved peace at last.

  87. I hope jordan chandler is proud of what he has done! i hope he feels guilt for the rest of his life,i know Michael jackson did not touch him,he was such a gentle kind person it was not in his nature! he gave millions to charity for the less fortunate,he believed he could heal the world and sick people like jordon took advantage of this!
    And now after all the accusations and the long haul of the case deteriorated his health dramatically until now we have lost him..
    I hope that family get whats coming to them for ruining a innocent mans life…R.I.P MICHAEL JACKSON YOUR MUSIC WILL LIVE ON FOREVER TRUE LEGEND…X

  88. I dont think for 1 minute that Michael abused any one ,, his father has a lot to answer for in his brutality against a small child that made him spend the rest of his poor life living behind a mask …goodnight and godbless michael rest in peace rosie scotland ps Chandler will reap[ what he has sown,,, what goes around comes around

  89. I hope Jordan Chandler confesses. It wouldn’t bring Michael Jackson back, but it would hopefully help the twisted & evil media be easier on other innocent celebrities who might face false allegations. I am so sorry for what happened to him. I hope MJ forgave this world for its cruelty & is with God now. Jordan Chandler, come out & tell the truth about your lies and false allegations – otherwise you will never die happy.

  90. I don’t want him to confess, I want what he said happened to him, to actually happen to him. Perhaps then he’d appreciate why this shit was serious

  91. What people dont understand is that by fedural law if there is strong physical evidence of a crime committed against a juvenille minor automatically the state will prosucute the charges and they can not be dropped because it no longer in the victums hand its the state that will do the pressing of charge. Because the police and state had not formally charge MJ its was left for the vitum to still pursue to accusation and charges. Same thing for murder charge it is in the sates hand not family of vitums hand to press on the charge unless lack of evidence. But Chandler’s family still wanted to press charges despite lack of evidence and MJ lawyers and advisers did asume he could not mentally and finically handle a trial.

  92. At last, Michael Jackson is free from pain. Such a wonderful human being. As for the Chandlers, sooner or later, Karma will be knocking on their door.

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  94. This is a damn lie. Where’s your source? ANOTHER FREE BLOG? This story is complete bullshit. Michael Jackson was a sick person who was a pedophile. End of story & I hope he burns in hell <33

    • And where did you get your source? if you cant remember michael was proven innocent, he was a sweet, caring man who was taken advantage of because of it. He looked after and supported so many sick children. How many children has Jordan helped with his blood money?

    • Stop cursing anybody, be it MJ, the Chandlers, or else…to “burn in hell”. Would any single one of you like to burn in hell?

      Is that such Christian spirit?

      Yes, I know there is karma. What goes around, comes around.

      Yet, I’ve heard so many of you saying things like this, more like a desire for revenge rather for justice.

      Put yourselves in the other person’s shoes. Anybody’s shoes.

      Where are the sources? Crystal clear- floacist has provided all the links!

      Whoever is ill needs healing, not being burned in hell.

      If any of you truly believe in God, please pray for Michael and his family at this particularly hard time for them.

      Show some respect! Have some human decency! Cursing someone else to be burned in hell will not make you a better person than the cursed one is!

    • What your words…your hate will ultimately be YOUR downfall..you were not there and therefore YOUR opinion is just that your opinion..Your will probably see hell before Angelic Michael…

    • Hey, ThePants, apparently you did not read the whole of The Floacist´s post. Was it too long for you? Too many paragraphs, maybe? It contains enough quotes and sources that support her point, I think. Read it in its entirey and then we´ll talk.
      By the way, Hell doesn´t exist. Hell is a metaphore for evil. Hell is, for instance, the life that Michael had to live listening endlessly to people like you telling lies like yours.

  95. ima tell ya’ll what……..all of u on here that believed in Michael, I agree with EVERYTHING ya’ll had to say…..here is my problem…….what the hell kicks do u EVIL ppl get out of talkin bad on this man and he is dead now???? Do u think that these types of devilish comments is gonna get u a diamond covered seat in heaven???? I THINK NOT………..show some damn respect…a man lost his life and seeing how he was NEVER convicted of these crimes, and how does the law say it??? “INNOCENT TIL PROVEN GUILTY”, and that HE WAS PROVEN INNOCENT, I think its about time you lay off this bullshit….gettin on my fuckin nerves………………..

  96. Michael was a treasure, a treasure we took for granted. We disrepected and deamonized him. He gave so much and we did not take care of him. We were sent an angel. How lucky. To those folks who continue to demonize him, we know they are not smart. No use trying to teach them. Paying off an accuser when you are famous is what must be done to keep the case from continuing for years. You cut your losses and move on or stay tied up in litigation and pay millions to attorneys. The best lawyer gave him the best advice. He did the right thing. Jordan Chandler will suffer and go to hell. Michael will live on in people who treasured him. We know he is resting in peace. We all breath the same air and a piece of us died on Thursday.

    • here’s a nice quote from the press about it:

      In a taped June 2003 telephone interview, Katz, 55, gave a Santa Barbara sheriff’s investigator his “off the record” opinion of the 46-year-old entertainer. Jackson, Katz told Det. Paul Zelis, “is a guy that’s like a 10-year-old child. And, you know, he’s doing what a 10-year-old would do with his little buddies. You know, they’re gonna jack off, watch movies, drink wine, you know. And, you know, he doesn’t even really qualify as a pedophile. He’s really just this regressed 10-year-old.”
      “Yeah, yeah, I agree,” replied Zelis.


      • LionessOntheMoon: I share your sadness and your rage. But I also share with you the deep conviction that Michael is now in a better place, where he no longer suffers physical or emotional pain.
        Let´s mourn him and let our grief out; and then, let´s play our CDs at top volume and remember him at his best: dancing and singing with that beautiful smile of his.
        Justice will be served, don´t worry. It will, I am sure. There will come a time in which truth will be finally told.
        My heart goes to you and all grieving fans.

      • Wilhelmina,

        I’m with you.

        I am deeply grateful for the link you have kindly provided about the GQ Magazine 1994 article, written by Mary A. Fischer. I have shared that link with many people.

        My heart goes out to all my fellow mourning fans, too.

        Be strong.

  97. Wow! Let me never see this kid on the street.


    We lost an amazing leader & icon because of the stress he felt towards what was put against him. They used his own dream against him as a weapon to destroy him. Well they THOUGHT they could destroy him. What they don’t know is that Michael was a powerful soul & apart of him survives in all of us who knew his value. His money did not define him his soul defined him.

    Its okay though God will bring justice.


    • No one was there. But, you know, I was not “there” when the Holocaust took place, either, and I believe everything reported was true. So I just read and listen as much as I can and make my conclusions. No evidence points to Michael´s guilt. So, althoug I was not there, I believe in his innocence. So did a jury of his peers. And let´s not say that he was acquitted because he was a celebrity, because in his case it was just the opposite: everybody was more than ready to crucify him! They just couldn´t.

      • “Holocaust ” yes, happened, there are facts out that prove that the third reich existed.

        “”Attorney Michael Freeman thinks so: “It’s my feeling that Jackson did nothing wrong and these people [Chandler and Rothman] saw an opportunity and programmed it. I believe it was all about money.” “”

        “feeling” in your article people are talking about personal feelings, where are the proved facts?

      • Wilhelmina, you said:

        “…everybody was more than ready to crucify him!”

        That’s exactly how I would put it. Because that was what everybody wanted. They wanted to satisfy their perverse desires in their unconscious- crucifying an innocent man, who happened to be Michael- and bringing out his downfall. That’s the true colors of the majority of people- unfortunately.

        I await the day justice is done to Michael. I await the day Michael’s name is cleared.

  98. For goodness sakes, the man was an out and out pervert. But was it any wonder after the life he was forced to live. He was never allowed to have any kind of normal life. Never allowed to meet girls or in his case boys in private. Thats why he turned into a peadophile. He molested Jordan Chandler, the Aviso boy and probably many many more. He should be thankful there is no god because if there was he would be getting some pretty firey justice up there before the pearly gates. Just be thankful he never touched you! Personally I’m glad he’s gone.

    • Where were you when Gavin Arvizo himself admitted to a judge and a peers jury that he had lied? Where were you when June Chandler said she did not believe Michael Jackson had done anything wrong to his son? Where were you when Evan Chandler was recorded saying that he did not care for his son but all he wanted was money and to destroy Michael´s career? Where were you when the jury in the 2005 trial said to the press that Janet Arvizo had been proved to be a liar? Where were you when Janet Arvizo´s ex husband said to the press he did not believe his son had been molested but that he believed his ex wife was a liar and a thief? Where were you when the boys supposedly molested by Michael Jackson testified in court that nothing wrong had happened? Do you read? Do you listen? Or you just say the first thing that comes to your mind? Please, do not underestimate us.

    • Do you research at all?

      Wilhelmina is right: do not underestimate us.

      You are glad he’s gone?

      What a cruel comment.

      So you had been wishing Michael dead soon?

      Is that human at all?

      There is no god?

      Please do your research, unless you like crucifying people because you simply like it.

  99. Jordan Chandler admits he lied about Michael Jackson

    In 1993, Chandler told a psychiatrist and police that he and Jackson had engaged in sexual acts that included oral sex, the boy gave detailed description of Jackson’s genitals. The case was settled out of court for a reported $22 million, but the strain led Jackson to begin taking painkillers. Eventually he became addicted.

    Now maybe for the remorse of his death Chandler decides to tell us the truth. ” I never meant to lie and destroy Michael Jackson but my father made me to tell only lies. Now i can’t tell Michael how much i’m sorry and if he will forgive me ”.Evan Chandler was tape-recorded saying amongst other things, “If I go through with this, I win big-time. There’s no way I lose. I will get everything I want and they will be destroyed forever…

    Under the influence of a controversial father (Jordan Chandler) told his son to tell that Jackson had touched his penis.Jordan Chandler then told a psychiatrist and later police that he and Jackson had engaged in acts of kissing, masturbation and oral sex, as well as giving a detailed description of what he alleged were the singer’s genitals.
    ” Now for the first time i can’t bare to lie anymore. Michael Jackson didn’t do anything to me, all was my father lies to escape from being poor.”

    MJ was a legend

  100. “You are glad he’s gone”?!

    What if somebody will be glad when you yourself are gone one day?

    I’ve sensed hatred from both sides- the side that defends Michael and the other side that trashes him, even after his death.

    It seems to me, for the majority of you folks- all you’ve got is hatred. Besides, perhaps, one of the two sides that loved Michael when he was still alive, and will continue to love him after his passing.

    How about some cool-headedness? You love your hatred so much?

    To discredit or dismiss Michael’s artistic contribution and influences would certainly be self-denial.

    What else creative remarks do you guys have in mind, apart from “burn in hell”, “go to hell”, “glad he’s gone”…?

    How heartless some of you folks really are!

    Show some respect. End the hatred. This is a messed up world. Accept it. Stop speculating. Stop judging.

    Hate begets hate.

    So much for the Christian spirit.

    Whoever thinks she or he knows it all, I’m afraid she or he in fact knows nothing at all.

    Would you like some peace?

    And let the deceased rest in peace, please?

    • You have a good point, dear friend. But not all of us have hatred, revenge and curses in our hearts. Anger and frustration, yes, and a thirst for justice, yes. Understand that we have to express and share our sadness and impotence to be able to deal with it and do our catharsis. Otherwise, the pain would be too deep to bear. After this period of mourning, full with grief as well as with rage, we will be ready to let it rest and turn to enjoying Michael´s music again.

      • Wilhemina,

        I hear you. I’m pleased to hear from someone as sensible as you are.

        Not sure if it were you or someone else who spoke to ThePants about hell not existing, merely a metaphore for the state of suffering- much like the sorry life Michael lived until his untimely death.

        With which I totally agree.

        It still strikes me as astounding as how so many people are quick to pass judgments.

        Michaeal Jackson has died. He is no longer alive. Please show some basic respect for the departed.

        “Judge not, or thou shall be judged.”

        RIP Michael.

  101. I concur, Emily.

    MJ was, still is, and shall always be- a legend.

    A soul that suffered very much, though.

    • Thanks for your kind words, LionessOntheMoon. I am angry, and very, very sad, and also appalled to discover that Michael´s death did not put disgusting comments and speculations to rest; it only revived them. How mean can the human race be? How helpless and unprotected are we as citizens in front of the law?
      My only comfort is that he is now in peace and free from pain. Let´s pray for his children now. May God protect them from the circus and the lies that surrounded his father´s life.

      • Wihemina,

        Thank you. I hear you.

        For the past five days since Michael passed away, I have not cried, for some reason. I’ve been feeling somber, solemn, and upon BBC’s coverage of this terribly bad news at 23:00GMT, June 25- I took my notebook and a pen, and wrote a poem for Michael instantly. It was not a short one.

        However, as I read your post, I started to feel like crying for the very first time since Michael’s death. My eyes are watery now. Your comments have moved me to the extent that I am about to cry, or maybe not just yet, for some reason.

        I am profoundly sad. I am sad about Michael’s death, and actually- everything. Everything that has to do with Michael’s torturous life and untimely death. What saddens me even more, is the sick phenomenon that you mentioned, Wilhemina- upon Michael’s passing, all those unfounded, preconceptive, vile rumors, condemnation, even tabloids coverage…are suddenly revived, instead of vanishing. Michael was a brilliant artist, a brilliant man, a gentle soul, and a victim. I am also wondering how evil the human race can get. Most people simply unconsciously wish all those false accusations were true, that Michael were indeed all those nasty names they called him. My anger is of a somewhat different nature, though. It feels more like what I would call silent rage.

        Michael is up above with angels now. This world, I hate to say it, but I have to say- did not deserve him. We took him for granted. He had so much love, kindness, compassion, generosity- and he ended up being used, betrayed, and literally destroyed.

        I can only pray that the legal issues concerning Michael’s children, and his assets, will be handled justly. I can only pray that Michael’s children will be looked after and taken care of by the appropriate persons who genuinely care about Michael, and about his children’s well-being and welfare.

        And again, how very, very sad and pathetic that law, the criminal-justice system, can be so very manipulated by so many selfish, greedy, cold-hearted and barbaric individuals, and how such people get what they want, and literally get away with murder.

        All this makes me wonder if Michael were born into this world as a godsent, to offer us human beings so much, to teach and to inspire us in so many ways, and yet sacrificing so much of himself, victimized, living a tragedy, grew up unhappy, died unhappy. Michael was a martyr.

        How prejudiced and how blind human beings can be? To what extent? I am deeply saddened. If only such individuals were willing to actively research on all legal resources, documents, pieces of evidence possible.

        I am very sad, like you- and I am outraged in a way that is some kind of silent rage. I am deeply disappointed in human beings.

        I hope, in the wake of Michael’s death, at least some of us will finally be inspired, touched, in one way or another.

  102. Here’s where Jordy is: http://www.newsoftheworld.co.uk/news/381252/Jordy-Chandlers-secret-diary-of-sex-abuse-with-Michael-Jackson.html

    Standing in line behind his father hoping to reap more profit off Michael Jackson’s name. Very sad–clearly this tabloid did no independent investigation prior to publishing. The GQ article and transcripts of the Chandler/Schwartz tape are publicly available. Instead, they choose to make Evan Chandler come off as a protective, concerned parent.

    If Michael was guilty of hurting children, he is receiving his judgment in full right now. If not, I hope his spirit haunts Evan Chandler until the day he dies.

  103. http://www.techbanyan.com/4554/jordan-chandler-admits-lied-about-michael-jackson/

    Jordan Chandler was the kid who accused Michael Jackson of impropriety and led to the lawsuit against the famous singer. Now that Michael Jackson has passed away, there is renewed interest in the case fo Jordan Chandler and Evan Chandler.

    Evan Chandler was the father of the boy who accused Michael Jackson that embroiled the now dead singer in one of his biggest criminal cases.

    The two – Michael and Jordan – had become friends but Jordan’s father Evan did not approve of the friendship. Very soon, the case took a tabaloidesuqe turn when the kid, prompted by his father, accused Michael Jackson of having a unnatural relation with the kid.

    Before you know it, the media and the law are hounding poor MJ. Now I don’t want to make it sound like MJ was all innocent. We will never know the truth it seems. Being a rich celebrity it is very much possible that the kid’s family might have done it for the money but who knows. Truth could be somewhere in between.

    Anyhow, I have heard rumors on the net. Now that Michael Jackson is dead, Jordan Chandler is claiming that he basically cooked up the story to defame MJ and for the money.

    I am not sure how much truth is there to it, but there are underground sites which are claiming that Jordan is asking for forgiveness and he is retracking the claims he made earlier about MJ being involved in a relationship with him.

  104. God does not sleep….what goes around comes around. This child’s parents are scum…let’s hope the young man does the right thing in light of this tragic lost and goes on record with the true confession of his parents greed and hate for Micheal.

  105. Parents do not take their children to peadophiles, how sick that would be. Peadophiles seek out children. Michael did not go seeking out Evan Robert Charmatz (now Evan Chandler) son, Jordan Chandler. Michael was set up from the minute Evan Chandler got involved. This was the ideal shake down. What people will do for money. If he only knew that day he met the boy’s stepfather that this was an evil family. The Chandlers and the other sick, devious family who tried to shake him down will definitely get their due. Michael is now resting in peace from this nasty world. What about Wood Allen? He got married to his adopted daughter. What has caused the media to not call him names and demonize him. Some of us in society wonder why. You out there think about it.

  106. Jordan chandler,u r going to burn in hell.
    we ,the society kill the king of pop,because we dndt believe in MJ


    • Not reliable at all, I am afraid. It makes no sense at all. As a principle, never trust anything anonymous. The tabloids that helped destroy Michael´s life always invented stories which began with the phrase “A source says…” What are “underground sites”? I would love it to be true, but I doubt Jordan Chandler, who spent one decade refusing to admit anything, would rush to do it now, just because Michael is dead, precisely now that everybody is angry and sad and more than ready to kick his butt.

      • Michael had a dream about healing the world- namely, society at large.

        He ended up being killed by us the society, the cruel world he dreamed of healing.


        I agree. I wanted it to be true, but how on earth would someone like Jordan Chandler ever have the guts to make any statement against himself at this critical period of time- Michael has just died, and many, many people around the globe are mourning, grieving, sad, angry, frustrated…J Chandler certainly does not yet have the guts to do that. He has no guts.

        Shame on tabloids. Shame on those of us who as society feed such tabloids who have either directly or indirectly contributed to many tragic turns of some people’s life, and literally killed Michael’s spirit.

        Michael was not perfect. Nobody is. Michael had his pain and his issues. So do all of the rest of us.

  107. What we all needed to do was just show MJ love and faith, he needed to feel that.
    Jordan Chandler was brain washed by 2 selfish human beings who will have to live with what they put this gentle soul through.

    He needs to come forward as well as his parents and tell the world what selfish, greedy excuses for human beings they really are.
    what goes around comes around it always does but I will tell you all one thing I could never live with myself for telling such revolting lies.

    God bless Michael Jackson! the world will truly miss him.
    He’s taken his place in Heaven where he will come to no more harm.

  108. Rest in peace, Michael. Whatever personal opinions you have of him, he was the King of Pop, the first popstar, and a great musician. Personally, I believe that he never molested that boy. It was fabricated by both him and his father to take Michael’s money and that’s what their lies did.

  109. Thank u for writing this article!!! It’s cruel what this boys family did to MJ’s career. I myself am a parent and if one of my children were supposedly molested by a famous person. I wouldn’t have taken the money like this boys family did. So this was just full of bull crap all along. I hope their conscious is killing them.


  111. No it’s not the Chandler’s fault that Michael Jackson died but it is their fault that they lied.

    There are just too many things about their story that don’t add up for how to deal with someone who has molested you or or child. As a parent I can say that no amount of money is enough for robbing my child of their innocence and freedom. Every individual has the right to say who touches them sexually and who does not. A good parent understands that no amount of money can give back to a child what a pedophile takes from them. If I was living in a cardboard box, which the Chandler’s weren’t, still no amount of money would make me let a child molester off the hook for ruining my child for life!

  112. 2 comments! 1.) all you dispicable people who have said such vicious things to Michael… he is dead now so please stop the hate! he endured enough of it in life. let him rest in peace! 2.) Evan Chandler the “victim’s” father was tape recorded saying that if he went through with this allegation, he would be rich.. Does that sound like a concerned father of a molestation victim??????????????????????????????????????

  113. Jordan, his dad, his mom, the stepfather or whomever else knows that it’s all LIES, will go to HELL!
    when its their turn to go, it will be a very slow and painful process.

  114. I wld just like to say that M.j. is a sick joke of a man. It doesnt matter what color he is the man spent his whole life turning himself into a white male/female.Sure he mde some good hits but thriller was a lng time ago and the things he did to little kids is just so wrng.And if anybody thinks that I am wrng think about this when u think of this sick man wht the first thing that comes to mind u know wht I am talking about and it isnt billie jean.i hope he rots in hell for the sick stuff he did…..

    • Either you are illiterate and can´t read, or you are too lazy to read more than two paragraphs in a row. Please read every comment in this site, especially The Floacist´s post of October 25th, 2007, before even dare to post any comment. Get information. Evaluate it. Then make your OWN conclusions. And then, only then, come here to share your thoughts. It doesn´t matter if you don´t agree with the majority, as long as you know what you are talking about and you talk about it respectfully.

  115. Jordan Chandler and his father are very disgusting..Why they didn’t get punished for telling such great lies??Destroying someone’s life, career, and reputation..What a shame..
    Jackson’s young friends Brett Barnes and Wade Robson held a press conference where they stated that they had slept in the same bed as Jackson, but nothing sexual in nature had occurred.
    Macaulay Culkin strongly denied being harmed by Jackson.
    Police questioned 30 children who were friends of Jackson, with all denying that the singer was a child molester.
    In subsequent years La Toya Jackson would insist that she was forced to make the allegations by her then husband for financial gain.Just prior to making the allegations, her husband was arrested for striking her in the face, arms and legs with a chair.By the turn of the millennium Jackson had forgiven his sister.

  116. To X-: (Who wrote on here June 27th)

    No body here hates MJ…..what are you writing about? Your ignorant!..what (reason) we hate mj? what are you writing about.
    You didnt even understand what you read!

    Jordan Chandler hasn’t admitted(publicly atleast)that he lied. He’s the one we all HATE for being a lier! you must be just like Jordan, since you support him, capable of lying for your own benefit, a person without a concious! WOW!????

    MJ lives forever! He was chozen by god for all of us! He gave us so much. He will continue forever to GIVE us all!

    I personally never thought he was a child molester, I will always love MJ and if he was a child molester here on earth , God is the only one to judge him, he is being judged right now as we write. So, who are we to judge!

    Only the good die young!


  117. I just hope that someday truth will shine upon those stupid idiots : Jordan Chandler and his fucked up father. I hope that people will find them and kill them. In fact no… torture them for what they have done. I wish i could meet this idiot Jordan and spit in his stupid motherfucking face. Jordan you are a piece of shit. Evan Chandler.. you are the SHIT!! Hope you realize what you did and die!

  118. Well when the mainstream media picks up on this I guess it will be a real story, but for now MJ is still a pedophile.

  119. I knew he was lying; it’s horrid and rude. He killed MJ and he has to live with that fact. MJ was a legend and will never be forgotten. Chandler deserves to go to jail and pay for the man whose life he ruined. If it were not for him, MJ would still be with us as not resorting to drugs and his 02 gigs would be going ahead as planned. R.I.P you legend!

    • Jordan Chandler is not the only one to blame, though. When this happened he was too young to be blamed, and now that he is a grown man who can think for himself I can understand why he chooses to remain silent: telling the truth would be like suicide! Why would he change his carefree life to defend a man that is dead?
      I can think, however, of many persons who should account for their behaviour and who should be sued for libel: the Chandlers and the Arvizos, of course, but also the Francias, and Thomas Sneddon and his collaborators, and all the persons in the legal system who allowed a ridiculous case like Michael´s to get to court, and many journalists like Diane Dimond, Nancy Grace and Martin Bashir, and many newspapers and magazines like The Sun and The National Enquirer, not to mention the so-called “serious” papers that also took part in the circus. If there is a lawyer out there, please, tell us if something can be done…

      • Wilhelmina,

        I think we as fellow MJ fans world-wide do need solidarity. In my view, it is unlikely that a lawyer out there will come to our rescue.

        Instead, we need to educate ourselves about the US criminal-justice system, and the US law concerning the extortion, fraud, perjury…against Michael.

        It takes all of us to do Michael justice. I doubt if his family will ever be willing to engage in a lengthy battle against those real criminals for years, if not decades, while spending tens, if not hundreds, of million of dollars. Even Michael’s own family can be quite selfish. I do not trust them for eagerly clearing Michael’s name. The way I see it, it seems, ironically- especially for those who were closest to Michael- for the majority of them at least, are more interested in how they can exploit Michael’s assets, child custody…than clearing his name. I remain skeptical about most, but not all, of those so-called loved ones of Michael.

        We need a miracle. We need team effort. We need to make it happen.

  120. damn he sure looks happy for somebody who was molested. look at his lien ass spending all of michaels hard working money. come on now if michael really molested that boy he wouldnt be walking around happy. that was all for the money. them people planned that from the jump. in his statement The boy said he started sleeping in michael’s bed when he got scared sleeping by himself one night. then the mother claim that michael ask her could he start sleep in the bed with him. come on now your lil boy is sleeping in the bed with michael while you out shopping spending michaels money get real.

  121. Jordan, tu arrepentimiento llegó muy tarde, es una pena lo que le hiciste al más grande astro del Pop y del Soul, “¡Ay, perdón!” no sirve de nada. Ojalá encierren a tus padres por mentirosos el resto de sus vidas. A partir de lo que le hiciste a Jackson, el mundo no volvió a confiar del todo en él. Tuviste el premio más grande al conocerlo, fue un golpe de suerte que cualquiera hubiera querido… y lo embarró tu gente en el lodo. Que te perdone Dios, pues lo que hicieron, merece todo el desprecio que se tiene a aquellos humanos que caen en la peor de las deshonras. Él descansa ya donde gente como tu jamás volverá a herirlo, sólo resta que ustedes, si tienen un ápice de conciencia, no encuentren la paz, nunca más, hasta el final de sus míseros días.

  122. You all can’t be serious. How can you look at the life of Michael Jackson and not come to the logical conclusion that he fucks kids. Give me a fucking break you retarded fucks. Lets do the math

    1. Made a charity that’s sole purpose was to bring under privledge kids to his “Neverland Ranch” i.e personal child fuck palace.

    2. Owned a god damn monkey dressed it like a kid and then yes probably fingered its animal but hole.

    3. At age 40 spent more time with alone with children then a typical school kid does.

    4. Oh lets not forget sleeps in bed with them. (NOT FUCKING NORMAL)

    5. Just look at his pictures, there are a million with little boys in his lap and big smile on his face. See how many little girls you can find on his lap maybe 5, cause he perfers boys.

    6. Look Jordan probably was fucked. You dont pay off families of kids you did not actually fuck. Paying off is like admitting it.


    • You’re calling others “retarded” when you not only butcher the English language, but spew filthy, ignorant words from your hateful, stupid mouth…Seriously?

    • Eric,

      You can’t be serious, or are you?

      What other clever remarks are you capable of making except expletives?

      Have you read anything up? Have you look things up? Or do you just believe what’s written by the tabloids, the entire media, rumors, gossip, and above all- your own conclusion based on ignorance and idleness?

      For the record, I will tell you one thing, Eric- in the 1993 Chandler vs Jackson case, it was NOT Michael Jackson who offered a settle out of court- it was his INSURANCE COMPANY who ill-advised him to do so, while Michael Jackson himself and his legal team all intended to go on trial, and countersue the Chandlers for extortion, among other charges. Michael originally wanted to fight the Chandlers with his legal team, but his insurance company judged that Michael was mentally as well as physically too frail to go on trial. And unfortunately, already devastated by the false accusations and all the perverse attention from media and the public, Michael made one of the biggest mistakes in his life- a major mistake, to agree to settle out of court. It was originally NOT Michael’s intention. Besides, don’t you even bother to listen to the recorded telephone conversation between Evan Chandler and David Schwartz? Or you don’t want to listen to that? Were you the parent of a child who’s been molested, would you more than willingly accept money, no matter what the sum is, even it is $22 million- just think for a moment. What kind of a parent in his right mind would be so eager to accept money, instead of go on trial and make sure a child molestor is sentenced to imprisonment? If you were Evan Chandler, would you feel $22 million would be the “right sum” of money to entirely heal the suffering of your molested child and yourself as a traumatized father? Now, do you see the logic, or rather, irrationality- behind all this? Evan Chandler talked about how he was going to make sure Michael’s career would be over on the phone while speaking to David Schwartz, who secretly recorded their telephone conversations. Do you have the faintest idea what Evan Chandler had done to his own 13-year-old son, Jordan Chandler, to make J Chandler say all those lies in court? Please would you just find the links related to these matters and incidences available RIGHT HERE on this blog- and if you cared at all, if you were patient, read the entirety of all the pieces of evidence available plus long been publicized, whose partial contents can even be found on Wikipedia- before you make any unfounded judgments and make no intelligent remarks but profanity. Thank you.

  123. jordan even these in time to repent,If you really want to feel better about yourself, take advantage of this is the best time,if you go and tell the truth, clear the name of a good and noble man who has just died,and remember the name of MICHAEL JACKSON, of THE KING OF POP, and pass on generations of genereciones with the truth of what he was and not the lies, fix things, even if you can, please do not lie, you die with that, you feel much better, and leave you calm, because many people and a future the michel’s children, will go back to you to tell the truth. is the best time, say you were forced and you was only a child, the truth…sorry if my English is not good, but I live in latinoamerica and here we love too much a michel



  126. Black/White/Yellow It is really his business what he was or wanted to be. As far as the BS allegations FOR everyones information

    The grand jury in the Chandler case NEVER accepted the evidence thats why it did not go to trial THEY DID NOT EVEN THINK THERE WAS BASIC EVIDENCE TO TAKE IT TO TRIAL !


    If any of the ignorant want to understand what really happened maybe do some research http://surftofind.com/jackson

    RIP MJ

  127. LionessOntheMoon: actually, it was Two Sides to Every Story the one that provided the link to Mary Fischer´s article…

    • Thank you for informing me, Wihelmina;

      Thank you for spreading the word by re-posting that link.

      And thank YOU, TwoSidesToEveryStory (hopefully I didn’t misspelled your name), for providing that crucial link. Thank you so much.

  128. He was not the only boy to claim he was molested. He was not involved in the trail that involved 2 other boys.

    And the world seems to forget that this (jacko) was a man with distorted sense of reality, and his idea of appropriate, may not fit into the norm of the world, or for whats legal. Even his closest people say that he did fall in love with young boys, but didnt witness any actual sexual behaviour.

    But this boy is a victim. It may not be of molestation. But no one can claim that Michael Jackson was not one crazy person/thing.

    • Michaelfan:

      Yes and No.

      -Yes, sometimes his ideas did not fit into the norm. No one denies that. No one denies it is not appropriate to sleep with young boys. It is confusing and may lead to ambiguous conclusions. He should have known better, and in the second case, the one with the Arvizos, he is partly to blame because by then he should have already learnt that his behavior (although innocent and pure, I am sure) could get him into trouble.

      -No, he was not crazy. Unorthodox and unconventional in some respects, yes. Crazy, no. I did not meet him, but it is funny how the people who call him crazy are precisely the ones who never met him. ALL of the persons who met him and got to know him intimately state that he was a normal, down-to-earth person. Curious.

      -No, his people NEVER said he fell in love with young boys. NEVER. Quote the source. They never said that. They may have said that he enjoyed the company of children, which is not the same thing AT ALL.

      -Yes, Jordan Chandler was a victim. I pity him in that respect. Evan Chandler is the one that should be to blame first of all. Jordan is not a victim of molestation, but of the greed of his own family. No one denies that. But he is now a grown up man who can think for himself. We can´t go on blaming our parents for everything forever.

      • Anyone who met him was blinded by the fame and eccentrisities. No one can ever claim he was “normal”.

        He tried to build a dream world he could live in. At one time, Neverland cost 10 million usd to run … a year.
        Animals, theme park rides and the list goes on and on.
        He truly believed that he was a child, you can easily tell from his interviews. I dont think this qualifies as the behaviour of a down to earth person.

        In “man in the mirror” documentary, even his sister La Toy explains how he treated that monkey (bubbles) as a real child.

        I dont remember the documentary, but it is a couple of years old, where one of the people in his management, claims that everyone knew that he was in love with the little boy, but they all looked the other way. I have no problem believing that he was disturbed enough to have (lets call it) crazy facination with this one boy.

        He admitted himself that he rushed his new born child from the delivery room without cutting the cord… What kind of a person does that.

        He did seem like a bright star to many, but I see a dark disturbed person, with a lot of talent, and a crazy fascination for young boys.

      • Whatever happened to michael Jackson is the documentary i was reffering to.

        But where is Jordan Chandler supposed to have said this? Everyone is believing this all of sudden.

    • Michaelfan,

      Do you honestly believe in anything La Toya Jackson ever said? Haven’t you been able to tell who is even weirder- if that’s what you mean- surely it was La Toya Jackson. She is a mentally unstable, unreliable woman, an unsupportive sister, to begin with.

      With your standards, many great men and women who were eccentric and unorthodox, would have been accused of similarly hideous crimes, just because they were unconventional?

      Conclusions should be based on evidence, NOT personal projections onto either the often seemingly well-adjustedness, or unconventionality and unpredictability of one individual’s behavior.

      Please research on all the evidence available before you pass another judgment.

  129. This man waltz around with his thick chains wrapped around his neck like he owns the world not realizing what a pathetic disgusting excuse for a human being he has been all these 16 years… I honestly couldn’t possibly find myself in the position of robbing a man for my own selfish needs, i understand back then he was only a child but it has been a decade and 6 years since his father’s weak quick-money-making scheme so if after he turned 18 didn’t find the balls god gave him to come out and confess to me he is as guilty as his parents! I am a Michael Jackson fan not only because of his music and his exceeding talents but because after all the sick and twisted rumors about him he still walked with his head held high and his moves intact. To me Mr.Chandler is a fraud and he should be ashamed of walking around with those thick chains Michael Joseph Jackson restlessly worked so hard for. Well now he’s dead and this kid’s conscience must be rotting as i type…

    • Bueno, la idea no es pagar con la misma moneda, sino hacer justicia. Creo que ya tiene suficiente castigo al tener que vivir escondiéndose. Y creo que el verdadero culpable es su padre, que sí era consciente de lo que estaba haciendo en aquel momento.

  130. I don’t think Jordan Chandler would ever admit his guilt. He had 15 years to do it and didn’t. Even whilst filing for a restraining order against his father, that was a great opportunity for him to confess his lie. He didn’t.

    Did Michael Jackson molest any child? The answer lies in this 5-min video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3lVUvOLdg50

  131. He’ll say whatever pays the most. Oh, another $20 million? Suuuure…Michael Never touched me. Right. So long FREAK! Your death didn’t come soon enough.

    • Oh my, we really don’t like ourselves do we?! Define “freak” and I can tell you’re a very small minded and cold hearted shell of a person filled with negative energy. Like your title, YOU Beat IT, who cares what you think or your hateful and spiteful comments? You never ever wish evil on anyone or glorify their death. What’s wrong with you? Where’s your respect? Good God, even if you didn’t like Michael Jackson, weren’t you ever taught by your parents, if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it at all? Evil begats evil and death will arrive at your door when you lest expect it.

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

    • Mary,
      The comment you made isn’t “If Chandler lied….” but the mere fact that he recanted and made a public statement for everyone to hear. And yes it indeed is a crime. Both parties are “guilty” of committing fraud, defamation, slander, reporting a false allegation, filing a false report and oh the list goes on etc…Let’s see what the legal system will do about this. Funny how the “death” of someone makes people aware of thier own guilt and profound consequeces of thier actions. Question that loyal Jackson fans must demand is justice. Justice to clear his name, his character, his reputation and give honor and respect for the sake of his chiildren and family.. I’m with you Mary and I agree 100 percent of this shocking news…I intend to follow this…I wannt to see where this goes. Can any body out there rely more insight on this breaking news? What say you?

  133. Well, here’s a good start…bring forth the remorse. And shame on you all!:

    ABC NEWS – Martin Bashir confessed he lied in “Living with Michael Jackson”

    • I wonder what’s going to be done about this? This really angers me…I KNEW all along this was wrong! Now what’s going to make it right, especially for Michael’s children?! I challenge the same DA that wanted to burn Michael, reverse the curse and bring charges against the Chandlers…Don’t you agree?! What say you?

    • Wow… he sounds so clear and sympathetic and warm and non-judgemental in this video. What a shame he chose to be neither warm nor sympathetic nor clear in his documentary. What happened, Martin? Suddenly you have fears that you might be accused of slandering Michael´s reputation? Well, if you didn´t do anything wrong, you don´t need to worry. If you did, well… then use all the money you earned with your lovely video to pay a good lawyer!

      • I concur, Wilhelmina.

        This guy only shows the hypocrite, the coward, and the opportunist that he was then, and still is.

        A man like him would only ever use his own undeserved money to hire a lawyer for Michael- we wish he would, but as selfish as the man he is, I doubt he would ever do that. He’s a coward.

  134. Please if someone knows where there lives this young man and his(her,your) father who publishes it to be going to throw garbage to him!! thankz

    • Naw that’s too good for him…charge this lying dual for falsely reporting a crime or allegation and pursue legal action…If I were the Jackson Family after they settle other important matters relating to Michael’s children, his estate etc.,, I would locate them and file on Miceals behalf, a civil suit consisting of defamation, slander, seek punitive damages and perhaps JAIL time…Does anyone else feel the same way or not…I’d like your opinion on the matter. What say you?

  135. Please don’t take my comment in wrong way – but this guy a Judas by selling MJ for money he was one of main reason why MJ no longer with us – mj must though if someone who you trusted and help can do this too you then their must be no hope

    • John,
      Thanks for your comment and you are so right…Now the real question is this, Make them give the money back…isn’t that like blackmail, extortion? Does anybody see a problem here? I would suggest charging these individuals for reporting a false crime…h-m-m-m, I think the District Attorney needs to “reopen” this case and start some legal actions. What say you?

      • I say that a “reopen” would require more then popular opinion, sadly.
        I GOT AN IDEA!!! LET’S ALL ACCUSE CHANDLER OF BEING A PEDOPHILE!!! I’M SERIOUS!!! Let’s all post YouTube videos and wiki articles and everything! Just to make this guy feel like shit! I’m 100% serious! If anyone want’s to do that with me, write back…

  136. It’s not as though Jordy was living on the streets before the settlement. He went to St. Matthew’s, a very exclusive elementary school in Pacific Palisades. A Seinfeld star tried to get his/her child in there one year and it was too full, no exceptions. That school has a freaking campus. It looks like a college.

    • Listen “Truth” I have one important question to ask – Where is YOUR Proof?! By listening to the media who have always blown things out of content and voice thier own opinion? Make thier own assumptions, like the asses that some of them are. Or reading the tabliods, only to be sued for defamation and slander?! (Tom Cruise for example….reported he was GAY?! Remember that nonsense?) Check the laws and the allegations before accusing someone. And not only that, why after all this time would J. Chandler recant?! Where is Janet, Star and Gavin Arvizo now? Fear?! HOAX?! Oh whoa is me I don’t want to be poor anymore, so let’s just exploit Michael Jackson….Greed ooh hell ya. I believe Michael is innocent despite what you think. I believe in Michael and I am not sick and anyone else that defends his character and reputation isn’t sick either. Now you on the other hand, yoiu’re just going to point your finger and start screaming and believing that a crime has been committed without getting the FACTS and ALL OF THE FACTS of the crime! Are you a special investigator? Are you a police officer, sworn to protect and to serve? Or are you just a “Noise piece” that rattles like a snake in the wind?! Do you work for any Child Protection Agency services? Do you investigate actual cases and allegations concerning child molestation?! Do you know what is involed in investigating child abuse cases? Have you ever read police files, seen medical reports, photos of physical tangible evidence that clearly indicates ABUSE?! Have you ever interviewed victims of abuse? Have you ever talked to the Doctors who treat these individuals? Do you visit therapy sessions and really listen to individuals “speaking” and “crying” about their horrors of abuse?! Who the hell are you to judge Michael Jackson or anybody? This case is a mmatter of public record. Why don’t you request a copy of the court transcripts, and other related documents that may be released for public viewing? As I recall, the court system and within the criminal halls of justice, the law states, “That you are innocent until proven guilty.”…Uh-h-h what was Michael guilty of? Oh geez I remember, he was found innocent of ALL CHARGES AND AQUITTED in both cases! Damn I bet that just messed your whole head up didn’t it? I understand that you are naive and foolish when it comes to investigative cases. Child abuse is one of the hardest cases to prove. And the case hinged on ONE BOY….what happened to the other thousands of children that spent time at Neverland and with Michael Jackson?! What was that? You don’t know? Well why not?! You “claim” that Michael Jackson was a child molester… I truly believe you need to take a look in the mirror at yourself and change your ways…In other words, you “talk the talk”, but you’re lame in your walk…Oh I understand YOU don’t get it. Be careful how you “falsely” accuse somebody. What you do to others, WILL come back on you. Haven’t you ever heard the saying, “Don’t judge lest ye be judged?” No? Too bad, you might learn from that and besides, how would you like it if others judged you, accused you and labeled you on a action and you know in your heart your innocent and nobody believed or cared? How would that make you feel?! Think about it “Truth”. If you’re going to label yourself the title as “Truth”; then let the “Truth” set you free. Michael is an internationall ICON, learn to respect the dead and allow the “King of Pop” to rest in peace. Until new evidence is produced concerning these allegations, the matter as far as I andd miilions of devoted fans are concerned, this case is closed. Get over it. Michael deserves to Rest In Peace. For he is with God and that’s all that matters. Perhaps you need to have a private conversation with God and take a good look deep within yourself…maybe, just maybe you’ll find a decent and caring person inside. Be carful of your words, they have a way of haunting you..be very careful of the words coming out of your mouth…you may not be able to take them back and by then the damage is done. Be respectful towards others….or NO ONE WILL RESPECT YOU!

    • I agree with Karen Baker and not only that JOrdan said Michael was circumcised and when they checked him he wasn’t. Now call me stupid but I would think if you seen someones body parts you would know if they was or wasn’t circumcised and not only that you can’t go from circumcised one day to uncircumsicion the next.

      I think that should be enough to know whether it was a lie or not but there are people like you that just follow a flow can’t use your head to figure out that two and two still add up to four and when it don’t add up something is wrong.

      Sometimes It’s common sense which alot of people don’t seem to have any more.
      I know the hurt and anger behind this I have been through something like this with my stepson. He was accused of killing a cope. The stroy was so messed up and ridiculous that only a nut if they had followed the story would have known better but guess what it was just easier to judge and point fingers to believe it cause it was in the newspaper and the media and now this man is getting a life sentence for a crime he didn’t commit. there wasn’t even enough evidence to convict him, we had other cops telling us that, but because it was a death of a cop they could do what they wanted. I never for one minute believed Michael ever did this nonsense.

      I just hope one day all mouths will be shut and Michael will be able to find rest.

  137. Lord, Lord, Lord, r u all still goin abck n forth over this? My opinion, Michael is an INNOCENT VICTIM but WTF the man has passed. Let us grieve in peace and SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!!

  138. Why is it so impossible for some persons to believe that there can also be human beings,who can do wonderful things to the world,who can help children and do their best in saving their lives?Why is it so hard to believe that there was once upon a time,a man who did all this,without expecting anything back?How hard can it be to understand that he just loved children so much,because children were the only ones that didn t missjudge him.Children didn t care how his face looks,how his nose looks like everyone else…They just saw in Michael a great friend,a grown up with the heart and soul of a child,a grown up who loved to play with them….
    So cruel to think he could have done bad things to those children…Stupid jurnalists who were always trying to ruin him…I hope one day they will feel more than sorry for this…God will take care of everyone…and everything has a price

  139. Jordie described Michael Jackson’s genitals, and then in a horrifying strip search, it was discovered that the description was WRONG. In the meantime, the man was humiliated. He’s very shy and thanks to an abusive father, believed he was disgusting to look at. It was a horrible experience for him. He settled to make the case go away; he was petrified over what it would do to his career to have such allegations made public. Jordan’s father was recorded saying that he was going to ruin Jackson and make it so he could never sell another record. I imagine that is why he settled.

    YES, there is something wrong in wanting to share a bed with kids, but it does not amount to molestation. It’s weird and I think Michael Jackson, with all his understanding of music and genius in that area, had a case of arrested development. I don’t think he saw the world with an emotional view beyond that of a kid in many respects, and his boundaries were screwy. My kids have sleepovers; my ex-husband doesn’t. I wouldn’t expose my children to a person that. I won’t even let them take a ride with a parent I have not met. But sleeping in a bed does not amount to molestation, it amounts to creepy weirdness, which is not against the law.

    Again, the second time he was accused, as people have said, a jury acquitted him. And presumably everyone on that jury had knowledge of previous allegations against the man but did not find the prosecution to be credible. Maybe Michael Jackson did bad things. Maybe he did not, and not one of us is equipped wit that knowledge. I don’t think we should judge.

    • First, this story about Jordan Chandler admitting he lied is a hoax.

      Second, if there is anyone who has lied more consistently than anyone, it is Michael Jackson. He has lied about the treatment he received in prison. He said conflicting statements about sleeping in a bed with children. He lied about bleaching his skin. (Yes I know he was diagnosed with vitiligo, but he still lied about the skin bleaching.) It comes from multiple sources that he lied to get prescription drugs. He has told numerous lies over the years and in his television interviews he is very dodgy when asked direct questions regarding the incidents. (This does not make him guilty, but don’t assassinate the character of his accusers, but somehow make Michael Jackson out to be a saint, it is a double standard.)

      Michael Jackson was not as innocent as people make him out to be. He had problems. He drank alcohol and had pornography in his room. Police confiscated two books of nude pre-pubescent boys from his property in 1993. No normal person wants to sleep with boys. BTW – it was always boys.

      Yes, he tried to make the world a better place through music and through giving to charity and helping sick children. Yes, the majority of children he did not molest. However, this does mean that he could not have done it. The fact that he tried to do some very positive things does and that possibility that he molested some children are not mutually exclusive. Nobody KNOWS if Michael Jackson was innocent, except Michael Jackson and the boys.

      This about this – remember when many Catholic priests were scandalized because of child molestation? Wait, Catholic priests are doing God’s work, they would never do that. All the priests want is to bring happiness and joy to mankind, they would never do that. These boys are just trying to extort money from the Catholic church. — These are all arguments that you never heard. No one ever questioned the voracity of these accusations.

      There were THREE boys who said they were molested by Michael Jackson. If it had been only one, then maybe it was just extortion. However, there were THREE. And two of the instances were 10 years apart. How many celebrities have been accused of child molestation? There are many people who have a LOT more money that Michael Jackson. How many rich people do you know who have been accused of child molestation IN COURT? Not many. How many have been accussed by THREE separate people? None that I know of. BTW – of course they didn’t have a case once he settled with the 2 boys in the 90s, they wouldn’t testify in a criminal court after that.

      I wanted to believe Michael Jackson was innocent. I like his music. I’m impressed by his unbelievable talent. I believe by and large he has a gentle soul. His charitable work is admirable. Even today I still like Michael Jackson, as a performer.

      However, you do not KNOW Michael Jackson was innocent. You really don’t.

      (BTW, quit with the conspiracy theories that we were jealous or that journalists were trying to ruin him. That is not how people think in this country. If anything, the Michael Jackson defenders have to spin their story harder than anyone.)

      • Harold: it is always nice to talk to someone who can disagree with the majority and still remain respectful and balanced.

        But some comments you made make me think that you really did not read this post in its entirety. Please, read The Floacist´s comment of October 25th, 2007. And also Mary Fischer´s article published in GQ “Was Michael Jackson framed?”. Google it. And if you are interested in an analysis of media behaviour, also try to borrow “Michael Jackson Conspiracy”, by Aphrodite Jones. Really, you won´t have a complete, comprehensive perspective of the subject unless you read all this.

        About Jordan… yes, I think the story about Jordan admitting he lied is a hoax. It is obvious. He will never admit anything and it is easy to understand. In his place, I would probably not do it. I don´t know.

        Anyway, I think you might be wrong on some points:

        -Yes, Michael Jackson probably lied on some occasions, because he was a human being. He was very special, but not a saint. No person in the world can tell the truth all the time (not even a saint). Why did he lie? Let´s put it this way: if you, Harold, were questioned all the time by everybody about every single aspect of your life, including your sexual life, your fears, your phobias, your dreams, your foibles, what you had for breakfast yesterday, why did you straighten you hair… are you sure you would tell the truth EVERY TIME? I know I wouldn´t. And it is logical: why should he tell the world every single thing that crossed his mind, everything he did in his intimacy, just because he was a famous musician? I believed him when he said he did not have many surgeries, but let´s suppose for one moment he lied… If you have been asking the man during twenty years about his surgeries, and after twenty years he still refuses to tell the truth… it is pretty obvious he DOES NOT want to tell the truth! Get over it! And he had every right to hide whatever he chose to hide!

        -He did not lie about the treatment he received in prison, as far as I know. How do you know he lied?

        -He did not tell conflicting statements about sleeping in a bed with children. He was very specific and precise about it, in fact: he slept in the same bedroom with boys AND girls AND their parents, he always gave them his bed. He always denied any sexual contact. He was very clear about it every time. Very clear.

        -He did not lie about bleaching his skin. He kept covering his skin with make up. At first he used darker make up, then, when vitiligo covered almost his whole body he began using a lighter shade. There are many photos on the Internet that prove he did not bleach his skin, if you want to see them The Floacist has a post about it.

        -If he lied to get prescription drugs, which has not been proved (what “sources” talk about it?), so what? That is something to be pitied about, not something that makes him more or less lovable or good.

        -Michael was not an alcoholic nor a pervert. He drank alcohol… so what? So do I! Every now and then I take a beer or a glass of wine. Does it make me less INNOCENT? And he had pornography in his room… so what? I doubt there is ONE single person out there who has not taken a look at a porn magazine or a porn video at least once in their lives. Does it make them less INNOCENT? It means nothing.

        -You say no normal person wants to sleep with boys. True. No one says this is orthodox or advisable. It was a mistake, but that does not make him guilty. And it was NOT always boys. You are wrong there. There were boys, girls, and their parents also.

        -And just another thing: it it HAD been only boys… so what? Would it prove he was a pedophile? It is very disturbing how people kept mixing pedophilia with homosexuality all the time, even in the 2005 trial. Pedophilia is a crime, being gay is not. Being gay does not make you a pedophile. This is a very dangerous thought. Most pedophiles are heterosexuals. And specialists agree on something: pedophiles, NEVER speak in public about their pathology. So if Michael spoke about sleeping with boys, that is, if anything, something that proves he was NOT a pedophile.

        -“The fact that he tried to do some very positive things does and that possibility that he molested some children are not mutually exclusive”. That is true, you are right there. When refuting people who accuse him of molestation I never use as an argument his music or his charity work. It has nothing to do with it.

        -You say that the fact that there were three boys who accused him of molestation (in fact, there was only one, no charges were filed on any other occasion) reveals something. It does not reveal anything. He could be accused by one hundred boys and STILL be innocent. You know that. He was accused by the Arvizos because the first case was badly handled and it opened to the gold-diggers of the world an amazing gold mine. They saw their chance and took it.

        -He was accused of molestation and other celebrities were not because he was the best target ever: he loved children, he opened the doors of his house to virtually everybody, he was eccentric, he was obviously trusting and vulnerable and lonely. Perfect!

        Harold, I don´t know what conspiracies you are talking about, but you would have to be blind not to notice the way he was treated by the media. I am not denying that he was partly to blame in many respects, but whenever you open a paper or a magazine, four out of five stories are blatant LIES! Tabloids are mean to ALL celebrities, but that they picked on him is really undeniable. I don´t know why he did not sue them on the grounds of libel, it is a mistery to me.

        Michael Jackson was not perfect or a saint. But he WAS special. Believe me, I am objective. I don´t think he was utterly incapable of having any bad thought, but he really had more goodness in his heart that most of us. Take a look at his life and words with an open mind and you´ll see it.

      • Wilhelmina:

        His stories have been contradicted so many times, I don’t even know what to say. I do not have proof that he used Benoquin to bleach his skin, but even Quincy Jones says he had his skin lightened and he was full of BS (he said this after his death):

        He said he was manhandled in jail (not prison, he never went to prison) and also tried to say he never said he slept in the same bed with boys:

        Here the jail story is contradicted by his own lawyer who was with him the WHOLE TIME:

        MJ contradicted his own story in the Bashir documentary:

        I do not think that MJ was homosexual. Yes, I know that has NOTHING to do with molestation. This has nothing to do with any of my arguments. A former employee said that only one girl ever slept in MJ’s room, but hudreds of boys had.

        Why are people so quick to impeach the character of the accused, yet MJ is on record for having told numerous lies over a number of years, yet for some reason people believe every word he says?? In fact, in the 90s he never even would directly deny he molested the boys. I take you to a statement analysis expert (yes he really is an expert):

        And even some jurors who knew they couldn’t convict him beyond a reasonable doubt in the case of Gavin Arvizo:

        And yes there was AT LEAST three boys, just look on wikipedia:
        (Jordan Chandler, Jason Francia, and Gavin Arvizo)
        There were undoubtedly more that would not come forward, as is always the case in child abuse cases.

        It is funny, because when Michael Jackson was asked about why these children would falsely accuse them, he claims it is because these children’s parents have power over them. Yet it was Michael Jackson with his unlimited money and legion of fans who gave death threats to the accused who really wielded power over these victims. He developed long-term relationships with these kids and pressured the parents into letting them sleep in his room. (Its truly creepy.) Even MJ’s own defense lawyer admitted MJ slept in the same bed with the SAME BOY for OVER 2 MONTHS in 1993.

        Experts say that almost never a child wrongly accuses an adult of child molestation, something like 2-4% of the time. That means if 3 seperate boys accused MJ, the chances that it was all made up was less than 0.0064% (4% cubed). This means that it is likely 99.9936% probable that the stories were not made up.

        It actually makes me sick that we live in a society that would allow the King of Pop to carry out his child molestation activities and then be defended by legions of idiot fans.

        Personally, I wanted Michael Jackson to be innocent. Sorry, but he is a child predator and a molester.

  140. Jordan denied nothing. Look at the sources of those articles. Notice how no mainstream media ever picked up the story, because he never recanted anything.

    • Harold:

      I take back what I said about you being able to discuss politely and without being disrespectful. You finally had to call everybody an idiot an ruin the whole whing. What a pity.
      I did not read all the articles you sent, although I knew most of them. I read the first three, and that was enough. Were they supposed to prove me wrong? Please, don´t underestimate me and make me lose my time refuting me with sources that only reinforce my own arguments.

      1) You said that even Quincy Jones said MJ bleached his skin. How do you read things? I don´t get it. In no part of the interview he says such a thing. He says MJ had chemical peels, which is not the same thing. Michael had acne, a bad complexion, so he had chemical peels. It is common cosmetic procedure, in which you use specific acids to remove the outer layers of your skin (which then regenerate again) and make it look fresher. It IS NOT a bleaching procedure. If Quincy Jones said MJ did not want to be black, he is gaga, and it is just HIS opinion. MJ said many times he was proud of being African American, many times. Most African Americans believe him, which is why he received so many tributes and awards in the NAACP.
      Please, watch these photos and dare tell me MJ had a bleaching treatment:


      2)When I told you MJ did not lie about being treated meanly in jail, you took me to an article which says exactly what I told you. MJ says he was not treated well in jail, and of course the DA Sneddon says he was. It is one word against the other. And I am not inclined to believe the word of a person who actually got to INVENT things in the 2005 trial, like presenting as “confirmed victims” many boys who then testified that nothing wrong had happened. It is a mistery to me how this man was never summoned to account for his unethical conduct in court. Do you find hard to believe he was not treated right in jail? It is a very common thing, believe me, in every country.

      3) Then you tell me that MJ´s own lawyer contradicted his jail story, and AGAIN it is not true. How do you read? Have you taken one of those correspondence courses that teach you to read at top speed? MJ´s lawyer DID not contradict him. He did not say MJ had been treated right. It was again your friend the DA Sneddon who assured that MJ´s lawyer complimented him on how he had treated his client. You believe him? Good. I don´t.

      So I quit reading. Please, I beg you, do not answer me back, because all discussions here are pointless, because I got tired of people who cannot debate without insulting and because I am goint to unsuscribe from this post, anyway.

      • I honestly did not mean to call you an idiot. Personally I was a big Michael Jackson fan, until I actually looked into the evidence. I was making a generalization about people who don’t bother to read the evidence. Sorry if that offended you.

        MJ’s OWN DEFENSE ATTORNEY said he was with him the whole time and treated him well in jail. So it’s Michael Jackson’s word against, Tom Sneddon, his own defense attorney, the video in the jail, and everyone else. My point is that Michael Jackson is a chronic liar.

        Forget the whole thing about Quincy Jones, I’m just saying that someone who knew him well thought he had lightened his skin. No, he didn’t say that directly (nor did he say bleached his skin), he said “chemical peels” so I suppose that was not as good a reference as I wanted it to be. However, it seemed obvious to me that he did bleach his skin (not literally, he used a medication to depigment his skin.) I don’t care whether Michael Jackson wanted to be black or white. I am honestly fine with the idea that he wanted his skin tone to be even. I am even fine with his ridiculous number of plastic surgeries. He just wasn’t honest. He could have even said, “I would prefer not to talk about it.” It is all meaningless to me. My whole point is that he lied.

        You don’t need to read the articles I referenced, that doesn’t matter. My point is that Michael Jackson is a big time liar, and for some reason most people want to believe every word that comes out of the liar’s mouth.

      • And after Jermaine Jackson later claimed on CNN that his brother had been mishandled, the Santa Barbara district attorney’s office said in a statement that Jackson’s attorney, Mark Geragos, was present during his client’s arrest and booking and “in fact has been complimentary about the way things were handled.”

        You know what, you are right. I am taking MJ’s word against the word of the district attorney of Santa Barbara, who for some reason had an agenda against Michael Jackson and misquoted his defense attorney.

        Weird how everyone has an agenda against Michael Jackson — Sorry, I don’t think so.

      • Harold:

        Apologies accepted.
        You know, we could go on forever debating this, but it is pointless. We have exactly the same information, but you believe one thing and I believe the opposite. The more I read about the subject, the more convinced I become I am right, and the same happens to you, with a different conclusion.
        Besides, the man is already dead. Let´s respect that. If he was guilty, he had his punishment, so let it go.
        I am almost sure time will prove me right, though.
        Don´t get angry at people who defend MJ, please, whichever their arguments are, because they truly believe in his innocence. Sometimes it sounds as if people thought that those who defend MJ support pedophilia. If I though he was guilty I would throw away his CDs, believe me.
        Maybe you are right; maybe MJ was a chronic liar. I don´t know. But lying about trivial stuff like surgeries is not the same as lying about molestation. It´s way more serious. I´m sorry, the more I read and watch, the more I believe him in that respect.
        Why don´t you read “MIchael Jackson Conspiracy”, by Aphrodite Jones? It might help you with those doubts you have. If not, it is a pretty interesting reading about media behaviour.

      • Harold, you said:

        (Quote)”You don’t need to read the articles I referenced, that doesn’t matter.”

        It does. One does need to read all the articles you referenced, without the slightest trace of emotional attachment, an open mind, and the willingness to read between the lines, plus taking into account the fact that it has been observed that all parties involved had multiple motives, one cannot single them out black and white. The complex situations further bewildering the two sides of the public. Seeking financial exploitation was obvious, but that was by no means the one and only single motive that caused the legal vocanic eruptions. In any event, it takes a rare bird who has been a fan but with detachment of the analytical faculty to be able to have the patience to carefully read the articles and documents you provided with total neutrality.

        I am a junior analyst trainee in another field than the one specifically concentrating on statement analysis. What I am saying is, Harold, it would be advisable for one to not skip the fifth link of the seven links (technically speaking, you provided eight links- because there is another link at the bottom of the webpage of Mark McClish’s statement analysis) you provided in your first post. Though not specializing in statement analysis, I am nevertheless an analyst trainee in another field- (I shall refrain from specifying which field it is, to avoid being attacked by emotional individuals) meaning basically what I do is exactly about analysis, and definitely one of the many aspects of my field of analysis is the analysis of speech and language, and any statement or question made by individuals during their interviews with my supervisors and also with my fellow trainees (Harold, I’m afraid you would have to guess what type of interviews I am talking about here, because, once again, the reason why I will refrain from specifying my field is precisely because this would only be met with attack from emotional individuals). Persons with intense emotional attachment may very well misinterpret that particular statement analysis, but Harold, I understood perfectly well what Mark McClish was talking about, and I think it is significant. I think it is essential for one to not skip the statement analysis- though that analysis is by no means the only presentable piece of information, and though many potently emotional persons might still end up misinterpreting that statement analysis. I object to what you said about the articles you had provided to not be important. They are. Some of them are flawed in one way or another, making it far less convincing for the readers, but by taking all things into perspective, with detachment, neutrality, it would make a difference. The articles you provided are not unimportant. They are.

  141. I think that Jordan was there wrong about lying and to now say that he lied!!!!!!
    P.S. Jordan Chandler is soooooooo fine!!!!!

    R.I.P MJ-luv ya always

  142. How nice of him to tell the truth noW.You people who practice extortion knw that what goes around comes around. It may not come the same way but it comes. Maybe bad maybe not but know it when it comes. Everybody with half a brain knew tht that was an extotin cas. nancy gracy was just preaching that hes was child molester one day this week like she knows everything. They all ought to be sued for defamation of character. Them and those with the susan smith syndrome. Because you are a judge, lawyer,cop or anything else for that matter it doesn’t determine what kind of person you are and the afore named are the worst.

  143. People, please… Jordan did not admit anything! I doubt he will ever do it. I would LOVE it to be true, honestly, but I really think it is made up. Please, check the sources: they are not reliable at all! None of the serious papers picked up the story. The poor man is dead and they are STILL inventing stuff, it is sickening.

  144. I really hate it how people just base their opinion on absolutely nothing! Except for the rumours. If they would just do some research and not be so ignorant. THEN they can form an opinion. If they would just look at Michael like I (and all the other fans) did. A gifted funny man with a beautiful smile. The Chandlers are just a bunch of backstabbers, I think. I hope they’re really proud of themselves. I don’t think it’ll matter whether Jordan speaks out or not.. people will believe whatever they want. After all, good news is boring, bad news sells.

    RIP Michael Jackson

  145. and another video on how he loves and cares for children, so gentle hearted and pure, i wanted to cry watching this

  146. I say put a bounty out on Jordan Chandler and his father. Once found, bring them down to Staples Center on Tuesday, July 7th @ noon and I am sure you they will be greeted with all the love and affection they so deserve.

    Punks… both of them. They will get what they deserve in due time. RIP MJ

    read the GQ article about these clowns: http://www.buttonmonkey.com/misc/maryfischer.html

  147. Jordan Chandler and his fat father are gay fagots.i bet they have incest with each other.
    anyways i hope does bitches die a slow painfully death IN FIRE!

  148. We don’t know if Jordan Chandler lied or not. However, as a victim of sex abuse, I can tell you this. It takes a lot of courage to come forward, and even more to follow through with criminal charges. The fact that he didn’t press charges doesn’t mean he is lying. I was molested by a relative, and some people didn’t believe me – that was extremely difficult to deal with. However, a jury did believe me and the son of a bitch went to prison. The fact that MJ did give him $22M means that there was at least enough evidence that made it more likely than not (that is a preponderance of the evidence for civil suits) that a jury would believe that MJ did molest him. If there wasn’t at least that much evidence, MJ’s lawyers would have eaten him alive. A plaintiff’s odds of winning in a civil action that actually goes to trial are slim to none – therefore, MJ had something to hide.

    That being said, whether he is telling the truth or whether he lied, God knows the truth. If he is telling the truth, however, all of you people who are saying these terrible things about him are doing nothing more than attacking a victim of molestation! Hope you are proud of yourselves.

    • Why is chandler hiding if he was telling the truth about his accusations. If his accusations were true no amount of money is enough to put the guilty person in jail. You yourself did not hide about your experience then why should he if he really told the truth. Michael issued a statement about his innocence but i still have to read about the chandlers coming forward about their truthfulness. My only consolation is that the money they got is not worth the misery and the fear they will be facing for the rest of their lives. They will forever be famous in infamy as the judas who sold their soul for money. The chandlers will forever be hatedm, in fear and in hiding. They will forever be the liars who will be in hiding because they crucified an innocent man with their lies for money.

      • the thruth is that: the case went on even after the settelment (the penal case).but Jordy refused to testify-
        The settlment didn’t stop them, as it is said all around the web, they even went to 2 grand jury…but jordan refused

  149. Michael Jackson did not bleach his skin! If that worked, all kinds of people would be bleaching their skin, like they bleach their hair! It doesn’t work!

    Michael said he hates his new skin colour and that he thinks it is ugly. He did not want really pale skin.

    He had a skin disease, and for some reason, some people want to make that look like a lie. Why would he lie, if he hates that skin colour! STupid people.

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  151. I hope the Chandlers get what they deserve and I am waiting for that day. They are definitely going to pay for the lies they told to get money from Michael Jackson.

  152. There are only 2 people in the world who know what really happened between Michael and Jordan, and sadly now there is only one left to tell the truth. Hopefully that is what will happen, but realistically it is unlikely.
    Sexual abuse is not something to make fun of, mock or undermine.
    The world has lost a truly amazing individual, a talented and unique performer who has helped make the music industry what it is today. He influenced many of our favourite performers of today.
    He will be missed but never forgotten.

  153. If this is true I wish some reporter would investigate. Better yet Jordan come forward and admit it in a news conference. Let his children and family have some peace over this.Keep the money and you will probably get more for telling the truth. you know book deals and all. Also whats up with all the racial remarks? we are all human beings.

  154. I think everybody that hates MJ is just mad over the fact that he will go down as the greatest of all time. over that coked up druggie Elvis that everybody else worships but overlooks all the shit he did lol.

    MJ>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>elvis who??

    (waits for shit storm……………..)

  155. Honestly, r u all still debatin this? A person in this country is innocent until proven guilty which MJ was NEVER found guilty he was found INNOCENT ON ALL COUNTS!! A settlement in this country does not make you guilty of anything. It makes what u didnt do go away quietly and sometimes loudly. IF the court deemed him guilty the state would have taken over and pursued the case without the accuser as it did in the other case and who knows what the outcome would have been but obviously the DA didnt feel they had enough evidence to take it further. Michael is a God in alot of peoples mind and hearts and u cant change that with your words, articles, videos or whatever. We LOVED him no matter what his faults or otherwise. None of us is perfect. In my heart, mind, and soul Michael was a child, a peter pan and he loved children because he was one. I have 7 children and would have let everyone of them be with MJ in hiis bed and I would bet my life that not one of my children would have said anything improper happened. The man has passed. Lets all show some respect and let him at least have some peace as he rests. Miss you Michael. In my heart forever!

  156. the boy surely is responsible for MJs death – directly or indirectly. and I am surprised that he hasn’t commited suicide yet!!!

  157. I am keeping $1 million prize on the head of Jordan Chandler. Anyone who gets the head of Jordan Chandler gets my 1 million hard earned money of last 70 years of my life.

    Why leave this culprit to live his youth freely when his deeds led to the fall of a great talented human leaving 3 innocent children fatherless in such young age.

    If you wanna do something right…go get that son of a b****’s head.

    • This is getting out of hands, and starting to sound creepy… please, let´s remember that Jordan Chandler was a victim himself. His father made him lie, put him unwillingly on the spotlight, and on top of that he was left parentless at a very young age, with the feeling of helplessness that this implies.
      Now he is older, yes, and can understand the whole thing and could step forward to tell the truth if he wanted, but let´s not forget that Jordan Chandler never asked to be in this position, and to be forever hiding and be always remembered for this case.
      The real responsible here is Evan Chandler, his father, who knew very well what he was doing.
      And please, while we ask for justice, let´s leave violence aside, this is not one of the values that Michael stood for.

      • NO NO NO NO NO JORDAN CHANDLER IS NO VICTIM! A child his age knows the difference between a LIE & the Truth! He is JUST as responsible as the adults who also got paid. I can cite many cases of children who comimitted murder and are sentenced and tried as adults because they KNEW the difference between RIGHT N Wrong and thses children are 7, 9, 10 and 11. JORDAN CHANDLER knew what he was doing and I agree with taking him down or out, whatever the case may be. Sometimes violence IS the answer especially when reasoning just wont do! I may not be God, wheras its not my choice but, some people just dont deserve to live and breath the air that we are all priviledged to have. There has to be consequences! OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!!

  158. That ass hole should have been told the truth It would of saved Michael Jackson a whole lot of pain embarrassment and money as for as I’m concern he is one of the reasons why he is dead now. I think that Jordan and his dad should go to prison just for lying about what happened and messing up Michael’s reputation.

  159. The Chandlers are SCUMBAGS!!! Hope your having a nice cushy life because the next one will not be so great! You will pay for what you have done. WHAT COMES AROUND GOES AROUND.


  161. Michael was special, very different yet in some ways like all of us, he is and was a very pure Soul, something like an Angel who came to our world to help us to better understand who we really are, he tried this trough Art, trough his suffering, his joy, his happines, his sadness, his love, his sorrow and so on…
    Chandler was just one of the demons who tried hard to prevent and demolisch a Michael’s mission, but of course the truth will always win, no matter how hard one tries ti disguise , to hide and to pretend. Today the world still does not fully comprehend who Michael is, was and will be, but one day , perhaps far in the future the world will be ready to understand Michaels role in this incarnation.
    Hope for better world always remains, and we should not stop having a fate that Light and right and the trues will win.
    Thank you.

  162. The money the chandlers made off from michael is not enough for the miserable life they would be living forever. The chandlers and the other llying leech will forever look behind their back and will forever be famous in infamy as the leeches who lied for money. They may be living a good life but it is not worth the shame and the hate their family will be facing in their lives. They will forever be known as the judas who sold their soul for money

  163. No amount of money is worh for the fear and misery the chandlers and other lying leech will be facing for the rest of their miserable lives. Why do you think they are hiding. It is because of fear that they were guilty of lying for money. If the chander and other leech were telling the truth they could have came out and made statemtnts that michaell was really guilty, but no they were cowering in fear because they were the ones who were guilty of lying for money.

  164. The question remains: 2000 years ago we tortured one of the greates Soul which came to our earth to teach us and today we are not even a little better!

  165. Floacist, and everybody else,

    what about starting a petition:
    “The people against Evan Chandler and Janet Arvizo”


    We can create a petition here, filling up a “PETITION STATEMENT”,
    We should first make a draft version, then review it, and then we submit it!
    Let me know! Any comment is welcome!

  166. The pettition is very good idea.
    But to mine opinion will not solve the problem.
    This two characters Chandler, Arvizo and the third person- son of the maid, don’t remember his name , who apparently was forced by police to say things he never wanted, this guys should come out from their hidings and – if they want to save their Souls- tell the truth , after all seems they were also under influences of his father in the first case and mother in the second case .
    Now they are adult and things are different.

  167. Rosana, thanks for commenting :-)!

    I thought the petition against these individuals could be
    a means to build up a pressure against them, by raising more
    public opinion (like someone did with the false news of Jordan confessing),
    and evetually really having them either confess or being processed.

    I wish justice for the name and memory of an innocent man,
    killed by the lies and greed of few corrupted selfish ungrateful individuals,
    and by the so much amplified echo of our gossip-thirsty society..

    May he rest in peace already, and even more,
    once the truth is told in this life,
    not just in front of God…

  168. Max73 , Im am living far away in Europe and english is not even mine mothers language.
    And yes, I agree this is one way of helping us all, not only Michael , his death
    which happened to soon due to the drugs, greedy individulas ans also false sensation
    hungry media, especialy media which beleives that only ugly, bad news, full of gossiping and lies can sell,
    maybe Michaels sacrifice can teach us something and here I support that the memory of him shoul be pure and clean as it was pure and loving the great Soull and unique Being MJ , one in 10 milion people which incarnated in our world, he was not only a unique Artist, but much , much more and one day – we SHOULD ALL BE AWARE OF MICHAELS MESSAGE AND LOVE.

  169. “The people against Evan Chandler and Janet Arvizo”


    We can create a petition here, filling up a “PETITION STATEMENT”,
    Please somebody help me to do this, or give his comments how should we go for it.
    I mean :
    1) what can we do once we get the statement,
    2) Will we send the signed petition to some authority?
    3) Is it gonna work?

    I live in Europe and have no idea how this thing works, but i’d love to do anything to honour Michael’s name.. Floacist, any idea?

  170. Max 73 , well I am sure your pure sought will be by one or other way heard and fulfilled.
    One must enter to ones hart ( that is our own ) and through deepest love for thruth seek to comprehend. One should not
    think that all what is written by media is the gospel. There is always something which is hiden to
    unhealthy eye when the truth comes from outside. We can beleive only what appers to each one of us in our own hearts as truth. This is also a message given to us by great Soul as MJ was and this message is also in his many his lyrics. Therefore let unite in MJ angelic message to seek the truth, compassion and goodness.
    Hopefuly one day we all will be able to understand this message.
    Unfortunately in his iprivate life, he fell – due to many very strong and huge obstacles under influences of various pain killers and that thanks to a greedy, with dark heart people like Chandler, son of the… and Arvizo, cancer boy, who was healed due to MJ
    unconditional compassion and support.

  171. OMG!!! Why isn’t Jordan Chandler dead already? I mean the day michael jackson died im sure someone saw him strolling down the street laughing and spending some of his 20 million dollars…. Jordan Chandler needs to go to the alter…. I will protest in front of his house cause I don’t want to touch something like that. I really wish he would tell the truth. I am so angry inside i want to shoot him in his knees so bad. Omg i will do anything for him to tell the truth… how can he be that nasty please cnn… give me a chance or an interview please!!!! I will be much more calm if you would please be the good people and allow ppl to call in and share some words i dont curse it will be g – rated…. just please or he wil get hurt…. i will pistol slap him… i have anger issues but please this bo has lived like this enough ok…. please be good ppl and fight for what is right please…. michael is dead… me a fan is mourning….. don’t let this happen anymore man this world is sick…. i wanna throw up.

  172. Better than a petition, I would like to raise a few million dollars and offer it to them for the truth. If they accept the money to say he didn’t do it, it pretty much proves they were only saying it for money in the first place. Way better than a petition, I think.

  173. First off I am white, and I am American.

    And I believe Michael was innocent!

    And I have sense I first heard of this little shits claims, I knew he lied, just as the other one did later.

    And if he doesn’t tell the truth now Michael is dead I hope he and his family die too.

    And that go’s for the stupid cancer boy, I hope his cancer comes back, and kills him too.

    Oh and not all white people are racists, and using a word like Cracker is racist, just as much as the “N” word.

    Which I don’t like myself.

    Through Michael I learned not to judge people by the shade of their Skin, or their race.

    Even though I was raised by two racist parents, I still grew up to be non racist instead.

    And I always liked Micheal better when he was darker, and I also liked him before his nose jobs.

    I do admit I believe that a lot of whites liked him more after his skin changed, because Most the sites devoted to him have only newer photos of him.

    Most of them leave out the early years, like in late 70’s.

    I love watching the old videos of him with his brothers from the late 70’s, and looking at the old photos too.

    I love all the Jackson brothers, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, Michael and Randy!

    You know maybe if we all think on it together we can put a curse on this Jordan and the others who have hurt Michael.

  174. On another site brancarocks and athena suggests emailing ET about diane dimond and her removal see:


    Athena suggests the following sample text that you are free to use.

    Please be advised that I will boycott your program as long as Diane Dimond is in your employ. After Michael Jackson died, I took it upon myself to read any and everything I could find, including Dimond’s book, so as to reach my own conclusions as to his guilt or innocence. In the end, I was appalled at the flimsy case mounted by the Santa Barbara D.A., and fueled by irresponsible journalists such as Dimond. Michael Jackson’s death does not speak to his weakness; it speaks to his humanity. No human could withstand such an onslaught of salacious, lurid gossip. Shame on Diane Dimond!

  175. I just saw this and this site asked everyone to pass it on see:

    The attorney who successfully represented Michael Jackson during the 2005 trial spoke as part of a legal discussion panel back in 2005. He revealed he had witnesses ready to testify against Jordan Chandler if prosecutors had been able to convince him to testify.

    These witnesses report that Chandler said Jackson never touched him and that he was angry at his father for being made to accuse Michael Jackson. Watch video clip below:
    (Nov 29 2005)

    Mesereau also revealed Chandler went to court to get legally emancipated from his parents.


    • Thanks a lot for sharing this !!

      another piece to convince everybody that all those money-greed beasts,
      i mean their parents in first place, including Evan C.,
      should not go unpunished even in this life…

  176. We support vindication of MJ by mainstream media. MJ was exonerated by a jury of his peers. Not good enough. For his children’s sake, mainstream media must become more responsible. We discuss how truth can compel mainstream media to publicly admit it wrongly accused MJ of despicable crimes. Many people still believe MJ was guilty. They were influenced to believe the allegations by a biased mainstream media. No links allowed here so search at Yahoo Groups for “vindication better than tributes.”

  177. I would not give any interview to diane dimond relating to MJ after she has hounded him so much. Why didn´t susan etok request someone else on ET.

  178. Exactly! Lets get rid of Diane Dimond! Where does she get off taking Mary Harts place on et? I tried to send a complaint and couldnt get an email address. This jerk needs to go! Shes a reporter of lies! She should be working for a rag paper not a reputable tv show. I will not watch any ET until she is gone. She is a LIAR & I want her lieing mouth shut and off my TV!

  179. I saw a suggestion by brancarocks and athena on a site for people to contact et about diane dimond and her possible removal. I thought you might like to see it.


    Athena suggested this sample text that all are free to use. See below:

    Please be advised that I will boycott your program as long as Diane Dimond is in your employ. After Michael Jackson died, I took it upon myself to read any and everything I could find, including Dimond’s book, so as to reach my own conclusions as to his guilt or innocence. In the end, I was appalled at the flimsy case mounted by the Santa Barbara D.A., and fueled by irresponsible journalists such as Dimond. Michael Jackson’s death does not speak to his weakness; it speaks to his humanity. No human could withstand such an onslaught of salacious, lurid gossip. Shame on Diane Dimond!

  180. We call for Michael’s vindication by MAINSTREAM MEDIA. MJ was acquitted by a jury in 2005. Not good enough. For his children’s sake, mainstream media must become more responsible. We discuss how truth can compel mainstream media to publicly admit it wrongly accused MJ of despicable crimes. Many people still believe MJ was guilty. They were influenced to believe the allegations by a biased MAINSTREAM MEDIA. No links allowed here so search at Yahoo Groups for “vindication better than tributes.”

  181. Poor boy, will always be known as Michael Jackson’s bitch.
    Who touched you Michael? Was it Bill Bray?
    The Security Officer that your family had for years, and that covered for you all those years @ Neverland untill you fired him?
    You shouldn’t touch little boys, no matter how famous you are!

  182. Jordan Chandler looks like he may be gay….. he needs to at least act like a man and tell the world that his father was nothing but a greedy SOB and that the money he is spending now is literally blood money! he will get his due…..God always take care of peeps like him:)

  183. there goes kim diamond…racist first, uninformed second…or is it the other way around.
    look out for that one folks. she likes to troll around Michael Jackson fan sites spewing her same old nonesense for attention. but she can’t anymore because she got kicked out for abusing children. stupid is what stupid does. insist on it.
    thanks for your confession, kim. it all comes back around to what you do…your jealous, soulless contribution to the world. you really shouldn’t touch little ones and dead people. you’ve left a lot of witnesses.

    a good man deserves justice.

  184. Iv just read. “unmarsked’, even if 1/2 of its true, Michael jackson died a broken man, and it was these accusations that started to destroy him.. may god forgive them,.. because WE dont!

  185. “ALL HE EVER WANTED WAS “THE TRUTH” TO COME OUT!.. i hope his accusers, can come clean, so his children can live in peace… and remember there wonderful Dad…
    His daughter Paris, she`ll make a mark in this world, the strengh she showed at the funeral, clearly showed me, she`ll be a force to be wreckoned with,…
    i wish his children all the best for the future years!

    • Thank you Jan! Signed this too!

      To make justice to our beloved Michael, I think we should use

      and start a new one called:
      “The people against Evan Chandler and Janet Arvizo”

      Someone would please help and prepare a
      it could be posted here, and then after review I could create the petition myself..

  186. I’ll start by saying I am a MJ fan and thus wish all this was indeed a lie. However,

    1. regardless of whether he lied or not – Jordie is the last to be blamed here, I think. It’s either his parents or Mike at fault, not the kid in any case! Instead of bashing him for not appearing at the 2005 trial, appreciate at least that he did not appear to testify against Michael! Also, as far as I know he never created circus – I’ve never read enormities of the Arvizo kind said by him…

    If he lied yes, that totally broke Mike, but I can’t imagine that being his idea/plan anyway!

    Also, we often hear MJ fans blaming all the MJ haters and the ridiculous media, but isn’t showing anger towards this kid sort of the same thing?

    2. as much as I dislike that, there is a posibility that the kid actually did not lie…I adore MJ for all he stood for, but I for one do not know of any clear proof that he was innocent…I hope he was, I incline to think that he was – especially after the 2005 trial – but I cannot know for certain and I guess neither can you guys, unfortunatelly.

    3. the last thing I expect now is for jordie to admit that he lied – we don’t know the details of this and I’m sure things must get awfully complicated if he did that.

    • Marina,
      I understand your sentiment about Jordie, but you are wrong about there not being clear proof of his innocence. All you have to do is research the cases. The very first place that the Chandlers and Arvizos report their allegations to are lawyers, not the Police. In fact, Janet Arvizo hired an attorney and investigator to find out information on suing him several months before they even met. If someone abused your child wouldn’t you go straight to the Police? Why didn’t the Chandlers and Arvizos? The court transcripts are located on this site. I seriously suggest you read them.

  187. L.M.

    I have the court transcripts for the Arvizo case – and I actually think that trial was pretty ridiculous I am almost certain that the Arvizos were liars (especially after I saw the video with Gavin’s testimony). While that is supporting MJ’s case against the Chandlers, I thought it wasn’t the absolute proof. I still maintain that I am incline to believe MJ rather than the Chandlers, only that I thought the matter was not that clear as with the second case. That might be because there was no trial the first time and I also admit that I know less about the Chandlers case – the only document I could find re that case was his declaration for the police – any sources for his interview with the psychologist or his parents’ testimonies would be highly welcome! (I know there is a transcript in Halperin’s book, but I just can’t convince myself to increase that guy’s profits!)

    Anyway, the main point I wanted to make was the one against Jordie’s bashing – mainly because in my idealistic mind I am thinking Michael would have forgiven him…

  188. To find out more about the Chandler’s extortion plot I would recommend reading Mary Fischer’s GQ article called “Was Michael Jackson Framed?” Just do a google search, and you should find it. I would also recommend reading June Chandler’s testimony that she gave on April 11. Her testimony really backs up Mary Fischer’s claims.

    Also, pedophiles do not stop at one child. They have hundreds of victims. Nor, do they start in their early 30’s. These facts should give you more understanding of what ’93 was really all about.

    • Thanks!

      That is an excellent article indeed (I’ve now realized parts of Taraborrelli’s book on the first allegations are based on this article, only that he twists the interpretation of the facts a bit, in tabloid manner…)

  189. foacist i’m glad that dr susan etok finally discover what kind of person was diane dimond and now susan don’t talk to her anymore haahhahahahahahahh

  190. hey flo victor gutierrez was on chilean tv last night and said that jordan and his family didn’t want to go to a court because they were threath by many of the jackson’ people. is this true? i mean i know victor is not the best source but he sound so convincing

  191. but now gutierrez doesn’t have to pay to jackson anymore. and also diane dimond said something about there were more kids and gutierrez said the same things. i’m confused. i mean i think mj is innocent but that information make me doubt

    • how can u believe 2 people who accused Michael of NOTHING, and when Michael sued GUTIERREZ FOR THE VIDEO THAT NEVER EXISTED, THE JUDGE TOLD UTIERREZ TO PAY MICHAEL AND HE WENT OUT OF THE STATES???

    • PLZ DON’T LET THIS STUPIDS HAVE YOUR PRECIOUS ATTENTION… they always said bullshit on Michael for money, why should they stop now??
      They had no respect when he was alive, and do u think they will show respect now?? camon!

      • i know the media and these journalist are manipulators it’s just sometimes you just don’t know what to believe

  192. This is an author shawn Henning’s:

    Author of the New Book coming soon. Michael Jackson the Book the Media Doesn’t Want You to Read. The Book is a tribute to the Icon of Music Michael Jackson and His family. I am a firm believer in don’t believe everyhting you hear. Michael Jackson was more than the Greatist Entertainer he was a humanitarian who called to us to Heal our world yet the media has continued to cover him and his family in controversy and rumors. It is time to put an end to media speculations. Michael Jackson Legacy is left to his fans and our voice will be heard.

  193. How is he a milionare an dhe has on such cheap shoes, I know he got like only 8 mill, form all of it, but dang did he blow it already.

    • no
      He is still doing great job for us and Michael, and he said the thruth about the celebrities who went at the memorial, stating they weren’t there to support him when he was facing a criminal conviction for child molestation.

  194. I really hope the truth comes out. It’s ridiculous to believe any of these allegations. I wish the media and public would focus on the evidence, and not the sharing of bed thing. That whole thing happened sixteen years ago with boys and GIRLS. After the Chandler’s extortion scheme it did not happen anymore. He couldn’t change the past. I wish everybody would stop putting so much attention on that.

  195. I too hope, at one point, that the truth comes out. But even then, there will be people who will still believe that he did it. From what I’ve seen, it’s so easy for people to use the settlement(s) as a justification for their opinions, but at the end of the day, settlements are NOT admittances of guilty. People settle for several reasons, whether it being because of financial woes or health purposes.

    And, in particular, using Michael’s eccentricities and status as leeway for an argument always seem juvenile at best. Make conclusions on actual facts of the case.

    At all times, you must leave your perceptions/opinions at the door in order to fairly judge.

    • You are totally right, I think also that the only way that people would stop believing he did it, is when the Chandlers and The Arvizos will be incriminated and punished by the US law for what they did…

      So, once again, a way to do so is the petition i suggested earlier in this page.

  196. ddd 19th october 2009 (time flies when you are living off MJ money)

    sure mj molested him thats why he’s working at mjj studios and looks just fine now spending his money. i think if i was molested i wouldnt work at the guys studio/record company. the dude is a liar i mean the parents. i would think if he was really one he would molest just more than 2 wouldnt you think. ryan white’s mother said he helped her son, but did nobody post anything on that. no cause the media is such dickheads.


    154. OMG! No need to trash posters in here! Danged! We might always agree on something but one thing is firm, our quest to see justice for Michael Jackson.

    JC does work for a record co. but it isnt owned by MJ. He also does work as a dancer. Excuse me for saying it, but I have noticed more often than not some of the guys; friends MJ was involved with have grown up to be a little on the feminine side. Just sayin. IMO something tells me what happened to MJ is tied to something that happened in the past. Same people working at the same studios; ect.

    Posted at 6:20PM on Oct 30th 2009 by Geezums

  197. I Just found this interesting to do some research :

    Jordan lives in NY/NJ with the money he obtained from the settlement in the 1993 case. Many people like Diane *big trunk* Dimond want you to think Jordan’s life is going great…in reality Jordan is a legal fight with his father, Evan Chandler. Jordan sued his father because in mid 2005 (now his father is suing him as well) his father tried to KILL HIM. How do I know this? COURT PAPERS. Jordan Chandler accuses his father of hitting him over the head with a 12-pound weight, spraying his eyes with mace and trying to choke him.

    Why isn’t this information all over TMZ? Why isn’t Diane Dimond all over this one? If Diane can find out what underwear Tom Sneddon is wearing, why can’t she find out about this case? Perhaps because she may be afraid to know why EVAN CHANDLER would do something like that to his own SON. Perhaps she fears what she will find out. I would think that Evan Chandler trying to take out his son would be ALL OVER THE NEWS. I’m wrong. These folks don’t care about Jordan Chandler and what happens to him if it not related to Michael Jackson. But, who says it isn’t? Some alleged Evan and Jordan dispute is over money! You know that money they got from Michael Jackson’s insurance. I wonder, if Evan Chandler was capable of causing such injuries to his own son over what some allege is money, then why wouldn’t he be capable of falsely accusing a rich celebrity to get that money. It seems nothing stands in the way of Evan Chandler. Not even Jordan Chandler.

    Link to information on case:


    ps. Write to Harvey Levin and ask him why hasn’t he covered this case? What is he waiting for?


    Do you think it’s just too obvious that they just don’t want to see the truth and just being ignorant … Michael Joseph Jackson is not guilty. He just too innocent and live in the wrong place where just not innocent anymore. RIP MJ …

  198. Evan Chandler (Jordan Chandler’s father) committed suicide today at his residence in New Jersey.

    Where is Jordan Chandler these days? In New York City?

    Anyway, never ever buy a sony product. Sony sucks. Please buy Samsung, LG, Acer, Hewlett Packard, Apple, etc. instead.

    Michael Jackson was on an anti-sony campaign in 2002.

    LG makes awesome TV’s, cell phones, appliances, computer monitors, etc.

    the hell with sony!!!

    • Do not buy Hewlett Packard. I read somewhere that Jordan Chandler own shares in it as well as the Bank of New York. Do not put more money into his oversized pockets.

  199. What goes around comes around. Where is your father now, upon all the money, there is nothing like fast money, you have to work hard for a living, not taking advantage of people.

  200. Correct me if I’m wrong please, but I heard that Harvey Levin and Diane Dimond are friends. Also Dimond, Maureen Orth and Sheriff Jim Thompson used to hang out together after the trial every day and have drinks. Nice. There is a book by the name of Tabloid Baby that was realeased in 1999. Apparently, it did not have very nice things to say about Dimond and she used whatever influence she had to prevent it from being promoted on NBC. Tim Russert (NBC) married to Orth (big time MJ hater). Interesting the way these things all intertwine. Oh for the good old days of reporting the facts and letting us the general public form our own opinions.

  201. Evan Chandler (Jordan Chandler’s father) committed suicide! Yes, it’s true!

    Jordan Chandler will be 30 years old next month!

    Never ever buy a Sony product. Buy Samsung, LG, Acer, Apple, Kodak, etc.

    Michael Jackson is anti-Sony.

  202. Jordon Chandler described Michael’s penis as being circumcise, but it was not. There was nothing in his description that matched. It was out and out extortion, Jordon Chandler is a spineless coward. When the Arvizo’s made their allegations of sexual abuse, the media had Michael convicted before it even went to trial, and before he was even charged. The fed people so much poison about Michael Jackson, they made a fist full of dollars, with bad publicity, and Michael Jackson’s face. It was so bad, when Aphrodite Jones wrote her book about the trial, she had to self publish. Anyone who is interested should read The Michael Jackson conspiracy, it will open your eyes to what lengths people will go to for money. The book was co authored by Tom Meseraeu Michael Jackson’s defence attorney. You will then understand that Michael Jackson was innocent. Oh, and by the way, in the beginning the charges would have been dropped for lack of evidence. Janet Arvizo’s insistence that they were being held against their will, she thought of escaping in a Hot Air Balloon. From the get go it was all lies. Was it when she was getting a body wax, that she wanted to escape. When the Arviszo’s were at Neverland they lived in luxury all at the expense of Michael Jackson. What even makes the story less incredible is that Janet Arvizo sued JC Penny claiming she was sexualy assaulted by the store security after Gavin was caught shoplifting, her kids backed her up. These people were pros, she approached other celebrities , such as Jay Leno, and Larry King, for money, when Gavin was so sick with cancer that he wasn’t expected to live. And, if it wasn’t for kind Michael this kid would be dead. So fess up will you Gavin and Janet!


    Hi All:

    As you can tell, I just wanted your attention.

    I just thought that you might want to know that the “This Is It” video directed by Spike Lee is out now.

    Spike did a wonderful job on this video. He gave Michael his props (proper respect)

    Bring out your kleenex boxes because it is a tearjerker, but it is also beautiful.

    Click on the following link to view it: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=we-1WIjqWUk)

    Thank you so much for this Spike. You did Michael good.

    Thank you for everything MJ.
    There are not enough words to tell you how much you mean to all of us. We miss you like crazy.

    RIP, you deserve it.

  204. Happy Birthday Jordan Chandler. Sorry for your loss.
    This whole story is just so sad at every angle.

    Thank you for your selfless contributions to this world.
    You will be missed.

  205. god will judge him. harshly. he ruined that mans life and really may have contributed to his death. i agree with X, these pink people really hate michael coz he was so much more bigger than life, an icon, a billionaire over, loved by the world over, and BLACK! we get it!~

    that mofo shouldnt even show his face in publivz!

    • wow ur nice! Give the guy a break, he was 13 at the time! You don’t know his circumstances. One minute people are telling him to tell the truth, the next they’re telling him not to show his face (which he is not!)

  206. Jordan Chandler is 30 years old now. Michael Jackson released the Thriller album when he was 24 years old and the Bad album when he was 29 years old. I hate Sony. Never buy a Sony product ever!

    So Evan Chandler committed suicide. I wonder if the Chandlers sold their home on Avondale Street in Santa Monica.

    Please try Korean BBQ. It’s very delicious.. Also recycle your garbage and tell everyone to recycle their garbage to Heal the World.

  207. Its all coverups and LIES and a corrupt system.. Money talks BS walks..

    MJ you were always innocent and we love you… Karma will get those who have done wrong..

  208. If Chandler is indeed really sorry, why doesn’t he and the rest of his leech family give back all the real estate properties to the Jackson family? Either none of them have real consciences or simply do not care what they’ve done to the Jacksons and to Michael most of all. You didn’t earn it!! Not in the real sense of the word. You time is coming—what goes around, comes around—miserable pieces of garbage!!!

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